Tea, Pudding, & Purging

Well, I will need strength for the journey ahead of me.  I am seeking a return to the loveliness of a more organized life with more time for tea, treats, and trinkets.  Devotions get the faith and inspiration ball rolling in the early morning while tea and pudding fortifies for the purge!

Into my second week of summer vacation, I now have a plan of action to retreat, renew, regroup, and rearrange my home and office in my never ending quest for all things good and beauty!  The pile in the living room (closest to the front door and yard) is swiftly growing – all the more for the imminent yard sale in two weeks.  Yes, folks!  We have a date!  Saturday, July 23!

I dread it.

Now, I love a good yard sale – just not when I’m the one who has to do it!  I especially am not looking forward to the clutter in my living room in the interim.  Gets in the way of the “sanctuary” thing I’m trying to do.  But, with light at the end of the tunnel – and some extra cash for my August trip to visit the grand-baby – I sh’ant complain. 

Plunging into purge will require fortitude, though.  So, I give you, my quickie tea, pudding, and purge:

The teacup is my latest find at a thrift shop – I barely featured it in my recent post, Simplicity LACE, where I gave you the first look at this July project of mine.  The cup is my current favorite-for-everyday that has given me much pleasure to sip from.

I love the 18th century images – each different on two sides:

. . . full of romance and roses – in the most delicious of colors!

Its markings note its uniqueness.

I love the shape and the feel of it in my fingers.  Tea can be a very tactile encounter – both taste and touch – in addition to scent and visuals!

Onto the pudding!

I adapted my own gluten and dairy free recipe from a bare bones recipe as follows:

GF Yorkshire Oat & Raisin Pudding
1 cup gluten free oat flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup almond milk
2 eggs
1/2 cup raisins
Mix the flour and salt.  
Add the milk slowly and mix thoroughly.  
Stir in the eggs and beat for about two minutes. 
Add the raisins & pour into a WELL greased 8×8 glass dish.
Sprinkle with nutmeg.
Bake at 450 degrees 20-30 minutes – until pick comes out clean.
Cut and serve warm with a dollop of honey and raisins to garnish.
Eat pudding and sip fresh brewed green tea in cozy recliner In My Own Little Corner, and consider today’s first plan of action – the next cupboard to clear out and number of boxes to fill with purged items.
Now – into the fray, milady!
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  1. These pics looks so pleasant and peaceful, it’s hard to imagine you have such mundane things as yard sale work to do. Lovely tea cups!

  2. Hello Kathryn
    How I wish I could peruse your yard sale. I like a good bone china mug for tea sometimes too, less trips to the teapot anyway.
    You should send in some of your GF recipes to Tea Time magazine, they’re always featuring one in each edition as per requested from readers.
    Good luck sorting and organizing.

  3. I love your tea-cup and I purge constantly mostly because my husband doesn’t. I only like what makes me feel alive and well to surround me especially in my home. I have never linked up or shared a post. I don’t even know how to do that. Sounds like fun though so I must look into that. Your blog is very special and has the feel of familiarity to me. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  4. Hi Kathryn,

    Your pudding looks delicious! Your teacup is lovely and I wish you well with your organizing.

  5. Your posts are always so relaxing — love reading them!
    Your pudding looks delicious, your teacup…so pretty, and your purge enticing….too bad I don’t live near enough to attend the sale!

  6. Hi Kathryn,
    Your tea cup is simply lovely. I love anything with those romantic characters of the by-gone eras. That’s the romantic in me. Now, let’s get to that pudding! Oh my, very tempting! For some strange reason, I gravitate towards puddings that look more like cake with raisins {unless it’s a trifle, of couse!} Yummo! Thank you for sharing this as well as your recipe for Tea Time today. Have a wonderful week.


  7. Onwards and upwards!! 🙂

  8. Hello Kathryn,
    what a romantic scenery on this mug. Very beautiful setting. Thank you for sharing.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  9. Wonderful mug! Good luck with the yard sale. Happy Tea Day!

  10. Oh my!!! I have a special interest in collecting pieces with victorian people in various scenes so these certainly caught my eye…AND a new fun tea time recipe, well this is just a post to enjoy over and over!

