Teacup Treasure Hunt Find!

Our Lancaster County trip this past weekend was much anticipated on my part for many reasons.  First – I REALLY needed a vacation.  Summer melted away into another school year without much rest and relaxation at The Writer’s Reverie, so I lived on the dream of an R&R at a B&B – and began to stash some cash for a treasure hunt antiquing adventure with Jillian from Bella Rosa Antiques.  Jillian is my husband’s cousin, living in Amish Country where we were staying at the Lovelace Manor Bed & Breakfast!

She took us to the Burning Bridge Antiques Mall in Columbia, where her husband keeps a booth with some of his own finds for sale.

After gathering a pile on the first and second floors, I thought I was all done.

Then – I found stairs leading to a basement floor filled with more!

And, it was there that I strolled around the corner of a booth, perusing the shelves in a lighted cabinet, and saw it!  Yes – it was – a footed teacup!

I had heard about these rare wonders of design.  I’ve seen some featured on our Tuesday Tea Parties.  But, I confess, I had never seen one in person.  Yet, here was a lovely sample just waiting for me – if I could get an attendant to unlock the case.  Finding help quickly, the cabinet was opened and the teacup was suddenly in my hands – and so was the price tag.  I was sure it would be an expensive little treasure, but was joyfully surprised to see the price marked at only $7.00 – and discounted  on top of that!

So, yes, I was now the proud owner of my first footed teacup – a lovely Royal Sealy piece – in deep aqua interior and luster ware outer, sporting a stunning hand-painted interior floral with raised gold trim touches –

. . . another unique example of Royal Sealy’s designs from the 1940’s through the early 1960’s.

I’m showing it off on a lace tablecloth next to a sweet bouquet of fresh flowers casually gathered in a vintage blue mason jar.

You’ll note my Harvest tea things in the background – and a curious little friend.

Yep!  Just as I suspected – Squirrel Nutkin . . .

. . . aptly named after Beatrix Potter’s own naughty little friend who lost his fluffy tale to an owl for his mischief!  But, my Squirrel Nutkin is only after a closer look at a perfectly lovely bit of fine china art.

Well, LOOK, but don’t touch, little fellow!  This delicate slice of whimsey will be safely displayed on my teacup caddy for a time, before taking shelter in my own tea cabinet.  Occasionally available for play date tea parties – but, sorry – no squirrels allowed.

Poor Nutkin!  I expect I may have to host a high tea just for him one of these days!

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  1. I have never seen a footed-tea-cup. Thanks for posting this. I’m going to keep my eyes open for one. It is so pretty. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  2. Ooooo What a stunning cup!!!
    and Nutkin is a cutie!!
    Blessings and Hugs, Linnie

  3. Lovely! There are rabid 3 foored teacup collectors. That’s such a pretty one. And I love your squirrel assistant! You must have had a marvelous time!

  4. What a great find! Your footed tea cup is just stunning. WOWOWOWOW!!! The squirrel is too cute. Happy Tea Day!

  5. What finds! The teacup with the flower inside is wonderful and Squirrel Nutkin is adorable!

    How neat it is to see two ladies from my blog reader get together!

    Have a blessed week, Kathy.

  6. Oops, I guess she wasn’t in my blog reader-it was Bella Rose cottage! 😮 But she will be now:)

  7. Stunning space you got here. Love the blog header and all those fantastic pictures. Great tea cups.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  8. Well Kathy, my friend, you found yourself a stunner of a teacup! How pretty and lovely colour too. I am always delighted when I visit you. I love your little stories and antics. Little Nutkin will be famous now in Blogland! Thanks for sharing your charming post with us and have a delightful day.


  9. I’m always delighted with your stories… and Little Nutkin can come to my teaparty( ha Ha) … I have a whole menagerie of nutty little friends in my yard…I quess they would need acorn cups though ( ha ha)

    What a gorgeous cup you have found..Truly a treasure that was just waiting for You. I think it must be an older Sealy because of the raised gold…Stunning!!!

    In answer to your question on my blog…You and I have similiar passions.. Storytelling/Music… I hosted a show called ” Magic Garden on CTV as well as CBC… So some of my work can be seen and heard on Sesame Street… But that was years ago… I now travel, sip tea( ha Ha) and write . Your blog is absolutely delightful and I always look forward to reading your post, Sweet lady….HUGS

  10. Oh Kathy, it’s wonderful! What a lovely weekend away and what a treasure to find!

    You know next time you come, we’ll meet up for tea!


  11. Oh how CUTE! I’ve NEVER even heard of those let alone seen one. Would my granddaughters get a kick out of that. I’ll have to watch the antique stores now. Thanks for the fun post. 🙂

  12. The teacup was a great find! And I had no idea how cute that little squirrel could be… what a little nutkin he is! :0)

  13. Oh my Kathy!

    Such an exquisite find, your teacup! And the color is simply amazing also. Your story about little squirrel Nutkin is adorable and utterly charming, as are all of your stories and fun that you share each week; love it!

    Happy Tuesday Tea’s and have a marvelous week!

    Hugs, Wanda Lee

  14. Kathy,
    I knew you would like Burning Bridge just as much as I did when I first saw those 3 floors of wonderful antiques. Your teacup find is gorgeous…the raised flower trimmed out in gold is stunning. Your pal Nutkin is adorable,too! So glad you had a good time in Lancaster.


  15. Oh you lucky girl! Out on an antiquing trip with a friend and finding treasure! That sounds like my kind of fun!
    The cup is stunning. What a color, and the flower is a work of art! Royal Sealy is a fine company. You have found a treasure!

  16. Your new footed teacup is gorgeous! It seems like Nutkin likes it, too!

  17. Good evening my friend…oh, such fun to read your posts. You do know how to have lots of fun! What a stunning cup! It is regal and quite fitting to live at your home. Cute little squirrel to supervise your teacup collection.
    What are you going to do next week?

  18. Glad you had such a fun time treasure hunting…that tea cup is stunning. The flower in side the cup is such a welcome site w/ each sip I am sure!! Have a great week!

  19. I loved the little footed tea cup that you found! That store looks positively tempting! You and I better never go to an antique store together – I think we would seriously get into some $$$ trouble! I love antiquing – it’s like a treasure hunt for adults!

    And Nutkin – oh, he’s cute. You made him seem so real, with all his adorable little poses. (I’m telling you again – you’ve got a children’s book percolating in that head of yours…)

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful adventure!


  20. Hello Kathy,
    That teacup is an exquisite find! And at a wonderful price! Great job – so glad you were able to take this break and have a marvelous time! I love staying at B & Bs and visiting Amish Country! I am sure you ate well too!
    Thank you for sharing with A Return to Loveliness,
    God Bless,

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