Mushroom Village Garden Tea

Well, this tea post has been a long time in coming!  You see, fairies are very shy creatures.  So, when Sapphire decided to host a tea party under the spreading mushroom top . . .

. . . in the Mushroom Garden Village . . .

. . . it was quite a feat for her to agree to be photographed.

“But,” I protested in persuasive tones, ” all our blogger friends in Blogworld will be enraptured by your elegant tea!  Especially if you use your blue and white tea set!”

Sapphire’s blue and white tea set!  Her favorite – of course!  She agreed.  Annabelle, my vintage Little Kiddle friend would be the guest.  She had the perfect blue dress to wear for the occasion.

Actually, it was the only dress she owned – making it even more the best choice.

Sapphire laid out the tea things on a lovely vintage linen with hand embroidered embellishments – from my grandmother’s collection.


Snug around the tiny blue and white tea things –

Sapphire was about to pour out, when suddenly – Mother Meow and Little Earl strolled past.

“Oh! What a splendid tea you’ve set out today!”

Sapphire, quite taken by surprise at an uninvited guest, strengthened herself in response.  “Do, join us, Mother Meow.”  Shy, she might be – but, Sapphire’s heart was large, and she understood the rewards of generosity.

“So kind!  So kind!” purred Mother.  “Now, Earl – be sure you wash up before tea!”  And, Little Earl – being the obedient little kitten he was, obliged with ablutions.

Hearing the commotion, one of the rabbits who often takes the shade under the evergreen backdrop, awoke from a nap and hopped over to see what the celebratory sounds were all about.

“Just a little teatime under the spreading mushroom top,” Sapphire explained.  And, not wanting to appear inhospitable added, “Would you care to join us?”

“Delighted!”  Rabbit jumped for joy – but quickly settled down.  He knew it would not do to be boisterous at a tea party – especially after such a gracious invite!

Room had been adequately made for the five of them, when – dear me!  Tiny Ted E. Bear had followed me out of the house to see what all the activity was!  There he stood, hiding under the deck stairs, only now peeking out and revealing himself once Rabbit settled in for tea.  “Perhaps,” he thought, “there might be an invitation for me!”

To be sure, our gracious Sapphire – shy though she be – never allowed her shyness to over-ride propriety.  Tiny Ted would, indeed, be an excellent guest – being known throughout the other house bears as a treasure of polite society.  “Oh!  Do join us!”  Sapphire beckoned, when she saw him blinking around the deck landing.

“How kind!”  Ted skipped swiftly across the concrete sidewalk, and once upon the grass, sauntered like a fine gentleman to the tea spread.  “Capital tea, mi’dear!  Capital!”

“Well, now,”  Sapphire said, taking her place at the center of her guests.  Shall I be mother now, and pour out?”  Her request was greeted with a round of approval and rapt expressions at the treat to come.

“Oh!  Do let me help . . .”  offered Annabelle, stepping towards the teapot handle.

But, not a one of them noticed . . .

Not any of them even heard . . .

The anticipation of the tea captivating their senses . . .

None dared to suppose that . . .

“I say!  That wouldn’t be tea I see, would it?”  Duckling had waddled silently upon them from behind.  Now, don’t ask me how any duck waddle can be so silent as to take a tea party by surprise – but, in this case – it was!

“Oh!  Gracious!”  Sapphire fairly recovered herself lest the tea be spilled at the shock of Duckling – rounding the side of the mushroom.

“Yes!”  quacked Duckling, cheerfully.  “You are most gracious – and I accept your invitation to tea!”

The party looked about at each other.  Duckling was twice as big as any of them – and there was the threat of eiderdown littering the setting.  Duckling was beginning to loose his baby feathers, you see.  Messy . . . messy . . .

No matter – always the welcoming hostess, Sapphire helped to make room and Duckling joined our little party with grateful praise for kind civilities all around.

And, dare I say . . . a good time was had by all?

Whew!  Tea things cleaned up.  Guests happily returned from whence they came.  Sapphire took shade under the mushroom.

Fairies may be shy creatures, but, a pot of tea always has a way of helping us to overcome our frailties and strengthen us to reach beyond ourselves.

“Perhaps,”  Sapphire wondered aloud, just as I was about to leave her to a cooling nap, “perhaps I might consider hosting another tea – with guests – and you might photograph that, too . . . for your Blogworld friends . . .”

“Perhaps.”  I nodded with a grin.

Sapphire grinned back.  And yawned.  “I think my next tea will have a theme . . . yes . . . (yawn) . . . just the thing . . . a theme . . .”

And, she dissolved into sleep – dreaming, I would think, about tea.

And, me?  Well, I tiptoed quietly back to the house, to review my treasured photos, and think gracious thoughts of THANK YOU to SHAWN at POETRY IN A POT OF TEA – from whose ingenious studio Sapphire was born . . . and sent to me here at The Writer’s Reverie . . .
. . . to live as a constant source of inspiration – and token of friendship in Blogworld.

Thanks, Shawn!  Couldn’t have done this tea without you!

