Pink Fix-er-Upper!

What a deal!

I was at my favorite thrift shop in town the other day and saw this portly teapot – pretty in a pale pink with molded butterflies and flowers circling its body – right there on the shelf, the lid securely taped on with a killer price – $5.00!

Turning it over, I saw it was decidedly a deal – A Lenox Butterfly Meadow teapot!

Of course, I grabbed it right away – perfect for a Tuesday tea post or even better – Pink Saturday!

It wasn’t until I got home that disappointment flooded my heart as I peeled the tape from the lid to find – it was damaged!

Emeline was aghast!

Apparently, there had been a little butterfly attached that was all too easily broken off.  Hence, this lovely pot finding its way onto a thrift store shelf for a measly $5.00.

Not, to fear!  I can fix this!  I’m crafty!  I’ll just replace the butterfly!

So, what do you think?

Rhubarb thinks not.

Okay, okay . . . I can see that looks a little cheap.  Maybe I should go the floral route?

Any better?

Buzz is bemused.  Not quite the cup of tea, you say?

Ribbons!  That’s what it needs!  Perhaps a ribbon?

Cute, huh?

Nutkin says, “Nu-uh!”

Nut enough?  I can tulle it!

Emeline is NOT amused.

So, what?  Do you guys have a better idea??  Emeline gathers the gang for a quick brainstorm session.

Putting their heads together, they come up with a doozy of a plan . . .

What?  That’s all my ideas rolled into one!  It looks like a teapot wearing all the makings of a millinery masterpiece – all at the same time.

Well, at least they’re pleased – Emeline, Nutkin, Rhubarb, and Buzz.

After all, they’re the ones who have to share a display shelf with the teapot.  Might as well make everyone happy.  Although, now that you’ve gussied up your new teapot pal – she’s kinda hogging all the display attention – don’t-cha think?

Hmmmm . . . Emeline didn’t consider THAT!

Hm m m m m . . .  

Sharing our Pink Fix-er-Upper today on Pink Saturday at Beverly’s How Sweet the Sound.

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  1. Such a cute posting for Pink Saturday…. thanks.

  2. I love the finished product with all the things you put on it.

  3. Enjoyed your cute post and love the glamorous fix up!

  4. Totally enjoyed your fun presentation, and your teapot & company, are awesome. I have joined your followers list and invite you to join my followers list; as well,I hope you will grab a blog button. Hugs, Gayle

  5. Happy Pink Saturday!
    I love your teapot–it’s precious–and what a price–wow!!!!
    and I adore your header too!

  6. I didn’t know how much I really adored Nutkin until now! LOL

    Cute….. really CUTE!

  7. You did get a deal! And a basis for a cute post! LOVE the teapot…love all your friends and decorating options! Happy PS!

  8. Wow! Even with the missing Butterfly, that was some deal for Lenox! Glad you had the troops to help solve the problem 🙂

  9. Such gorgeous pink! Happy weekend!

    Shade of Pink at my page.

  10. You are such a great storyteller. . .and I think the teapot looks marvelous. . .better than ever! What a design team you have! Blessings and thanks for the smiles this day!

  11. Some late night Friday humor Miss Kathy! I’m still smiling. Love your post and feel like I know your “friends” now! LOL
    Lady Linda

  12. It’s still a great deal – imperfections are beautiful, too! I enjoyed your fun post and think the finished result looks great!! HPS!

  13. You are so funny,I love your posts and this one is no exception. Emeline is so cute and i’m sure she loves your new treasure and certainly won’t mind sharing her shelf. xx

  14. I agree with the last comment, a great deal even with a missing butterfly! The teapot can still hold lovely hot tea without it, but does look festive with all the frills the gang thought up. ( and a cute little gang too)

  15. I’d listen to Emeline….she’s so cute!

  16. The teapot is great…and all the visitors you have added around her…pink, well don’t see it much in this boy household, but all additions look great.

  17. LOL .. you did a fabulous job !
    Happy PS

  18. Hahaha! Cute post!

  19. I’m quite delighted so see your friends involved in the creative process here! And the outcome is cute… it would make a great ‘fascinator’ oo … all the rage at the large Royal wedding in April.

    Thanks for the pop over to my place. I’ll be watching for the post on Mr. Appleseed now. I too often get ideas when I’m leaving comments. (I think it’s because there’s no pressure… it just bubbles up… maybe for writers, they should use ‘leave comments on other blogs’ as a writers’ block remover exercise! LOL)

    Enjoy your day……. oh… I see you already are!

  20. Alice would approve! And oh my, I love the bunnies!

  21. I’m so happy to have run across your beautiful blog and someone who likes scripture too! I will be a regular follower! Love what you did with the tea pot! So unique.

    P.S. I found you thru Pink Saturday

  22. How entertaining Little Teapot’s shelf friends are! Lovely post for Pink Saturday – and lovely teapot with the additional masterpiece.

  23. How adorable. This was just delightful. Kathy, you peak my imagination like no other person I know!

    The *think tank* did a good job on this one. I love the finished product! That is a teapot that is greater than the sum of its parts! 🙂

    Tell Emeline not to worry – I don’t think anything can upstage her precious little self. Oh, and I told Nutkin what a great job they did – He said, “It was nuttin’…”


  24. Well first, I love the final collaboration. I would say that you all work together as a team. It was pretty… now it’s enchanting. I would call the missing butterfly serendipity!

    And second, you just made me smile all the way through narrating the reactions of Emeline, Nutkin, Rhubarb, and Buzz. This is why I like this blog so much. You couldn’t have just showed the pretty teapot. You took us on a journey instead.

    You make me happy when I visit.

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