Summer in my Garden

Growing up in the Garden State surrounded by farmland, one would think I’d possess the green thumb on my own account.  After all, my grandparents were gifted gardeners.  Just look at the amazing flora grandpa could boast of in the summer set off by me and my sister circa mid-’60’s.

And, mom was always able to keep her African Violets alive.  So, what happened to me?  I guess – just as baldness is said to skip a generation – I think I was that generation – green thumb skipped.

Not that I haven’t tried.  Through the years I’ve made valiant efforts.  But, always ending in defeat.  Except, I might say, for my philodendron.  I’ve kept these going for quite some time.

This one – the only one I own at present – started out . . .

. . . like this.  Impressed?

So, it was with fear and trepidation a few years ago we had to (actually, Ed had to) pull out all the decades old shrubbery across the front of our modest rancher.  Blight was eating away at them.  Pick ax and shovel produced a vast expanse of nothingness.   We had many ideas of what we could do with that space – a complex masterpiece of new shrubs and levels of color, but short of professional help, we didn’t dare to pursue much of anything.

Spring 2010 came upon us and we chanced a vat of wildflower seed at $5 a bag in the local Lowe’s.  We thought – “What could we lose?”  So, $15 dollars later – Ed had tilled the fallow ground and sowed three bags from one end of the house to the other across the front.  Watered.  Waited.

At first, it looked like just so many weeds.  Then – WOW!

Color popped out everywhere!  Color – variety – butterflies – and bees!  What a marvel and quite the unique showplace our front garden became.  I’d sit on the Adirondack chair with my net book in the temperate mornings with tea and Bible, and I was all one.

This spring we were eager to sow our wildflowers again.  We bought a different brand and there are all sorts of new varieties to delight the eyes and engage the imagination!  My new Canon camera – not top of the line, but better than my old Casio model – is capturing the pageantry splendidly.

Now, for a trip to the bookstore to get a comprehensive book to help me identify the wildflower varieties.  I would love to know their unique names.  Ed takes great pleasure watering them the first he’s up in the early morning before his devotions, and it is the first thing he does when returning from work each evening to detox from the world and its ways.

And, I’ve recently – as per inspiration via Judith at Lavender Cottage – purchased a pot of lavender to add to a bare spot.

Along with a delphinium that I just couldn’t resist for its beauty, I may venture to add more perennials on purpose to join the fun in the front!

My summertime simple pleasure – finding that vibrant and beautiful life in the garden doesn’t have to depend on my having a green thumb, as much as on the faithfulness of God built into His Creation to bloom and thrive in simplicity.  All the time we wasted thinking we needed to have a complicated gardening plan that was beyond our scope and means to accomplish!

Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:
 And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.
Matthew 6:28-29

Sharing my Summertime Simple Pleasure today with Dayle at A Collection of This and That

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  1. I see Alyssum, and Bachelor Button, and poppies, and Forget Me Nots….

    It’s lovely!


  2. Kathryn … this is a post after my own heart, and it made me determined to do the wildflower thing again next season. I did that once and had fair results; the Black-eyed Susans were magnificent, but that was about all that took. Your are fabulous and make me want to do it again, this time with more seed, perhaps.

  3. Beautiful flowers –you DO have a green thumb — a brown thumb couldn’t grow that!

  4. Hi Miss Kathy,
    I can so relate to this post. Out of the good earth came your gorgeous flowers. I love your pics. The beautiful colors and variety you have must be so striking in person.
    It must be like heaven to sit among your bounty and enjoy tea and a devotional.
    Just beautiful!

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment on my newest redesign.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Celestina Marie

  5. Beautiful photos, inspiring. Thanks for sharing the splendor. I love the changes of the seasons, watching the growth and the blooms, the fruits and vegetables developing.

  6. Mrs. Rabe’s right, and there are zinnias,cosmos, gailardias, and maybe some phlox. I think they are beautiful! Love your new delphinium! You’ve become a happy gardener after all! Your grandpa’s pretty dinnerplate dahlias were as big as your faces!
    I think the philodendron is actually a pothos, they’re often confused. When I was a young Navy wife I would splurge and buy a different $2.00 houseplant every week, and study all the garden and houseplant books and magazines. I’d love to have a plant swap someday.
    We just suddenly lost our home,(to the nursing home,where Ted’s folks live). I have recently been on a desperate mission, trying to save my garden plants from the new property owner’s ruthless demolition. He’s of the opinion that a bare yard looks neater, and his efficient construction crew, not meaning any harm, has been chopping down roses, rhodedendron, azaleas, ferns, and hostas. They are trampling everything else too, as they have been re-siding and re-roofing, and totally remodeling the home I lived in for 10 years. Can you imagine how heartsick this made me feel, when I came home and saw this destruction?
    I’m digging up what I can each evening, so as not to be in their way. My poor beat-up plants are in pots, wilting and awaiting a new home, some are dying. I lost a lot! I’m trying not to cry, but I loved my flowers.
    But, I am delighted to find a gorgeous deep-purple hydrangea right out front of my next home, A true sign of hope to me! Soon I will be able to replant my salvaged potted plants at the new place, and next year, I’ll have flowers blooming once again.
    I always wanted to grow more perennials. I love to cut blossoms and make pretty arrangements for the dinner table all summer. “I must have flowers, flowers everywhere” Enjoy your flowers, inside and out!Happy Gardening!

  7. Such joy to be found in simple pleasures! Thank you for sharing these photos. Maybe a flower or two will creep onto those fabulous atc’s you are going to create?! 🙂

  8. Such a riot of beauty! Your camera captured them very well and I think my favorite is the poppy I see. I have a brown thumb and generally can’t grow anything but weeds. You’ve given me inspiration. Have a beautiful day! Twyla

  9. I too love flowers, but have found myself with a “brown thumb” instead of a green one. BUT….like you I have managed to keep wildflowers alive at times, and I too love the variety and color of them! Beautiful pics!

  10. Just Wow!

    Glory to God.

    You now have heaven in your yard. I absolutely love the birdbath. It is shaped divine.

    Your photos are mesmerizing. The one with the butterfly a wonder.

    (I love moonpies! That is one of my favorite words. I used macaroons in my post yesterday with the rose and the strawberry. They are french “moonpies”.)



  11. Kathy – How very lovely! I am not buying that you have a brown thumb anymore!! This is incredible. I am notorious for my un-green thumb, but your garden inspires me. Maybe I’ll have to get my husband to till and sow some wildflowers, too!

    How I loved the Scripture you used – so perfectly suited to this post. And I like how you pointed out that God’s faithfulness is present in all things – even in the *garden* of my life. The Master Gardener weeds and waters and tills my soil – enabling me to flourish and grow…


  12. So true… the simple pleasure in life is all abt appreciating nature’s marvel while spending some time out in the garden evens sans the green thumb. Lovely thoughts.

  13. All of your photos are so beautiful especially the pink flower with a butterfly. Looking at those photos is so relaxing and refreshing.

  14. I also want to add a water well in the middle of my flower garden! Actually I have a lot of ideas of growing a little circle of roses and in the middle of it to place the well! What do you think?

  15. With all the beautiful flowers growing in your garden as shown in your pictures, I would say that just like your mother, the blood line of green thumb is within you. Furthermore, your gardening becomes even more inspirational with the integration of bible passages. Thanks for sharing!

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