A Rose by No Other Jane . . .

I do love my husband!

He likes to call himself a workhorse.  He seems to thrive on physical activity – working hard and taking from his work a sense of well being.  Though it is heavy work at times, he does enjoy putting our yard in order.  He will be apt to digging what-nots up and replanting them on a whim.  I leave him to it – a simple joy.

And, a blessing!

While he’s getting all dirty in the mud of the garden, I am happily writing – muddying my mind with words in the hopes of bringing forth creative roses.

Imagine my delight when, just yesterday, after his weekly ritual in the yard and the cutting back of all our roses, he plopped a water jug before me in my writer’s reverie – sporting the very last rose from the front bush.

A long stemmed beauty – blooming to perfection!  He thought to bless me – and with the blessing came the inspiration for this week’s tea post!

The water jug – decidedly unsuitable for such a lovely rose – needed to be traded in on a bud vase.  Believe it or not – I don’t own a bud vase.  Strange but true.  Teacups, teapots, large vases, bowls, and candlesticks galore – but not a single bud vase to be had!

Note to Self:  Get bud vase on next thrift store adventure!

So, I think – what else is a teacup good for – FLORAL DISPLAYS!  And I knew just the one!

Love it?  I found it thrifting one day and chose it for it’s pumpkin color knowing it would be a nice feature for a harvest season tea post.  The deep salmon pink shade of the rose would be a nice compliment to the cinnamon-pumpkin orange shade of the teacup!

I set up a couple of shots and . . . Ooops!

Copperfield!  What are you doing in the middle of my business – again!

They say “Curiosity killed the cat.”  Don’t you believe it!  In my cat’s case – it tends to endear him to me.  Too cute!  Okay, Copper – you can be in the picture . . .

I don’t know the marking here.  Any ideas out there?

Clipping the rose down to its bloom and a couple of leaves as fillers, I displayed my teatime rose in a teacup of water.  Perfect!

Now – to place it back where I’ve had it displayed this season – on the bookshelf with Jane.

Do stay tuned for an upcoming Jane Austen Tea Post that I’m planning.  I perform a one hour Jane Austen Tea for ladies’ groups that I want to pull some material from – and am considering the images to go with it.  Looking forward to it – hope you will be too!  But, for now . . . it’s just a rose by no other Jane, than Jane Austen.

And, don’t you love that quote of her’s on the ceramic coaster!

Oh!  I almost forgot!  Something to enjoy with my cinnamon-pumpkin colored teacup that will compliment a nice cup of tea today?

My gluten free Pumpkin Oat Bread – with pumpkin butter garnished in raisins!  Yum!

Happy Tea Day!

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  1. My dear Kathryn, your tea is a delight as always! I so admire your way with words which you share with us in every post. The rose is lovely and has found a cute spot in that pumpkin-coloured teacup.
    Copper is a welcome sight too. I just found myself a little bud vase at a thrift store. Actually I found two! Never did I have me one before either. Thank you for joining me for tea today and your lovely comment is so very much appreciated. Enjoy the rest of this day.


  2. Copperfield has a cousin here with Tinker who investigates everything. Today he wrinkled his nose & sneezed after sniffing my Vanilla White Tea that I tried. Your rose was so beautiful! I, too, am TRYING to reduce the sugars, but…Your bread looks delicious…and healthy as well! I actually skipped a tea treat today!

  3. Kathryn, your tea looks wonderful! And the Pumpkin Oat bread looks so delicious and inviting. I sure hope you share the recipe 😉

    Jocelyn @

  4. Oh, I love everything about this post! That is a perfect rose – my favorite color. Copper is a doll and I love how he got in the picture! I look forward to the Jane Austin Tea Post!
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. What a delightful tea. What a cute kitten. Can’t wait to see your Jane Austen tea.

