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You will probably get very tired of my Newport photos – at least three more posts I can do on this little trip from last week visiting my son, daughter-in-law, and grandbaby, Mackenzie.  But, I mean, honestly – New England?  And, Newport, Rhode Island at that??

Lovely adventures worthy of a post anytime – especially when it involves shopping, antiques, and tea things!

First up:  Antique Teatime!

Newport – home to the Bellview Avenue Newport Mansions where the Vanderbilts and Astors vacationed in their summer “cottages” during the late Victorian/Edwardian Gilded Age.  They’re all museums now, and I enjoy taking one in each time I visit my son – but, this trip we wouldn’t be able to do so.  I had to content myself with a visit to the Museum Shop on America’s Cup Boulevard – where you can take in all the mansion souvenirs, at least.

I had promised to get a “Votes for Women” button for my friend, Sarah, who is a fellow Vineland history re-enactor.  She specializes in women’s history and suffragettes.  At the Museum Shop, not only can one get a button that says “Votes for Women” but an entire tea and china service . . .

. . . recreating the famous 1909 suffragette open house held at Alva Vanderbilt’s Marble House mansion just a few blocks away.

I was going to purchase a really marvelous tea cup and saucer at an antique shop for show and tell with you all.  Problem was – I really couldn’t make up my mind.  If I had been all by myself, spending two hours going back and forth between booths at the Armory Antiques Mall in Newport would not be an issue.  But, as I was with my children and the baby – well – a polite stroll through the antiques mall in this downtown tourist haven – under a half hour – was appropriate.  Baby would need a shady place soon, so we needed to keep things moving at a nice pace.

At least I had my camera to capture on film the plethora of tea things to tantalize and tempt!

Here’s a stunning set with delicious colors!

This group of tea cups kept me occupied for a bit.  Surely ONE of these would be worthy to bring home.  Problem was – ALL of them were!  One was affordable.  But, I just couldn’t decide.  I was starting to stress out.  Red flag warning sign that I’m not enjoying myself in a healthy manner.

So, we move on.  Here’s a lovely rose pattern . . .

And, below note an interesting shape to the violet patterned teapot in the background . . . while the unusual hand-painted set in the foreground fascinates in and “hourglass” design!

Hmmmm . . . this gold trimmed lovely almost left the shop with me – but – I worried . . . would I find a better choice around the corner?

Ah!  Here’s something interesting!  A child’s tea table all ready for dollies and teddy bears!

But . . . what’s this?

Say . . . I recognize that child’s tea set . . .

Why . . . why . . . I OWN that set!  Or what’s left of it.  It’s in the Moss Rose pattern – the one my mom, aunt, and grandmother collected in their youth and was passed down to me – every piece!  This children’s set was actually given to ME at the tender age of two (around 1961) by my Aunt Fanny (grandpa’s sister) – who, for some reason – forgot that two year old’s and china tea sets are not a good match.

I keep it in my jelly cabinet these days . . .

Here’s the teapot . . .

. . . creamer, and sugar . . .

. . . and here’s why it was not the best choice for the tender two’s . . .

. . . the last cup and saucer of the set – this one salvaged with a bit of glue.  Notice the large crack?  Mom had taken the set away from me and packaged it up for a later time in my life after the carnage.  I rediscovered it around the age of ten and have cherished it – what was left of it – all these years.

So, even though I didn’t leave the Armory Antiques with a new tea cup – I left with the satisfaction that I already owned a treasure worthy of sale in a Newport antique shop!

Look out for my Newport Antiques Patrol post coming up later this week – with more great finds!

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  1. You do indeed have a treasure! And isn’t it fun that there are so many teacups…all so different! I love the suffrage teaset. I’m glad you had such a special time with your family!

  2. Oh swoon! I would have gone broke in that antiques mall!
    There were so many gorgeous cups and sets in your photos to look at. I would love to visit that place with plenty of time, as I am sure you would love to have done too.
    Thank you so much for sharing such an interesting post! (vote for women tea set!)

  3. Oh how wonderful to have come face to face with a treasured twin… and what lovely sets you have shared .. perhaps a trip to Newport is order…xo HHL

  4. What a treasure — much better than something you would just go and buy!

  5. I really like the first set…with the cobalt and roses. Sweet! But, since you already have an antiques shop worthy set, no worries! Must have been a really fun trip!