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  1. This should be published! Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Kathryn.

  2. OMG ..What a delightful little teatime story… Sapphire is a gorgeous little flower fairy… Many years ago I had sweet little flower fairies very simliar to her… that I uses on my show….They sang and danced,but goodness me I don’t think they ever had such a wonderful teaparty as this… I thoroughly enjoyed your musingsand blog photos… Thank You so much for sharing this little treasure….Hugs Sweet Lady

  3. An absolute delight, Miss Kathy! I had included a couple of my fairies in my tea post today but alas, they had to be on their way. So, I will invite them another time. Great minds think alike? Very pretty blue and white tea things! Thank you my friend for your wonderful post and I wish you a lovely week.


  4. Oh my goodness! This was just adorable from beginning to end. I kept thinking that you should make it all into a picture book. (I actually think you can do that through blogger… and you should!)

  5. Hi Miss Kathy,
    What a delightful tea with your sweet little friends. I just loved this and your talents are over the moon my friend. What a sweet gift you received leading to the start of a special tea story. This tea party should be in a little tea book. Love the precious pics.
    Always a joy to visit you.

    Hugs and smiles, Celestina Marie

  6. How perfectly charming, my dear! You should make a little book of this story! It’s also very soothing to have a cup of tea while I read your blog each night!

  7. How adorable is that???? What a great idea. Great story telling Miss Kathryn!!!!

    See you soon! Antiquing we will go….antiquing we will go…

  8. I enjoyed this sweet little fairy tea. Happy TTT!

  9. you have a gift! I was transported away to this wonderful tea party w/ Sapphire and wish I could stay longer…aaaaawww bliss. This is just the perfect touch of whimsy I need to dream on before retiring tonight so thank you.

  10. What a sweet story of Sapphire the fairy flower’s tea party, Miss Kathy! I hope you have a wonderful weekend antiquing – I know you will enjoy the company!


  11. Oh my gush, you are the winner in these photos and story. Love how you come up with this idea. You are talented woman. Thank you for sharing.

    Vintage Jewelries

  12. What a perfectly delightful tale of tea. . .and what an interesting array of guests! Thanks for sharing such an exciting event!

  13. Hi Kathy,
    what an absolutely delightful post. I so adore your little fairy tale. It really should be published, it is so sweet. This little fairy Sapphire is so charming made. Thank you for making my heart happy with that cute post.
    Best greetings to you and your little friends,

  14. Hi Kathy, just enchanting. I enjoyed every word and the pictures are so sweet.

    Barb ♥

  15. What a charming post!

  16. I can’t think of a better place to hold a tea than under a mushroom! Good that everyone fit in (well, almost!) and had a bit of tea.
    Thank you for sharing their party with us!

  17. Kathy, this was the MOST delightful post. Have you written a children’s book ever? If not, you SHOULD! This is true talent.

    I felt like I was right there with all the precious creatures celebrating Miss Sapphire’s tea. (I was right – I just KNEW that was a Little Kiddle) And it made me happy that Duckling was included.

    Miss Sapphire proves a wonderful point – even a very tiny person can have a very BIG heart!


  18. Fairies may be shy creatures, but, a pot of tea always has a way of helping us to overcome our frailties and strengthen us to reach beyond ourselves.~~~~~~~~

    Love this sentiment, Kathryn! I just smiled from ear to ear when I saw the row of mushrooms!And then I saw your Little Kiddle….eeek! I still have several of mine and they are in fantastic condition and in their original containers. You have inspired me to do a post with those wee girls. You are a natural story teller, sweet lady. I am so happy the flower fairy has a home with you~

  19. Oh so sweet! I was captivated by those mushrooms! Are they real?! Have a great day, Miss Kathy! Twyla

  20. I suddenly want to shrink myself….find a quiet mushroom and have some tea…can you explain this? You are just too cute!

    ciao bella

    Creative CArmelinA

  21. I so enjoyed the fairy’s tea party, what a gracious tiny hostess, she is wise knowing there is always room for one more when one practices hospitality! Just lovely.

  22. And this dear Miss Kathy is precisely why I drink coffee!

    Actually it does look like I am truly missing out… I think I’ll check the backyard for mushrooms, perhaps I could beg an invite…

    Blessings, Debbie

  23. Oh Kathy how gorgeous! lol!
    Your little story is fabulous – we have all eloped to a mushroom world with you today!
    Sapphire is indeed a gracious hostess – and her blue and white tea service is adorable 🙂
    Thanks for linking to LACE and bringing joy to our day, my friend.
    ps. praying all goes well for you at work tomorrow!

  24. That was one of the sweetest little stories I have ever read. I am now a true follower xx

  25. Ooooo Ooooo Oooo!!!
    What a most FUN and DELIGHTFUL TEA!!!

    I have been with out internet for a while and I am catching up, and the Mushroom Village Garden Tea
    was as sweeeeeet as can be!! ;-D How fun Bravo on the great pictures!
    Many Blessings Love and Hugs, Linnie

    PS Thanks for visiting me 🙂

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