Harvest His Blessings: Part 7

Faithfulness.  Wow!  This week’s Fruit of the Spirit – God is faithful – and will do it!

Remember those poor green beans that were raided by the rabbits?  Well, look – there is life!  There are flower buds!

There is the promise of restoration and a fruitful harvest of green beans when all seemed lost.  What a faithful God we serve!

We are called to a life of faith – and faithfulness to the Lord.  Our little gardeners needed to be faithful to caring for our growing bounty, this week, while learning from a great loss.

The squash beds.  A disaster!

The past two weeks we’ve been pummeled with heavy rainstorms.  Just look at our parking lot!

The garden plots are just to the left.  Though the water didn’t completely flood the garden – it was just too much for the squash.  Rotten on the vine.

Mildew and bacteria eating away at what might have been a healthful side dish.  Too weak to withstand the storm.

When our faith is weak, we are like these squash.  Storms come in our lives and we turn yellow, curl up, and rot out.  No need to bother weeding these beds anymore – the zucchini will not be bringing in the sheaves.

Even one of the cucumber plots has fallen to decay.  After a good cucumber harvest last week – this week we find the leaves yellowing and full of holes.

Perhaps not because of water overload – but insect attack.  Something is eating away at our pickles – like those worldly cares that eat away at our faith . . .

The other pickle patch is still producing – but what an oddity this cucumber is!

Tomatoes are growing plentifully – and some are quite fat on the vine!

But, what’s this?  A tomato plant with no fruit?

Ah!  This healthy growing thing in the foreground – in front of our tomato stake – looks very like the tomato plant.  But, where’s the fruit?  Jesus teaches that the Christian is known by his or her fruit – is the Fruit of the Spirit being produced in their life?  Look for the Fruit!

Well, this clever counterfeit might look the part, but it is, in fact, a weed that grows alongside the real thing – looking very like the real thing – until you discern truth – no fruit – no tomato plant – PLUCK!

Same goes for the stronger of the two green bean patches.  We actually harvested three beans tonight!  And, what a lush bit of green bean foliage we have here!

But, wait – is it?  Look closer . . . and we discern – NO!  Another counterfeit!  Just a weed looking like it’s the grandest of all the green beans in the garden.  Grown bigger than all the others – and so quickly!  But, it’s not like the others.  It is a weed.  Fruit inspector, Miss Jeanette, showed us how to spot the difference.

Here’s the REAL deal – with buds of fruitful promise in the center!

Leaving us to wonder . . . what do people see when they inspect us – the real deal or counterfeits?  What does GOD see when he looks into our hearts – the real deal or counterfeits . . .

“Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:
And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” 
Psalm 139:22-24 (KJV)

Pluck out the weed!

But, on a positive spin – speaking of plucking out . . .the watermelons are almost ready to be plucked!  See this “curlicue” at the base of the melon?

And, this one just a little ways down?

Well, Miss Jeanette, our gardening guide, tells us that we’ll know to pick the melon when we see that the “curlicue” is all brown and falls off!   How clever of God to build such a communication system into the watermelon plant!  It’s pretty brown this week – perhaps it will fall off by next week and we can bring the watermelons into the storehouse!

We’ll see – faith for the harvest!

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  1. It’s a shame about some of the veggies, but some of them look great and very healthy. That flooding was awful.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I love your harvest series so much! My favorite part of all this week was the fruit inspection and pulling of those weeds which LOOK like the real thing but are producing no fruit.

    This is so excellent to me that I think YOU should write a book/published curriculum from this!! (I do thank you for what your kind comments on my recent post. Believe me sister, if I could figure out a venue for my style of writing and knew the first thing about shopping that type of writing around, I would.)

  3. I’m so sorry you’ve had flooding and spoilage of your crops. I didn’t know that tidbit of info about the watermelon. It’s God amazing. When I think of all the intricate details in each and every thing he created, and how they all come together, it’s baffling. Thanks for sharing this. ~ Abby

  4. My goodness Kathy, you have had a lot of rain!!
    I’m so glad you didn’t lose too much from the garden.
    That’s a great tip about watermelon 🙂
    And wonderful object lesson from you too!
    Have a blessed week, my friend..Trish

  5. Your harvest series is so much fun. I love seeing the pictures, and following the progress of all the plants. I’m actually growing rather emotionally attached to some of them – especially the green beans.

    And how I LOVE the lessons you give us. So much to ponder about our spiritual garden of the heart. God is around us in everything – and there are always things He wants to teach us. Thank you for having such a faithful eye to *see* what He has to say…

    …and for sharing the wealth of His truth with us!


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