Harvest His Blessings: Part 8

Just a little synopsis of our garden exploits this week 
centering around the joy of partaking in the Fruit of our Labors 
meditating on the FAITHFULNESS of God to bring forth the Harvest!

Hooray!  It was watermelon harvest time for our VBS gardeners and lips were smacking at the expectation of reward – a slice of sweetness . . .

. . . but, not before a breach had been discovered in the fold . . .

Yep!  Watermelon rotten on the vine!  Following suit, it would seem, with the zucchini squash of the previous week – rotten on the vine because of flooding rains it was not able to contain.  Our watermelons looked great, except for this one, and – look at this!

Cracked down the middle and open to all sorts of bacteria and mold!

Not to be harvested with the healthy fruits, this one was weeded out and so very mushy.  SMASH!

Separation and destruction of the rotten fruit is the end of this story . . .

But, each group of eager gardeners found happy endings for the others – involving Mr. Ed – and a sharp knife!  Slice it down the middle . . .

Open up to see the wonder that had been silently growing succulent and sweet inside . . .

Slice enough for all . . . and . . .

Take joy in the FRUIT OF OUR LABORS!  God is faithful – and has done it!

Mmmm . . . GOOD!

But wait – there’s more!  Remember those poor green beans that had been ravaged by the villain bunnies?  One of our gardeners took it upon himself to FAITHFULLY work that particular patch – weeding diligently each week, and making sure the netting held fast – much the same way that God faithfully works in our lives, weeding and nurturing in hopes of a harvest.

Our young gardener was not to be disappointed this night – LOOK!  Fruit on the vine!  A faithful reward!

With great pride in a job well done, this fellow snapped that bean and plopped it into his mouth before you could say “Jack Rabbit!”  And the verdict?  What else – Mmmm . . . GOOD!

More beans were gathered from the other bean patch . . .

. . . where that mysterious leafy plant from last week had us all stumped.   Ah!  But, give it time, and the truth will out!  This week, it was bursting with beautiful yellow flowers . . .

Four O’Clocks, they call them!  Wildflower, not just any old weed!  Mystery solved – and plenty of green beans to be had even though the “four o’clocks” took up about a quarter of the patch!  Sometimes God allows Wildflowers to take up space in our “patch” – we wonder what that strange situation or circumstance is in our lives for.  Perhaps we even curse it – thinking it will take away from the planned harvest.  But, in fact, the harvest is fruitful – in spite of the intruder.  The intruder is eventually revealed to be a friend – a compliment to the work of the harvest after all.  Trust God for those wildflowers – He is faithful in the unexpectedness of their appearance, bringing the harvest alongside in its time.

Cucumbers were still being found – fat and ready for pickling – but, the big job was the tomato harvest!  Everywhere you looked, tomato plants were heavy with ripe red fruit for picking . . .

. . . and filling the bucket!

Yes, we are quickly coming to the end of our summertime Harvest His Blessings – as a matter of fact, there is only one week left.  This post celebrates the harvest – and our final post – coming soon – will close us out with a great harvest of life lessons for all!  Stay tuned . . .

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  1. Love the photo of the kids lined up with their slices! Almost make me want to try and like watermelon.

    Enjoy “all ” of the bounty!


  2. Ahhh… great parallels’ to your post.
    Those children must just love to garden with you. Look at those faces eating the watermelon. Precious!

  3. SO rewarding to work with children! Love the candid photos, especially the one of everybody taking a bite of melon 🙂
    Happy week~

  4. Another great installment of wisdom and images to relish from the children’s garden 🙂
    Everything looks so delicious!
    Thank you for linking up today my friend.
    blessings to you..Trish

  5. What great teaching moments you have with these children. They are so precious! Just love those watermelon faces!

  6. The photo of the kids eating their watermelon is priceless!

    Our family loves watermelon. My kids’ favorite family vacation was one year when we went to Panama City Beach, Florida. Every afternoon at 2:00, the hotel would bring out ice cold watermelon, and we would eat to our hearts’ content. Then, with watermelon juice dripping down their chins and chests, they would jump into the pool and play for at least an hour.


  7. You are a wise and generous person, Miss Kathy. The kids must love you to pieces! So enjoyed seeing all the pictures, too.

  8. Still loving every fruitful lesson!

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. YAY for those beans! I’ve been pulling for them. And what a lesson for and through that young gardener’s faithful tending. I love how you paint a picture for us with your photos, and with your words. Yes, so much to *reap* here! Particularly enjoyed the lesson of the wildflower. We do well to weed out the weeds that would choke the growth of our faith. But, sometimes, the *weedy* things in life are, just like you pointed out, the good things God sends our way in disguise.

    Boy, I think I’ve got to go out and get a watermelon today – that looked just TOO delicious!


  10. OK, just so you know, my heart is kind of pounding with this one. I know that I have said it before, but I am going to say it again. This is THE BEST “hands on” discipleship that I have ever read. I really think it should be written into a curriculum. The thing is, it would be different every time, wouldn’t it? You learned and then learned as you grew it. So like life.

    That’s why I love it so much. You have the gift of the teachable moment.

    The part that I loved the most of all this week was the yellow flower intruder. I can not tell you how wonderful that was.

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