Harvest His Blessings: Part 6

Well, this post is a bit late in coming – for those of you who have been following this series on our Calvary Chapel VBS each week.  I was in New England visiting the grand-baby.  My friend, Chrissy, who leads the VBS worship, was good enough to take some photos for me and bring me up to date on last Wednesday evening’s garden lessons.

Wow!  What a night to miss out!  The FAINTING GOATS came to visit!

Yep!  You got that right – FAINTING goats!  Chuck and Erica of the neighboring Indian Trail Farms brought some of their fainting goats to help illustrate the select Fruit of the Spirit for the week:  Gentleness.

Great object lesson.  You see, fainting goats don’t like to be startled.  If they are, an enzyme is released into their legs which makes them stiffen – and, in so doing, fall over as though fainted.  Ha!

But, please – let’s not be cruel.  You can imagine the comedy of the situation – like a cartoon – but to knowingly startle them just to make them fall over is unkind – and less than gentle, to be sure.

Erica brought the little girl goats in cute polka-dot skirts.

We learned that treating them with gentleness brought the reward of them allowing small hands to pet and interact.  Especially the little one with the defect.  Yes, a defect.  An eye with an imperfection.

On any other working farm, this little one might have been put down as not useful.  But, Chuck and Erica have nurtured and cared gently for this one – and it’s little personality is drawn to humans more-so than the others – returning gentle loving-kindness for gentle loving-kindness.

So like our Heavenly Father – gently caring for even the very least of these . . . as He does for us . . .

As to the garden – interesting things happening there!   Of course, the weekly measurements showed continued growth in the watermelon patch . . .

. . . and what an exciting harvest of cucumbers and tomatoes – pick them ever so GENTLY – there are still young ones not ripened to watch for!

Weeding was ever wanting on all fronts – as we have found this to be a daily necessity – pluck out those bad seeds!

But, what is happening to our promising squash patch?

BLIGHT!  Too horrible to capture on film!

It would appear they just weren’t strong enough to withstand some of the drenching rains we’ve been having recently – flooding the ground around – not to mention the parking lot!  Or, perhaps it was another villain attack – this time by marauding WORMS that infiltrate from within and destroy.  Either way, our gardeners found the squash was turned to blight with yellowing leaves and fruit ROTTING ON THE VINE!

A sad end to what had promised to be delicious zucchini bread for all!  Is there any hope for this hurting patch of garden??  We’ll see this Wednesday night . . .

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NOTE:  All this great gardening and growth in God is happening at Calvary Chapel Vineland

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  1. Oh, the perils of gardening! We have no room for a garden, but hopefully someday! How fun to see the goats, Kathy. The cucumbers would make delicious tea sandwiches! 🙂

  2. Every time you post one of these Harvest of Blessings posts, I just nod my head in appreciation. Your way of teaching and looking at things is excellent. I just love the way the garden has taught the lesson.

    And the goats? What a perfect lesson.

  3. Oh this is great…how each of these lessons point to the Lord and how often teaching a child just goes straight to your own hearts…all of creation shouts His glory

  4. hmmm..I think I have some of those ‘startling’ enzymes too 🙁
    I’ve seen fainting goats on TV – they seem very sweet and delightful.
    The garden is looking good, Kathy!
    Some great successes and some disappointments -that’s life!
    Wonderful days for the children to remember this and learn to see God in it all.
    Hope you had a lovely visit with your grandbaby in beautiful New England 🙂
    Thanks for linking to LACE.

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