Harvest His Blessings: Part 5

Patience!  Have PATIENCE!  The fruit will be ripe for harvest – just WAIT!

So, guess what the Fruit of the Spirit is that we studied this week.  Got it in one!  Patience.  Not an easy fruit to bring forth whether you are very young or all grown-up.  We saw evidence of that in the watermelon patch!

Just look at all the bounty!

Our sharp-eyed gardeners counted seven bulging watermelon rounds grown so very big in just a few days!

I would suppose that may have been due to the good weeding they got last week!

Pluck those weeds and the watermelon gets more choice nutrients from the soil.

But, Miss Jeanette said it wasn’t time to harvest them.  Cucumbers, yes.  We’ve gathered a couple of those each week . . .

Tomatoes, you bet!  Plenty of them to be had regularly . . .

We even gathered in our first of the zucchini – growing – if you’ll pardon the pun – like weeds, to be sure!

But . . . not the watermelon – yet.  We must have patience.  And, wait.

More waiting in the green beans, too.  One is tempted to just plow under the rabbit ravaged plot at the far end of the field.

Even with the fence held fast – and Mr. Scarecrow – these little bean shoots seem to be just that – LITTLE shoots.  The weeds are growing faster than these beans!

The other green bean plot seems to be rallying well.  Look at the large and lush happening there!

But, through our scant little plot of green beans, here, we are reminded that even though the LITTLE shoots are growing slow and small – they are growing nonetheless.  Have patience!  In due season they will come forth and produce their beans in bulk.  Perhaps not as quickly as their sister plot across the way – but – in their own day.  In God’s time – wait.

A good lesson to learn from the garden the next time we get frustrated with a brother or a sister who just doesn’t seem to “get it” – and we’re ready to throw the towel in on them.  Cross them off the list.  Plow them under and out of our life because they are just so weak.  And, yet, the Lord would advise, patience:

“Now may the God of patience and comfort grant you to be like-minded toward one another, 
according to Christ Jesus,”
Romans 15:5  NLT
Hmmm . . . patience AND comfort.  Like God.  Like tomatoes.  Some of them, you see, have fallen.

A recent rain storm was too much for them and over they went – falling out of the boundaries of their plot of soil and onto the ground.  They need to be lifted up, held in place by something stronger, it would seem, than their fragile stalks.  

But, the gardener who would do this must take care – be patient.  You see, it is a cool evening, and the tender stalks of tomato plants are more fragile and likely to break if you handle them to tie them up in such conditions.  Best to wait for the bright light and warmth of the sun, when the stalk is supple and ready to be lifted up to a healthier position – placed back within the soil boundaries, held fast in place with a strong stake to bear the burden of the act of bringing forth fruit.
Considering that fragile tomato stalk – that “weak/bruised reed” as Isaiah 42:3 puts it, that is not crushed by He who would make it right – Jesus corrects the problem while taking care in the ministry of patience and comfort, until it is lifted up to accomplish its purpose.
Isn’t that the way the Lord works with us – weak and fragile as we all are.  If God can show such patience towards us as we grow in Him – so ought we to show that same patience towards others.  Trusting God for green beans, tomatoes, and watermelons in their due season
“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”
Galatians 6:9  NKJV

All lifted up and ready to wait . . . patiently . . . until harvest!

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NOTE:  All this great gardening and growth in God is happening at Calvary Chapel Vineland

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  1. I love this one, Kathryn! I think the whole project is wonderful. The spiritual truths that you have been able to teach these kids in the garden seem to have no end.

    I love the whole patience part,but my very favorite part this week was about the weak tomatoes, downtrodden by the rain, which need to be lifted up and supported.

    Lately, I feel like a “fallen mater”. I’m so grateful for those around me who are lifting me up.

    Once again I say that God is using you in a mighty way with this garden.

  2. This was really lovely. As I’ve said before, there are so many good lessons to be learned in gardening. I love this one about patience. I’m also using it for myself. Sometimes I feel like one of those small green bean plants – slow in growth and stature. But, with the Lord holding me up, I will continue to grow, in HIS time!


  3. Kathy, what a lovely and gracious post. I truly enjoyed it.

    Have a blessed weekend.


  4. God and I have such wonderful chats when I spend time in my flower beds. I find myself just in awe of the details I find there. It is no wonder you are able to teach wonderful lessons while in the garden.

    I appreciate your comment at our homeschool blog. Praying for your ventures this Fall. I find myself a bit envious. Sigh…so soon the seasons of our lives change. This will be my first away from our co-op where I enjoyed teaching music and other fun topics.

  5. Patience… yes. Definitely a fruit that we all must work to maintain… The garden is looking wonderful and again I am impressed with the wonderful teaching that goes on with this growing plot.

    *As to the possibility of finding the picture in reverse (referring to my post today), it’s not going to happen. Monte is our son in law! Not our son… 🙂

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. So many children never get this opportunity to be close to the earth. It is so nice to see these photos. I still get excited every time I pick a ripe tomato. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  7. I just love the way you write!

  8. Hi Kathryn,
    The garden is fruiting nicely.Well Done Everyone!!!!
    Patience can be hard, but with watermelon as a reward I feel the children will understand the lesson. Some of us are like your little beans …. struggling but hanging in there.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  9. It’s all looking great and coming along nicely!
    This is a good lesson the kids will remember for sure 🙂
    Patience..something you just can’t hurry.
    Well done everybody!!
    Kathy, thanks for linking up and keeping us updated with your gardening project lessons.

  10. Kathryn, I found you through Brag on G-d Friday and I’m delighted to do so. Your subjects and images intrigue me as I share your vision. We have a storytellers group in our area here in Cocoa, Florida and I enjoy their work so much.

    I hope you will accept my invitation to stop by Gail-Friends and sit a spell.


  11. What a wonderful post on patience. The garden looks like fun.

  12. Trusting God for things in His season — I like that!

  13. All around garden, some needing weeding, some still growing, others ready to harvest. Just like God’s church. Patience and prayer, study and seeking God for his water of the spirit, will cause maturity and a good eventual harvest.

  14. Wonderful post! I love the reminder tied within the project(Garden)and photos. Thank you for sharing.


  15. I’m reading a lot about patience this week — God must be trying to tell me something!

    We have watermelons that look exactly like yours — so excited to enjoy that juicy goodness…but must have patience first!

  16. I’m afraid patience is not one of my virtues. I’m working on it though. I love the way you use your garden to illustrate great truths.

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