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I almost feel like I have writer’s block for today’s post.  I have much to say and yet few words with which to say it.  Perhaps, today is not a day for loquaciousness.  It is my first full week off after school has let out and I am in a whirl as to how best to spend the precious time I have so desperately sought – time to unwind.

My goal this year has been to simplify.  Seeking to simplify.  Simplify my work life.  Simplify my home life.  Simplify my spiritual life.  Return – and in returning to rest.

You see – I’ve been running a bit empty lately.  Started out last September with a full tank.  By spring the well was running dry.  Being squeezed out on too many fronts will do that.  Then, the road turns a corner and the landscape ahead changes.  Adjustments need to be made.  Starting The Writer’s Reverie was one of those adjustments – a gift from God to renew a creative tank run dry.  New challenges – exciting creative challenges loom ahead – some old things pass away – new seasons on the horizon.  I dare not venture forth with low reserves.

Simplify to succeed.

So, I wax not with many words today as I consider the LACE I share.  Just a sigh and a grateful heart for the joy of simplicity.  A place I seek that I might linger longer observing the glories of the Lord that surround me.

. . . the mushroom village in my backyard . . .

. . . the color and variety in my wildflower garden – tended so lovingly by my husband, his gift towards my pleasure . . .

. . . clearing out the cupboards of clutter – a gathering storm for a yard sale . . .

. . . bringing order to what was disorder and taking all day to do it without feeling like I have to be somewhere else working for someone else . . .

. . . resurrecting craft supplies from exile to try my hand at ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards) that I’ve discovered here in blogworld – finally knowing what to do with all the paper and embellishment pretties I hoard away here and there thinking that someday I’ll do something with them when I have the time.

Simplify and – voila!  I have the time.

Books to be read . . . bathrooms to paint . . . bread pudding to bake . . . tea to sip – slowly.

Simplify.  ‘Tis a good word – lovely in fact; admirable be it achieved; cheering the heart; encouraging body, mind, spirit, soul – a Philippians 4:8 goal to be sure.

Tea waiting . . . be blessed all – and be a blessing!

Sharing my Simplicity Lace with Trish at Lily Rose Cottage’s LACE Wednesday.

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  1. Simplify, I have been working on that for several years.

    It is a process…enjoy!


    ps – you have awesome tea cups!

  2. What a lovely word that is…simplicity. Just the sound of it brings warm feelings and thoughts void of stress and strain. Why do we humans complicate our lives so much? I’m sure God did not create it to be that way…we choose it. I’m glad your choosing to simplify…I think I will too!

  3. And it seems to be the trend in our home too. Amongst all the anticipation of new days ahead and the smell of change, simplifying seems to keep rising in my thoughts! Overthinking has been a pass time for me….no longer…..resting and trusting what the Lord has in store is where I’m focused. Looks like! I’m in good company! Love you!

  4. Simplifying can come in so many forms. For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing a major overhaul here. Like you, I’m trying to simplify in order to focus on things I really love, rather than jumping from one thing to another. By decluttering the house, I’m decluttering my brain. My art room has even undergone part of this process and I’m getting rid of things that I may do “someday”. Too many art projects make for a very scattered mind.

    So, I raise my glass to you and wish you well on this venture!


  5. Dear Kathy, thank you for linking to LACE today.
    I admire you for starting to simplify your world – my husband and I have been doing the same for most of this year.
    It can seem overwhelming at first but the results are so worth the effort!
    I do hope you are able to relax and enjoy the remainder of your holidays!
    Sitting in the garden and slowly sipping tea sounds like a great plan to me lol!!
    God bless you..Trish

  6. Simplify – it is a process, like peeling back an onion with layer after layer (and a few tears along the way). Summer seems a good time for clearing out, having less stuff around – a big item for my summer list, too. When we clear out, there is space for more creativity, more freedom to enjoy all we do have. Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement!
    Love the mushroom village, very cute.

  7. Hello Kathryn, Thanks for visiting and your comments. I love your wild flower garden and all those wonderful tes cups stacked inside your cabinet. Take each day as it comes and enjoy your free time. Linda

  8. Man…this is the BEST advice I have read in a long time. On another note, YOU better NOT get rid of your teacups at a yard sale..they need YOU! 🙂

  9. Hey Kathryn, thanks for you comment on and I agree with your last post here as well.. I took on that word “Simplify” a year or so ago.
    I read something then that said…. If your too busy to take care of your home life and the people in it… your simply toooooo busy.. something has to go, and it shouldnt be your family… I cant remember where I read that,but it stuck with me.. The great thing about men (or at least my man) he is not a stickler for details.. good food doesnt have to be gourmet food, and a clean house doesnt mean white glove clean.. thank gosh for
    Thanks for being such a wonderful friend to Heart of the Home.. We love you and love your comments.. Have a blessed day

  10. Kathryn, this is such a beautiful post. I long for simplicity and time. I get tired of the rushing all the time. It was a breath of fresh air to read of your simplifying. I love your ‘creativity’ work of art! So lovely. Have a nice day! Twyla

  11. Your posts makes me relax and draw a deep breath. Seems I’m always on the run — need to take time to relax, sip some tea, and “smell the roses.”

  12. This is a goal of mine too. I’m my own worst enemy. I know the pleasure that comes from simply simplifying. I love the peace that I get when things are put in order.

    And then, just when I think I’ve got it right, OUT pops busyness and complexity.

    I’m like that creativity, a work in progress!

  13. Hi Kathy,
    I hope you enjoy your break from school.
    Bringing order to our homes is a wonderful goal to have. I am a clutterbug and have to continually backtrack through the house collecting all the ‘extra’ decorative bits I put out ‘just to see if it looks nice there’.
    I’m trying to concentrate on making spaces in my home. truly a Work in Progress
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

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