  6. I love the line, “Muddying my mind with words in the hopes of bringing forth creative roses.” Good analogy: messy, mud under the fingernails, pruning, trimming back, planting – perfect picture of the process. Nice post, thanks! And Copper is great. I write with our cat on my lap more than I would prefer…or he’s at least at my feet just like a puppy dog.

  7. You always have such interesting posts. I love the color of your cup and I am very excited about the Jane Austen tea. She is a favorite of mine. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  8. Hello Kathryn
    I like this teacup, very autumnal colour and pumpkin oat bread to have with the tea is a nice treat.
    I didn’t realize cats were as interested in our teas as my dog. Although not the tea, I always have to photograph the sweets quickly before he steals one.
    Your Jane Austen teas sound like fun.

  9. Oh, my! The kitty, the cup, the yummy, the good hubby. Blessings all around.

    Sorry, but I just can’t get into novels…

  10. Note to self heh? You just crack me up Missy. I agree with your reader, you way with words is exceptional. I so admire you writers! My youngest Miss Gina is a writer who is teaching once again…oh, thank you Lord! I keep telling her I need to take her class. Even with my college degree, I was never taught to write as she teaches her students!
    Your tea cup would be happy living in my house-it’s the perfect color.
    You are blessed with a special hubby.
    Happy Autumn dear one.
    Lady Linda

  11. PS….I forgot to tell you, I love to read your blog when I feel like a Pooh Bear (grumpy). You always cheer me up.
    Lady Linda

  12. I think it’s so sweet that your gardener-hubby brought that beautiful “last rose of summer” to you while you were busy writing! It’s lovely, orangey color does look like fall and it’s pretty displayed in this unusual teacup. Copperfield looks like he’s having a taste of your tea in that one picture! Cute! Mmmmm,pumpkin bread is so good with tea!

  13. Hi kathy,
    oh what a cutepost. I love the curious Copperfield. The photo is too cute. He loves the scent of roses, right? A real gentlecat. And it was so nice of your husband to cheer you up with this rose. You displayed it wonderful.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  14. I have been so busy with my fruit trees that I haven’t been visiting many blogs lately. (And I haven’t been to the tea corner either.) I have missed you, my friend.

    Your rose is lovely! What a thoughtful husband you have. And isn’t it delightful to still find a rose or two on the bush in late October. We clipped a couple last week…and there is still one on the bush!!

    Ooh, the Jane Austen tea sounds lovely…can’t wait for that.

    Oh, the pumpkin oat bread looks delish! I’d enjoy a slice right now with the Earl Grey tea that is at my side.


  15. I love the shade of the tea-cup. One of my favorite colours. Cats are so funny. I always think of the saying “Lets go see what nosy knows” when a cat is roaming around getting into things. He’s so adorable. Hugs, Deb

  16. Dearest Kathryn,

    I’m truly enraptured by your way with wording in each and every post! ~ What a wondrous gift you have!

    Your thoughtful husband inspired a delightful tea post to say the least by so generously gifting you with one the last Roses of Summer It’s truly exquisite!..,

    What a fabulous tea cup for your autumnal tea tableaux, vignette and Copperfield just adds that touch of charm and whimsy.., Too cute!

    I adore anything that has to do Jane Austen also, looking forward to the afternoon tea in her honor.

    Thanks so much for joining us for Tea.~ We always love having you partake dear lady!

    Hugs, Wanda Lee

  17. What a sweetheart to bring you such a lovely token of affection. . .I do hope you didn’t lavish so much affection on the gift that you forgot to properly adore the giver! (I know better, just teasing!) Love, love your beautiful pumpkin mug and fall decor. . .made complete with Sir Copperfield. . his pink nose, the pink edging on the handle of the cup and then the orange. . .so beautiful! Thanks for the blessing. Thanks to for your kind and encouraging words and I am in agreement: our love for the creatures dates back to the garden and the creation mandate. . .our sin has just added a few unpleasant wrinkles (okay, more than a few!) But the Lord, through Jesus Christ, is making all things new! Thanks again, sweet Kathy! {Hugs!}

  18. Hi Kathy, such a lovely post. So inspiring and wonderful pictures. The rose is beautiful and your hubby is a keeper for sure.

