Tea Under Twenty!

On my recent visit to the Rhode Island/Massachusetts area to see the grandbaby, I enjoyed an afternoon of shopping for the little doll.  One of our stops took us to a strip mall that used to be a regular stop for me when I lived in the area.  Savers Thrift Store had always been a favorite place to pick up a bargain.  I just had to take a look around and hope for a treasure again.  Hadn’t been there for so long!

To be sure, I was not disappointed.  There on the shelf was a sweet Windsor Sadler floral teapot – trimmed in gold – looking as though never used!  The price:  $4.99 – SOLD!

It was at that moment a fun thought came to me – if I can get a gem of a teapot for about five dollars – could I collect the makings of a splendid tea, totaling . . . say . . . a “tea under twenty”?  Onto the challenge!  And, this is what I came up with:


Windsor Sadler Made in England Teapot – $4.99
Rose-rimmed Made in Germany Teacup and Saucer – $1.98
Sitting Cow Creamer – $ .50
Scalloped Sugar Bowl – $ .50
Green Quilted Place-mat – $1.29
Floral Napkin – $1.00
 Hand-crafted Clay Vase – $1.99

Adding the flowers (a gift), and the eats (already in the pantry) – this simple place setting for my simple  splendid tea came to just $12.25!  I’m serving it in a favorite morning devotions corner – right in front of the window where I have a view of morning bird activity.

In the background, you might notice there are some friends hoping to perhaps share in teatime today.  Hmmm – how’d that kitty-cat get there . . . and, the baby dolls looking hopeful for a teatime invite . . .

By the way, I just love my lace embellished reproduction vintage doll carriage!

Sitting in style under their lace parasol are two of my favorite vintage dolls – the taller, blond baby from the late 1920’s – rescued from an auction is wearing time authentic doll clothing – and my mother’s own Horseman baby doll in her original salmon nightgown and house jacket.

She was the only doll my mom ever owned in her childhood – a cherished possession of my own today, in remembrance of her.  They share the copious space in the carriage with Rosie – a sweet Boyd’s Bear, and miniature toys. 

Next to them, in another reproduction vintage carriage, Victoria and Charlotte Bear seem curious and hopeful for a teatime invitation, too . . .

. . . while vintage kitty-cat doorstops stand guard below.

Not content with my digital Nook book, it would appear that our baby dolls have a vintage selection all picked out for read aloud at teatime today.

Oops!  And, what’s this? 

Curious Copperfield gets into the scene!  Not for you, kitty-cat!

Well, perhaps, planning a doll, kitty-cat, and teddy bear “tea under twenty” is a good idea for my next thrifty-teatime challenge – with a theme, this time!

To be continued . . .

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  1. What a fun idea and great concept…luxury at bargain prices~ The dolls are treasures, especially the one belonging to your mother. Watch out or the next time you see Copperfield he will be curled up in the pram with the dollies! Sweet post, Kathryn.

  2. Hello Kathy,
    poor Copperfield only wanted to join that wonderful party. But I see, you have little guests enough, well dressed little girls. Thank you for this fabulous tea time with wonderful china and all your doll-children.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  3. Hello Kathy, I love your post. The challenge of finding Tea under Twenty was a fab one and you did it so well! That is a really good thrift store! I adore the tea pot you found. That is a real bargain and treasure. The German tea cup as well is amazing. So pretty and prim.
    Thank you for sharing so many of your lovely treasures!

  4. Wow a beautiful setting you have created and I love the budget friendliness of it. How wonderful to have such a beautiful treasure from you Mother… Happy Tea Cup Tuesday..xo HHL

  5. What a beautiful teapot. And what a bargain!! Great buy. And such a lovely tea table.

    Jocelyn @

  6. Well done! Love the tea pot. My kitties help me with tea, too. But they help with everything … especially when I sit down!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 Your dolls are wonderful, but the teddy bears really caught my eye! Happy Tea Day!

  7. You have so many cute things. Cats love tea-time because it means a quiet, calm atmosphere where they love to reside. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  8. Wonderful! What a fun post and a great ideas…but you’ve got to have a few great thrift/charity stores close…we do not. Sigh…love your assemble tea-bleau!

  9. What a great challenge! I hope you and your family are doing well!

    You must be the ultimate grandmom. Can i adopt you for our children:)

  10. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I enjoyed visiting yours! I love your writing style. And what a clever post–tea under twenty. You could really say tea at twelve! The old dolls are wonderful, especially the family history with them!

  11. What a delightful tea time, Miss Kathy! One never knows when they visit you what they will find. Such fun! Love your imagination and writing. You got yourself a splendid teapot for under $5.00 and all your tea things are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your tea with us at Tea Time Tuesday and I wish you a lovely day, my friend.


  12. Hello Kathy
    You are a natural for thrifting, a whole tea setting that is lovely. I especially like the teapot.
    The old fashioned dolls and their history are sweet as are the teddies.

  13. Hi Miss Kathy,
    You are so creative and this post is just delightful. I love the treasures you found to pull a whole tea party together. This is a great challange and an inspiration for us all.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents. I just love to visit you.

    Blessings and joy, Celestina Marie

  14. Wow, you got some beautiful tea treasures for next to nothing! Great bargain shopper that you are. I especially love that teapot!!

    I never seem to find pretty things at very good prices. Maybe the thrift stores in my area just don’t get good stuff. And when they do, it’s never inexpensive.


  15. What a lovely tea setting..I’m sure your guest were so delighted! LOL! and the price is so right! Enjoy your tea…..

  16. Oooo…can I come? I promise I’ll be on my very best behavior. And I might even pay YOU $20 for a ticket!

    This was delightful, Kathy – amazing what some creative ingenuity can accomplish! Loved the story of the dolls – especially the one of your mom’s. Too sweet.

    Copperfield – you silly cat. Glad to see that you have recovered from your stay in the crate!


  17. SAVERS here I come…too bad we don’t have one in Minneapolis! Amazing deals for a great lady! Thanks for joining up last week, sorry for the late entry!

    Tea Party Tuesday link up is open again, would love to have you back! http://sweetology101.blogspot.com/2011/09/tea-party-tuesday-tea-party-sweets.html


  18. Hi: I love the challenge of the $20 and under. You picked a get set. Thank you so much for sharing this beauties with us. Blessings, Martha

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