Autumn Simple Joys

Oh, the joys of the seasons!  How delightful they are!  Reminding us of God’s wisdom and care – all things in their time!  I am encouraged at the outset of this beautiful fall season – that a stormy season in my own life is just that – a season!  Here today – replaced by another tomorrow – with new hopes . . .

So, on a cool, dreary fall day this week, I had the simple joy of being off from work and able to give my attention to something that I’d let slide these few weeks – a trip to the farm market for my pumpkins and mums!

This is the newest market in our farming community – where every farming family seems to have a roadside stand.  Here, at Bergamos, I knew who I’d meet inside.  My dear old friend – Saralyn, and her mom, Dolly!  Saralyn is the farmer’s wife – Ed – I went to school with him.  Saralyn and I have many fun youthful memories that we share.  And, today – a new one!  My first visit to her family’s roadside stand – actually quite an impressive fresh vegis and Italian food store.

To be sure – fresh broccoli came home with me for dinner – and a few other staples.  But, the big buy – my mums!  Love how they look on my front step!

A simple joy . . . fall flowers, old friends, a cozy day off . . . joyful in new seasons!

Sharing this Simple Joy with Trish at Lily-Rose Cottage.

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  1. What lovely pictures, your mums and pumpkins are so colourful and lovely, the way everyone is decorating things up, for fall is so inspiring, we are in spring here and I am looking forward to trying some of the lovely ideas out when we get back to our fall (autumn). I fully intend to enjoy spring while we have it though. thanks for your post. Joining you from Lace.

  2. Kathy I love these photos -your mums are beautiful!
    What a pretty colour and lovely centre they have! They look really great on your front steps.
    I am so tempted to put some golden pumpkins outside my doors too – Fall or not – why should my northern friends have ALL the fun lol!!
    I think it’s great that you have friends you can support and get your fresh vegies and italian gooodies from.
    Thanks for linking up and sharing your joy with us today 🙂
    Praying those storms stay away!
    love in Jesus..Trish

  3. Your flowers are beautiful, Kathryn! And I’d enjoy visiting that new roadside stand. Thank you for sharing the adventure. Janet

  4. I share this joy of the season, Kathryn. I haven’t had the joy of quite such lovely mums yet, though. Those are downright blazing.

  5. A great simple pleasure! Fall has so many of them. Love the farm market.

  6. Kathy,
    So glad you had a restful and relaxing day off. What better way to spend it than with old friends and beautiful mums and pumpkins to brighten your front steps!


  7. Thank you for sharing…I haven’t been feeling good, only a seasonal thing, and today I have some time off…I think I will do just what you did.
    Your pictures are great and just call out to fall.

  8. Those mums are amazing! What a treat, to be able enjoy the fresh farm stand and bless an old friend.


  9. Those mums are the best pictures I’ve seen from that camera of your’s! High praise indeed.

  10. Beautiful!

    Do you know that I really envy that *small town* feel that you have in your community? I miss that here in my big Southern California city. Sigh…

    I think if I close my eyes, I can just picture walking into Bergamo’s myself. Ah, yes – the sights, the smells. Fall is in the air.


  11. I love how your mums and pumpkins look on your front porch, too! Looks so warm and welcoming!
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. I love everything fall— and your pictures are just beautiful! Gives me a warm and cozy “fall feel” just looking at them!

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