    Hope you are having a blessed day.

    Barb ♥

  19. That is just great…what a precious husband…love the tea cup.

    You are definitely a woman of many talents..so you had a store before(you stated something about a craft store on my comments)…oh my, that is why you have so many things to write about, you have already lived an eventful life.

  20. Enjoyable post. The rose is such a fabulous red and such a beautiful bloom!

    I too am looking forward to the Jane Austen tea. During the past month I’ve read first, Persuasion, then Emma, Northanger Abbey, and finally Mansfield Park which I read online. I then proceeded to rent and view the movies in as many different versions as available from Blockbuster. After that I will read (re-read) the other two novels.

  21. You do find some neat stuff while on the hunt! Such a pretty rose…how sweet of hubby!!!!

  22. Miss Kathy, I looked at your photo of your little sewing machine and that’s amazing. We just must be Kindred Spirits..heh? The price was $45 but he had it marked down to $37.50! I have never seen one like it for such a good price. A gift indeed!
    Lady Linda

  23. A Jane Austen tea post?? I can’t wait. We just happen to have a houseful of Jane lovers here.

    My daughter calls boys “Wickams” if they prove to be cads of that caliber.

    As to your beautiful rose given to you by Mr. Darcy, I dare say that I love it even more in the teacup than I would in a bud vase.

  24. Hi There

    I’m with everyone else you write beautifully and always make me feel better. I’m doing gluten free now too – would you mind sharing the recipe?


  25. Hi Kathryn,
    Your photos are just precious. I would LOVE to meet you one day, and I’m w/ everyone else on the Pumpkin Oat Bread – Would LOVE that recipe! 🙂 Anywho, got your comment and was wondering what you meant? Sorry to sound so foolish 😉 Thanks so much for the compliment!:)

  26. What a beautiful rose! Now I have that song, “Last Rose of Summer” lilting about my head!

    I am gluten and dairy free as well-I have been for a couple of years now so that looks delicious!

  27. Kathy this is a wonderful post!
    From the beautiful love token from your beloved hubby to the news that you’re about to do a Jane Austen tea post – just lovely!!
    Your rose is such a pretty colour and looks superb in your autumnal cup.
    Pumpkin butter sounds scrumptious!!
    I love how even Copperfield is colour co-ordinated today lol!
    Thanks for linking this delightful post to LACE, my friend.
    love in Jesus..Trish

  28. We so enjoyed your posting… and the sighting of Copperfield…we love kitty cats!

    The last rose of the season… thanks so much for sharing it so beautifully with us.

    WIshing you more wonderful glimpses of beauty in unexpected places…….

  29. Quite a wonderful guy. We’ve got to love our good ones.

    I sent you an e-mail a few days ago. I hope to hear from you soon.

  30. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back! Stop by for a look at the roses I create if you would like. HPS!

  31. Kathy..your husband sounds like a gem, but you are too so like 2 peas in a pod! The flower was a nice treat for you I am sure as you enjoy your last efforts from your summer garden!! THe cup and flower is great. I often do the same thing w/ flowers here. I enjoy both beauties! Sorry for the late visit this week. I have to say that GF pumpkin dessert looks heavenly! Blessings to you!

  32. Hi Kathy~
    Another wonderful post – you and your husband are both using your gifts!! I hope that you share your gluten free recipe. I want to do more and more of that and it looks yummy!
    Copper makes a very good addition to your wonderful pictures.
    How do you find the time to do all of these wonderful posts?
    hugs and blessings to you!!

  33. Hi Kathy,
    I love your post….the combination of a loving husband and a curious cat, both having you on their minds……I find delightful.
    Your rose is beautiful and Copperfield is a most handsome cat…
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

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