  6. Hi: I would have left with the hour glass shape cup! I have never seen one like that before. It is amazing. All the cups are beautiful. I know how it feels to want to spend hours just looking at lovely tea cups. I am so glad you have a special set, worthly of the antiques you saw. Blessings, Martha

  7. Serendipity! I love when that happens! WHat a treat to find a set like yours, Kathy~ I always remind myself that if I have to ‘talk’ myself into something it is not the best choice…and that goes for buying a souvenier. When I spy something I absolutely love, then I know it is the right choice and I will always love it. That’s how I roll!! lol~
    Loved seeing the photos. Glad you got to visit with your precious family. xo

  8. Hello kathryn,
    I can imagine the perfect stress you had in this mall. I would have had the same feeling in that case. So many beautiful designs and shapes. What a find, that you got your childhood set again. Thank you for sharing this story and all the delightful pictures. May I invite you for a tea, too?
    Best greetings, Johanna

  9. Hello Kathryn
    It would have been very hard for me too to have to quickly browse through a fascinating place like that. I enjoyed the wonderful tea sets you photographed and am happy you have a family treasure that is an antique.
    It always amazes me to see things in the antique store that I use everyday at home that may have been shower or wedding presents.

  10. Oh, my … I don’t think I would have been able to pick JUST ONE of the treasures you found. You have a real treasure in your partial child’s set and you have the memories to go with it! What fun to go virtual window shopping with you! Happy Tea Day!

  11. Good morning Kathryn,
    That would be me too, stressing over which one to take home. Makes it hard when there are so many beauties sitting there.
    I love your little tea set. Wish I had mine still. My mother for some reason got rid of all my little sets. She was never one to get too attached to anything. I’m just the opposite. I find it hard to part with anything that has a sentiment attached to it. Thank you for sharing tea with us today. I always enjoy my visit with you.


  12. Oh, my goodness sakes alive!!! What wonderful teacups. I think I would have had to grab one or two!!! You did a beautiful job showing us!

  13. I can see you had a marvelous vacation! I just love the china that says Vote For Women! I would love just one place setting!
    I loved all the pictures! I Love antique and vintage china and they sent my heart pitter pattering! It is so hard to find treasure in our area…we have to travel a bit!

    Hope you will come and pay me a visit and roam on over to the other blogs for Miracle Makeover. You can leave comments ’til the 18th to raise more money for the next one! Such a worthy cause!
    🙂 Jil

  14. Oh all of them are just great and so beautiful…the first set just sent me back in time to the scene in Mary Poppins on Women’s Suffrage…have things changed…a woman running for President again.

    Great pictures and so enjoyed seeing them all.

  15. I would have bought ALL the cups in that shop, even if I had to go without food for the next six months…OMG!, such stressful day, that shop ‘s like a child in a candy store!! Beautiful and thanks for sharing. Have a nice week. FABBY

  16. Wonderful set Kathy! I have a few miniature tea cups and teapot with the moss rose too. Mine is not antique however.

    They are sweet! Glad you have some pieces left!


  17. OH, and the other teacups were amazing too! Really lovely!


  18. OMG ….What fabulous cups… I’m not quite sure if I could choose a favorite either..They’re all soooooo beautiful… You surely do own a treasure with your childhood tea set…Lovely story..Thank You for sharing …HUGS

  19. OH my heavens this is amazing! So much wonderfulness around you there. My mom has a bunch of that blue tea ware I see, it made me smile! Have a great day and I am off to read your Miracle Makeover post!!

  20. Sounds like an amazing time. I would love love love to take that trip! 🙂

  21. I can totally understand your dilemma. What beauty! I could also relate to your sense of panic and the ensuing realization that this was becoming an unhealthy pastime!

    I love that you were shown that you already owned a treasure. And that it was enough to make you happy in your decision to leave without a new treasure!

    Blessings, Debbie

  22. OH my! They do hae some breathtakingly beautiful teacups! You’re right , when you feel stressed out about a choice don’t do it – I’d heard a good quote basically saying if it is the right decision you don’t have to think about it too long.
    Thank you for sharing your adventures with A Return to Loveliness,
    God Bless,

  23. Hi Miss Kathy,
    What a beautiful stroll through the antique mall. There are so many gorgeous tea sets out there in mall land. I have seen many on my vacation this week too. I love the little set from your childhood.
    Sometimes the decison is easy when we realize, we have a treasure right in our own pocession.
    Always love your posts.

    Thank you for sharing this adventure.
    Celestina Marie xo

  24. Because I’m a teacup and tea set lover, I would have wanted them all. Like you, I wouldn’t have been able to make up my mind, though. That’s half my problem.

    However, I would LOVE that first one with the Votes for Women theme. What a find!! My daughter would have loved them, too. She loves the history of the suffragette era.

    I think she first got the bug because she loved the movie Mary Poppins, to be honest.

  25. Oh, oh, oh! Thank you for sharing these pictures with me. I feel like I was on your trip!

  26. Kathy, I think you did really well to only spend half an hour there!
    What pretty china you have shared with us!
    So many beautiful styles and decorations would make it extemely hard for me to pick just one to take home!
    It looks like a wonderful place to visit 🙂
    God bless you..Trish

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