A Tiny Teatime for Tired Me

Just popping in to share a tiny bit of tea . . .

If you missed my big doings last week you can catch up with the mountain we moved over the weekend at Purging & Pink and you’ll see why I’m not quite up to a larger teatime this Tuesday.   I sort of feel like all these poor little dollies after their tea party:

Graphic courtesy of Vintage Catnip

Now that we’ve done a major purge in the basement, the main deck needs a little facelift furniture re-arranging.  I’m working slowly on that this week while I ready my curriculum writing for a Friday meeting with my principal.  I’ll be posting again on Thursday to keep up with my “Harvest His Blessings” series – and again on Pink Saturday.  Hoping to have something sweet for next week’s teatime – and blogs planned to show-off my new office/studio space!  Oh!  Plus my historic photo exhibit at the library I’m setting up a week from today – part of our town’s sesquicentennial celebrations.  Posts coming on that too – I get to wear my vintage lace tea dress in the 150th anniversary celebration parade in two weeks!  Then – you’ll all get to meet my grand-baby, Mackenzie, when I travel to visit her in New England!

Dear Lord – Help me keep all these ducks in a row!

Graphic courtesy of Abby at Little Birdie Blessings

So, you can see why I’m taking only a tiny tea . . .

. . . for tired me – til I can cross some of these ventures off my list!  Planning some nice teas once all is in order.  I’ll be trying to keep up with everyone this week – catching blog reading here and there! Be in touch!

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  1. Tiny tea is just great as long as you take the time for tea in any form! That picture of the lopsy dollies made me laugh out loud oh boy can I relate this week for sure! Running on fumes we all are! Hugs….

  2. I love miniature teacups. That is so cute! Hope your week goes well and you are blessed creatively!

  3. You’ve been a busy lady!

    A vintage lace tea dress?! Hope we get a peek at that?! I’m sure you will look lovely!

  4. Whew… what a schedule, but all very good things. I can see why you only have time for a tiny cup of tea. But if you’re only drinking a bit, that cup is the sweetest.

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. Hello Kathy,
    even a tiny cup can be very special. And yours is a beauty. I wish you luck with your scedule. Thank you for taking the time for this tiny Tea Time Tuesday.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  6. Trying to prove the adage that there’s no rest for the weary I see…At least there will be some fun stuff sprinkled in among the busyness. I’ll admit to being so lame that I had to stop and think for a minute to remember what a sesquicentennial is. I’m glad you put 150. I wish our town would have some sort of celebration so I could wear vintage costume. I haven’t done that in decades.

    I need to learn the art of taking a tea time. There’s something beautiful about it. In fact, I think I should take said tea time while dressed in a vintage dress. Yeah… that’s the ticket!

  7. Good Morning Miss Kathy,
    I love your tiny tea. The cup and saucer is so pretty. You sure have a lot going on, so glad you could take even this tiny tea with Tea Time Tuesday today.
    Just love the little graphic with the dollies.
    Best wishes as you tackle your schedule.
    XO Celestina Marie

  8. Good morning, Kathyrn…

    Tiny teacups are perfect for just a spot of tea, anytime.

    Looking forward to seeing your vintage, lace tea dress.

    Enjoy the day,

  9. Kathryn, you sound so busy! I will pray for you to find the strength to get it all done. It is so easy to become overwhelmed when we have a lot on our plates. I do look forward to hearing how everything goes and hearing your wonderful stories. Have a wonderful day! Twyla

  10. Rest and enjoy your tea today — your photo of the “after tea” dollies made me smile! I’ve felt like that a time or two!

  11. Miss Kathy, your tiny teacup is darling! I’m not so busy as you are, my friend, but I have been on the go a lot too what with Hubby being on vacation. Thank you for taking time to share your sweet teacup with us at Tea Time. Cannot wait to see your vintage lace dress!


  12. Next to sharing tea with friends … Tea for one is the perfect re-energizer after a multiple go, go business filled days. Sounds like some fabulous adventures are ahead as well …Looking forward to seeing your inspiring [I’m certain], new office/studio .. can’t wait to read about the 150th year celebrations and see your vintage dress.. wishing you a little rest … xo HHL

  13. It is no wonder that you are tired, friend.

    Rest when you can!


  14. Oh, my Dear!! It’s a wonder you could find the cup!

    My life is not nearly so filled with schedules, but I do keep company three days a week with a four-year old (she’s been here each week since she was six weeks old). Life IS lively, and your teapot lamp is the exact one that is on her bedside table—a gift from her parents before she was born.

    I borrowed your E.B.Browning quote for my jotting in my Journal of Keepables.

    Amongst all these comings and goings, I wish you peaceful rest, quiet solitudes, and sweet sleep.


  15. Such a pretty little cup. It would be so nice to sit and have tea with you. Take time for yourself as it is so important for happiness. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  16. Hi Kathryn, Thanks for visiting and your comments. Your tiny tea cup and saucer is beautiful. Have a wonderful week. Linda

  17. I like Tiny Tea – and it would be good to sit down for a tiny second or two!

    We also had a recent garage sale – and they ARE exhausting, aren’t they? But I think you win the “busy” contest! PHEW! I’m tired just reading about all your “ducks in a row”!

    I’ll be catching up on your posts that I’ve missed in the next day or two. There have been many “curveballs” that have hit my life in the last three weeks, and I’ve been a little MIA from commenting on my friends’ blogs. Please understand that there is a good reason that I haven’t hopped over to visit you for awhile. But let me just say that I SO appreciate the encouragement you have so consistently given me on my blog. You’ll never know how much it blesses me.

    Do you think maybe you could bring that Tiny Tea to my house?

    The verse was wonderful – “…my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped.” You will never know how much those words touched my heart tonight.


  18. Now that is one sweet tea cup!!
    Very pretty!!


  19. Your tiny tea cup and saucer are so sweet and classy at the same time. I love the angular handle and the pretty flowers.
    We just finished cleaning out our basement too (after watching a few Hoarders episodes!) and it was such a relief to have it done before I left on vacation. Just got home last night.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  20. Hi, I found your blog from the comment you left on Michelle’s blog, “Graceful.” Your blog looks delightful. I look forward to getting better acquainted.


  21. That is a sweet tiny-tea cup….I love it…and you sure are one busy lady…with so many things you are into…be sure to keep a list and check it off along the way! That is my tip of the day!

    thanks for stopping by to visit with me.


    C R E A T I V E C A R M E L I N A

  22. Ciao Bella! You certainly do have a lot on your plate… but as long as there is a bit of tea and sugar, it should god down smoothly!

    Wish I could see the parade!!!!! And New England is awesome thi stime of year… have fun!

  23. Such a sweet little cup!

  24. Hi: I love this sweet and beautiful cup. It is one of my favorites this week. Thank you so much for sharing, knowing what a busy week you had. Blessings, Martha

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