In Remembrance – Awake!

This morning at church, a film of remembrance was played featuring images of the horrific sights that blanketed the television screens of the world on September 11, 2001.  These images were watercolor renditions of now famous photograph stills we’ve all seen hundreds of times.  They detailed the events and heroics of the day our nation was roused from slumber to face a threatening presence that had been hovering about us for some time.  Complacency had caused us to forget – and in the forgetting . . . we suffer loss.

Words accompanied these images – three of which stand out in my mind like a bell tolling: 

Remembering brings PURPOSE.

I know the rest of the poetic words, narrated so powerfully as each image flashed, were carefully chosen and their impact altogether – profound.  But – those three – REMEMBERING BRINGS PURPOSE – cling to me.

When I teach history, I often say, “If you know where you came from, then you’ll know who you are, and that will give you direction for where you should be going.”  Hence, the importance of knowing history, and understanding the impact of choices – made in the past that come to bear on our present – and ultimately shape the future.  It is to the PAST that we must look for PURPOSE.

Today, ten years after a national tragedy of horrific proportion, we are encouraging each other to remember.   But, what are we remembering, actually?

For me, I remember the price paid by the innocent victims of 9/11 – they who stood on the front lines of a war they didn’t enlist to fight.  They sacrificed their lives and futures to jostle their nation – nay – the world – to rouse from sleep – and remember.  This has happened before.  Many times on the path of history. 

And, hearts are turned to God – should they awake – and remember.  PURPOSE.

Forgive me as I ramble here.  Just pondering . . .

Ten years ago, a dark menace hovered over our nation in a violent attack.  We woke up – suddenly – and remembered . . . God. 

And, we prayed . . . Purpose. 

So often, in the blaze of turmoil, we are roused to remember God – Purpose.  May we imitate Him – who neither slumbers nor sleeps – but keeps us always in remembrance – hovering about us with His Light to guide us through even the darkest of times fulfilling His Purposes in the earth.

I am remembering God’s Purposes – and His overflow of comfort towards the many who lost loved ones in the 9/11 tragedy – may the Lord accomplish all good things and beauty from the ashes of mourning.

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  1. Hi Kathryn~
    I am so glad that I stopped by to read your blog today because I love this post! I love what you wrote! We saw a video clip this morning too – it is good to remember so that we can go forward with purpose. What a blessing you are to your students! They need His light!
    Purposing with you!

  2. AMEN!
    Ramble on…
    You said it so brillantly.

  3. Well said, Kathryn~ Sadly, the ‘dark menace’ is ever present.

  4. Yes! History gives us purpose. And that’s why it IS so important that we are re-stirred… We need to be reminded so we do not lose our sense of purpose… I appreciated your post Kathryn.

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. Wonderfully said!

    I just deleted a long comment because, really, it was like gilding the lily.

  6. So often people choose one of two paths: to blame God for allowing things to happen, or to blame people and call all bad things divine retribution. I think they’re both off-base…we have to remember that we’re all given free will, and that the ugliness in the world all stems from the poor choices, both collective and individual, made by fallible human beings. That God is what we aspire to, and Heaven will be when we finally get to live without all the rest of the darkness of the world.

    And yes, what we remember, and how, makes a big difference in how we go forward.

  7. You have clearly put a lot of thought into this piece, Kathy, and your words really ring true.

  8. It is so good to remember.


  9. a beautiful thought — that we ought to be remember God!

  10. Kathy, your thoughts paralleled mine. Remembering isn’t enough, unless it leads us to the feet of God. I doubt there was anyone who didn’t kneel that day. God’s purpose is for us to continue to kneel – in humble obedience to His Sovereign will, to His divinely wise Providence, and to His unchangeable Purpose.


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