Daughter Makes Dinner

This is my daughter (the one without the pointy ears).

She likes to cook.

These are our friends – Mary Beth and Kourtney.

They like to eat what my daughter cooks.

This past week, Mary Beth had daughter, Bethany, spend the day at her house – cooking – preparing a fabulous meal for eight adults and five kids.  Kids were relegated to a kid table in the playroom – sorry, guys.  Four adult couples sat around Mary Beth’s big table for Bethany’s masterpiece of stuffed flank steak and fixin’s!

Stuffed steaks just out of the oven . . .

Stuffed steaks being sliced by daughter . . .

Stuffed steaks arranged artistically on platter . . .

Stuffed flanked steaks flanked by complimentary sides . . . salad . . .

Sweet potatoes . . .

Asparagus . . .

Mashed potatoes (Mary Beth had a hand in spicing these up – WOW!

Really incredible gravy made with Mary Beth’s dad’s home-made red wine – also in elegant wine glasses in the background . . .

Kids are prayed over, served, and happy.  Adults thank the Lord and – dig in!!!

Miss Kathy is so sidetracked by daughter’s delish din-din – she forgets to capture any more of the event on film.  Sorry.  There were decorated cupcakes made earlier that afternoon by the kids for dessert.  Much laughter and the sweetness of joyful fellowship – with brothers and sisters in Christ – lasting the evening for all.

Oh!  The blessings and simple joys of good food and good friends in the Lord!!

Sharing this Simple Joy with Trish at Lily Rose Cottage

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  1. These are the best times!


  2. What a beautiful, talented daughter!

    She seems like a professional:)

  3. Wow your daughter is a chef!!! Everything looks so delicious 🙂

    Jocelyn @

  4. One would never ever be lonely around a table with friends and family,it all looks delish

  5. Two things jump to my mind reading this, Kathryn.
    1. Your daughter is beautiful, obviously inside as well as out. She has her mother’s striking eyes. I’m sure you’re told that all the time.

    And 2.
    When can she come down and cook for her old Aunt Debbie? I’ll set a pretty table… I promise.

  6. Not only is your daughter gorgeous– love that smile!– she can cook up a mean mess, now! Whoa! It’s breakfast time here, but that was making the tummy growl!

  7. Wow! She is one fantastic cook!
    It all looks so wonderful, Kathy.
    What a fabulous blessing for you all.
    Did she get her cooking talent as well as her good looks from you ? ;-D
    blessings to you..and thanks for sharing this for Simple Joys!

  8. That is just great…I think you have past down some passion…how much fun! I know all enjoyed and I know as a mother you enjoy watching your daughter’s passion…she is just precious, what a beautiful smile.

  9. Oh my goodness. I know whose house I’m coming to for dinner! Your daughter is a culinary master! I could almost smell the delicious aroma of that food all the way out here in Blog Land, California!

    And she is such a beautiful young woman. (Thanks for letting us know about the pointy ears…)

    YUM YUM – where’s my fork?1

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