Landscapes of Vineland History: Part 4

In my final installment of this Landscapes of Vineland History, where I’m posting about the 150th birthday celebrations held this past weekend from my perspective of participation, I feature the parade and fireworks that closed out the bash!

Ed and I arrived in period attire circa the 1911 Old Home Week festivities.  I wanted to wear my vintage lace tea gown in summer white since I knew it was going to be hot and sticky!

How did the ladies of the day do it with all those layers in the heat!  And the men in the suit-coats!  Ed left his jacket at home and opted for the more casual vest and bow-tie look.  I kept my hat small since I was bringing my parasol – a reproduction from the Victoria Trading Company.

But, when we met up with our pirate re-enactor friends, Joe and Kathy – I thought we would do fine in the heat! 

Joe’s wearing a marvelous velvet purple coat and heavy leather hat and accessories – being the pirate king that he is.  Ya!

Kathy’s ensemble seems more appropriate to the weather. 

Along with their “crew” of other re-enactors, are recognized along the Jersey shore and marsh outlets, appearing at various festival events.  They are especially noted for their work with the Meerwald preservation – a working vintage sailing ship that does educational coastal tours.  Today, though, they’re celebrating Vineland history – inland.

Ed and I were to be on the Calvary Chapel Vineland float, but as we made out way to the rendezvous spot in the parade line-up, I ran into some of my teaching partners from the Vineland Public Charter School, gathering under a shade tree . . .

. . . until it was time to board the large and ornate float the PTA had built.   Of, course we had to have a photo – and a couple of our students joined in, too!

Once we found our spot, we draped the small trailer with grapevines, and a big basket of grapes.  Not only are grapes and vines the symbol of Vineland, but it is our church symbol, too, and the name of our radio station, The Vine 107.7 FM.  Ed and I provided some costuming, plus we put some of the kids on the float to ride with us.

I brought extra hats for the girls, and Denise, who helped with the kids on-board.  Othe Calvary families marched along.

What a long wait we had waiting for the start.  When you’re in a parade, you really don’t see much of it other than the immediate area where you are.  So, too, with this parade.  There was an interesting float re-creating the Temple Worship of Israel in front of us.

The pirates further in front – and once we started to move – WOW!  What a throng we saw ahead!

Once we were on a roll, the crowds seem to go by so fast.  We wave and smile and call out to folks we know. 

Then, suddenly, it’s the end of the parade and I realize that I wasn’t able to get any good shots along the parade route.  My friend took a couple of us on the float as we were on our way back to the original line-up to take it all apart. 

The long awaited parade – come and gone in a trice!

Thankfully, my aunt lives right across from the festivities, so we walked to her apartment and were able to change, cool off, and re-group before going back to the parade and carnival grounds for dinner,where I ran into another one of my students getting some fancy face painting!

We were looking forward to the great fireworks display – expected to be a 30 minute show at a cost of $20,000.  Quite the grand finale of a grand – and exhausting – event.

We were not disappointed.  Comfortable on the grassy campus grounds of the high school, we saw quite a show of lights – feebly captured on film, here.

Actually, I recorded about 20 minutes of the show on my Flip Video camera – though that might be a bit much to load here.  A great event – lovely weather, in spite of the heat – no rain – and for all the people gathered in one place – no trouble with everyone on good behavior just having a great time.

My vintage lace will be soaking in Biz and displayed in my office again all clean and pressed.  For it’s age, I am glad it is in as good condition as it is to be wearable. 

Enjoying my week now with the grandbaby , , ,

.  . . will be posting a blog about her “miracle” for Miracle Makeover this weekend.  But, for now, saying farewell to Vineland history celebrations and hoping to get back into my routine posts next week – then school starts for me the week after!

Did we have a summer vacation yet???

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  1. Well Miss Kathy you just look divine on your float… I also saw your pictures on the Daily Journal website! Looks like a lot of work but I’m sure the folks who made it out to watch really appreciated all of the effort! The fireworks look like fun too… quite a big display for Dear Ol’ Vld!
    I’m off to go read your other posts… CUTE sweet Grandbaby!

  2. Lovely! And what a sweet picture of you with your beautiful granddaughter. 🙂


  3. Kathy,
    I can remember Vineland’s 100th birthday. I made a civil war gown for my sister Margie to wear to an event she was going to. I don’t remember if any of the pictures survived (they were in black and white!). Loved all the costumes and your tea gown is beautiful. A lot of fun and I am sure it was appreciated by all who attended.
    Your smile while holding that beautiful baby girl is wonderful to see. It made me smile too.


  4. Oh what fun! I like your period costume and how nice that your husband participates as well. I bet your students enjoyed seeing you. Love fireworks…the perfect ending to the celebration. What an adorable grandbaby!! Bet you just want to gobble her up 🙂

  5. Your vintage lace gown and parasol are spectacular.
    What a fun filled weekend. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. I have enjoyed the whole celebration! To me, civil pride is such a virtue. I love it when a town joins to together for something like this.

    And you look marvelous in your costume, even though I’m sure you felt like a hot potato.

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