Newport Antique Patrol!

So, I was very excited to visit my grandbaby last week in New England!  We spent a delightful afternoon in downtown historic Newport, Rhode Island.  And, of course I got to indulge a simple pleasure of mine . . .

Antique Patrol!

This being Newport – famous for the rich and the famous – you will find the most amazing items of epic proportion.  Everything just seems so much bigger in Newport antique shops . . . like here at the Armory Antiques, built on the waterfront in 1898 . . .

Big – yes – large antiques . . .

. . . and ornate . . .

. . . and odd . . .

And, don’t get me started on the antique books from some grand old family libraries . . .

Ooooo!  I was biting my lip so hard – I wanted to take some of those volumes home!  They were way out of my pocketbook – but so awesome to see up close and personal . . .

Well . . . at least as up close and personal as locked glass doors and protective acid free plastic would allow.

These photos are all from the Armory Antiques – where I collected some photos of tea things for my Tuesday tea blog this week.  In addition to large, ornate, odd, and overpriced, there were also the lovely and feminine treasures of sweeter bygone days . . .

But, even with all the bounty to be had . . .

. . . I left with nary a prize.

Then, while pausing on the grounds of Trinity Church to take a bottle break for Mackenzie . . .

I thought I’d take a peak in the Drawing Room Antiques shop across the street. 

More huge stuff!

An amazing costume of sorts that looked like it might weigh a ton!

Paintings . . .

. . . and coral reefs that looked like a mushroom village . . .

* SIGH *  Would that I could afford something!  But, you know you’re in trouble when there’s a sign that says:  “Credit Cards $100.00 minimum” !!  I was resigned to leave empty handed. 

Until . . . I saw a curious little plate.  Filthy.  Gripped by a heavily rusted metal plate hanger.  I casually glanced at the price . . .

$5.00!!  SOLD!!

And, how very nicely it cleaned up – this gold trimmed curiosity – an etched illustration original from Charles Dickens’ The Old Curiosity Shop.

Perfection in a bargain of a prize . . . and a simple pleasure, to be sure!

Sharing the Simple Pleasure of my Newport Antique Patrol with Dayle at “A Collection of This and That”

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  1. How wonderful that you had the chance to visit your son and that sweet, sweet grand daughter of yours! Wow…love the Dickens plate your discovered. It will be a charming addition to a winter tea time, eh? We enjoy browsing through antique shops too…never know what you will find 🙂

  2. Ha! I can always tell if an antique shop is going to be a bust. If there are lots of items under glass – you know it’s expensive! I always prefer stores that let you rummage. It’s so much more fun – like a treasure hunt! Glad you were able to find something!

  3. I have always wanted to visit that city. I would be drawn to the same things you were, and I would have been able to spend just about what you spent. Great find on the plate!

    Loved that folk costume. I find them to be so lovely.

    Loveliest of all? Oh, no contest! It’s that sweet little granddaughter picture. The back story behind her (and her dad) make it even sweeter.

  4. What fun to go antiquing in New England! Your plate is lovely! Love the picture of you and your precious son and grandbaby. Enjoy your day! Twyla

  5. I would have snatched it too! I love Charles Dickens and although the Old Curiosity Shop doesn’t end like I want it to, I love it too!

    So, what is with all of those big antiques? Is that an east coast thing? Wow!

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. Kathy,
    Oh how I would have loved to be with you looking at all those lovlies in the shops. But, of course, children and grandchildren are the real treasure. Your son looks very pleased and your grandbaby is adorable. You are very blessed.


  7. England how wonderful…and to see a grandchild how much more better can it be…lovely visiting with you…I love the heads…I own one and would to have had everyone of those…Happy Thursday…

  8. Loved this blog posting. Thank you.
    That plate had your name on it for sure. Great find! 🙂

  9. Those ornate guitars are pretty neat, and I love old books! I have a ton of them in my house! I loke old things period.

  10. Sometimes it is nice just to browse. Certainly looks like you had a wonderful time. And that final purchase is fabulous! Have a great day. Tammy

  11. I have never visited your blog before, but I’ve come by from Simple Pleasures. Your blog is beautiful, and your “about me” section really struck a chord with me. I will definitely be “following” along.

    I have only been to New England one time in my life…back in spring 2003. We were spending a couple weeks in Boston…flew into Providence, as we had Southwest Airlines vouchers, and they didn’t fly into Boston (at least then they didn’t). While I am truly a Southern gal at heart, I found your section of the country extremely beautiful. I’d love to visit again…especially in the fall.


  12. Definitely tons of treasures for the beholder to view! How fun. I love how you found a simple treasure to bring home! Sweet! I do love to look even if things are priced too high. Those books were amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a tresure-trove!

  14. Oh, that was so much fun for you! To be with your lovies, and sweet grandbaby, and browse those great shops! Love the plate! You saw so many pretty tea things! Loved seeing all of it!

  15. What a wonderful time you must have had. The pictures are awesome.

    Happy and blessed weekend!


  16. I had to become your newest follower when I saw that beautiful blog head photo (you, I assume) in costume, and see you are a writer and a Christian, as am I. One book published thus far. Oh, I want those antique books!

  17. What fun! So nice to have found you 🙂

  18. That’s some antique show. Books viewed behind glass AND wrapped in plastic? That had to be tough on you, as you knew they were pricey. Thanks for sharing the sweet picture of your son and granddaughter. The best part of the trip. ~ Abby

  19. Finding such lovely bargains … always a simple pleasure!

  20. You and me, Miss Kathy, would indeed get into ALL SORTS OF TROUBLE if we were on the same side of the country! I LOVE antiquing – and I am always tempted to buy stuff. Do I need it – is it too much money – where will I put it? All questions that seem to go by the wayside as I sniff out adventure and pursue hidden treasures!

    This was a delightful post – I felt like I was touring the store with you. I thought you got quite a bargain, and a delightful curio – the Dickens plate was really precious.

    But not as precious as that doll baby Mackenzie – now she is a keeper!!


  21. THOSE BOOKS! Wow, I could have a fun time in there. But I suppose if we wait long enough, Mr. Beamer will supply us with all we need.

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