  11. Hi: I love the tea cup or mug. The couple looks so relaxed. Oh, that life could be that way. Blessings, Martha

  12. The Mug is looking awesome and i am impressed by this Mug. This is very old Mug but it’s looking very beautiful.

  13. Your tea cup is a real beauty!! So pretty!!
    I subscribe to the more is more theory being a Victorian at heart so purging isn’t really in my vocabulary….


  14. Oh my! What a task you have ahead of you! I do so love garage sales too – but shopping! My sisters are planning a garage sale and I have heard them discuss the clutter and the work gong into it!
    We all could use time to clean the clutter – to make life more serene! I have a closet or two that desperately need that intervention!
    But, I’m playing Scarlett with that one – I’ll think about that tomorrow!
    Lovely cup! Teatime is so much more because of the beauty of the cups and the deliciousness of the treats and the time we set aside to treat ourselves!
    Hope all goes well for you! Thank you for sharing this with A Return to Loveliness!
    God Bless,

  15. Kathryn, the Oat and Raisin pudding looks and sounds absolutely yummy-licious! A recipe I most definitely must try.

    Your tea cup is lovely with the 18th century painting. I’ve always liked that art, too, and one day in an Art History class (my least favorite class of all time), after muddling through the boring art, we were coming up to the 18th century – roses and romance – when the teacher announced she was skipping that era because it was just “froo-froo” art! I could have knocked her block off, but I’m much too lady-like and froo-froo.

    Have a delightful day,

  16. I enjoyed this little break with you. The music was lovely, the photos pretty, and I can fully appreciate the need to purge!

  17. That is an incredible tea cup! You were very lucky (and have good taste!). I am trying to purge, too. It is not easy!

    This is only my second tea cup tuesday. I would love to have you visit if you have time.


  18. Yay for you! We bit the bullet and did a huge purge and yard sale in the beginning of June. I’m so glad that we did. We didn’t make a ton of money, but it feels so good to get rid of stuff.

    I would like to try the pudding recipe, too.

  19. The thought of yard or garage sales can be overwhelming at first lol!!
    Well done you!
    I know you’ll be pleased once it’s over and you gain the freedom that comes with less ‘stuff’.
    Of course, one must keep some pretty little things aside to cheer the heart ;-D
    Your teacup is lovely – I like the side with the gentleman kneeling.
    So romantic!!
    The pudding is very tempting on a cold day like I’m having here today.
    Thank you for linking to LACE, Kathryn – always a joy to see you!

  20. I just read about the rabbits getting all the greenbeans 🙁
    They must’ve been delicious!
    Hope the kids won’t be too disheartened!

  21. You’ll be so glad when you accomplish your goal; life is much simpler with less stuff. I’ve been going through my cupboards and closets thinning out the excess. Having less feels light and freeing!

  22. Best wishes to you on your sale! It is such hard work. I hope the heat will not be so brutal while you are getting things ready and for the days of your sale. I admire all you are doing for the serenity and beauty of your surroundings. Have a beautiful day! Twyla

  23. Hi Kathryn,
    I am a cyclic(if there is such a word)purger/hoarder. I dearly like to collect. You name it I probably collect(ed) it.My family say it’s deadly to give me 2 of anything as that starts the collection cycle. A word in my defence here……Famiy and friends contribute to this problem in the form of Lovely Presents.
    I only have limited storage space…..(I have given away 3 China cabnets {empty}to this end.
    Then comes the purgeing!!! Twice a year
    I box up approx. a third of what I have and give it away to the charity shops.this applies to clothing as well, my Mum says I am a compulsive shopper, so I build things up again.
    This system seems to work for me…..
    I also talk a lot as you can see…
    Kathryn, your cup is lovely and I hope your yard sale is a great success.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  24. I’m doing a bit of purging myself this summer. Have you read the book “Throw out Fifty Things?” An interesting way to go about it.

    Beautiful teacup. The pudding looks amazing. I always say anything with raisins has to taste good.

    I’m also searching my heart for things I need to purge from it, too.


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