Tea Break and Typewriter

What a week!

Time for the much anticipated virtual tea breaks on Tuesdays with all and sundry.  So glad to be here!  Some delay in arriving, though.

My Outlook crashed!!!   

After 2.5 hours in a live chat the other night with a technician, he succeeded in losing the ability to load my longtime email address back on Outlook after deleting everything to start from scratch.  Something about port numbers.  He completely reconfigured everything else with new passwords and such, that in the end, I was totally confused.  It appeared my Gmail was working – until I logged on for the first time this morning.  Nope – it won’t load.  It also had messed up my ability to log onto Blogger.  Praise God I was able to figure that out or I might not be here at all!

Command Decision:  

Delete Outlook for good!  
Retrieve mail via Gmail and Hotmail and be done with it!

Of course – this means I lose all my contacts!!!

Can I cry now?  

I don’t want to think about the headache in researching every email address of people and organizations I’ve been in contact with over the years and having to build that all again – while trying to navigate two different mail systems!

I need a TEA BREAK!!!

So . . . I have set up the third of the three lovely teacup finds from my recent Lancaster County trip.  This is a lovely Royal Sealy China Lustreware piece that caught my eye.

I’m displaying it with my antique Smith Brothers typewriter, circa 1920’s.  Those were the days, eh?  No Outlook to trouble you then!  Not the speed of light, but, of course, slower days make for reflective ways – which I could really use in my life just now.

Added to my teacup display is the last of my lavender, harvested this weekend when Ed ripped out what was left of our disappointing wildflower garden.

I tried my best to get some close-up floral shots for various posts this summer that seemed to please, but on the whole, it was a disaster – a poorly chosen seed bag company that packed its mix with far to much stalky green filler, and virtually little to no flower or color variety.  The lavender was planted in the summer when I thought to fill an empty spot that had sprouted only weeds.  It did splendid and I hope to do more next year.  Ed, it would seem, is now inspired and planning quite a purposeful garden repose for spring.  We shall see.

But, now, back to tea.

I love the scroll like shape of the gold handle, don’t you?

And, I thought displaying it against this burgundy mat would compliment the faint sparks of burgundy in the lustre – in addition to the blues.

Gold trimmed and a generous size welcome a soothing cuppa!

And, though my 1920’s typewriter has produced its last letter – or perhaps once, a novel – some many years ago, I can dream of the days when it was in its prime.  Perhaps it kept company with a teacup like mine!

I wonder . . .

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NOTE:  I have featured some fun dramatic postcard photographs of the actress, Gladys Cooper – a staple of postcard icons in the early 20th century.  You might remember her in her latter years playing Mrs. Higgins in My Fair Lady.  She was a beauty – I just love the vintage appeal of the thousands of shots available for viewing from the website:  Gladys Cooper on Postcards.  Stop by and lose yourself in the romance of this photographic/greeting card era!

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  1. First, in case you wouldn’t see it on the previous post, I wanted to tell you how much I love that one. The quote from Corrie Ten Boom hit the spot for me today.

    And second…
    I really love your tea cup posts. I have the feeling that you and I would have so much fun in person and linger over things like a beautiful tea setting.

    This week’s sampling is just beautiful!

    I’m sorry about your computer issues. I have had some of my own recently, in fact. I’ve also had to change all my contacts over to a new account, and it was a pain.

    Don’t loose contact with me, I hope!

  2. Love your new teacup. Gorgeous. Tea and a typewriter … go together! Yes, they do! Sit back, relax and chill! 😀 😀 😀 Happy Tea Day!

  3. Sorry you had a distressing time with technology. I find it to be like men, can’t live with them, can’t live without. Your teacup is really lovely, and that typewriter is tempting too. I’m thinking of picking up a second hand typewriter just for my scrapbooking.

  4. Hello
    oh my, that is stressy when computers don’t work. At least you have real tea cups and can relax with a nice cup of tea. Thank you for sharing the nice pictures and the story.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  5. A hilarious take on a traumatic experience. Love the old photos – made me laugh to think of those gals (circa 1920?) talking about outlook and gmail and blogger. Ah, times have changed, but a cup of tea still solves a lot!

  6. Ah, email…can’t live with it, can’t live without it. I know…I’ve had ALOT of address book problems in recent years. A major computer crash awhile back caused me to lose everything, and I was never able to fully reconstruct it. Some people will never hear from me since I no longer have their addresses; of course,they could write to me, and I would then have their address, right?

    Your teacup is totally beautiful!! What a way to beautify tea time…even though tea time is beautiful no matter what cup one is using.

    About typewriters, I was just thinking about old-fashioned typewriters today. I was watching a 40’s movie (my main love!), and the setting was 1942. The reporter was typing on one of those old-fashioned kind of typewriters. Today’s generation might not even know what it is…my generation used the kind with the little ball, but I remember loving having the chance to use my grandparents’ old-fashioned one when I was a kid.

    By the way, through your blog, I discovered the Edwardian/Victorian Tea corner, so I joined that lovely group. I sent you a friend request.


  7. I am so sorry about your computer issues! Wow! I hope that somehow it all comes out well eventually (hopefully soon), and that you have everything you need to blog and do what ever else one does on these things : )
    On the bright side, your new Royal Sealy lusterware tea cup is fabulous! Truly! I love lusterware, and I love the color of blue that it is. What a great cup to have! Yay for you!

  8. I am so sorry to hear of your computer problems and being on the line with a tech and still not able to solve the problem. A major headache that can only be solved with a good and hot cup of tea. That lusterware teacup is a beauty, too!
    I remember those old typewriters all too well from back in the day. Hope all is going well for you now and can’t wait to see what Ed has planned for your garden in the spring!


  9. I love your pretty teacup, Kathyrn. It really is lovely! I enjoyed seeing the typewriter too. Right now I’m having issues leaving comments on blogs. I hope I can on yours. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day.


  10. Hi Kathy, I want to thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words on my art/craft videos. :o)

    I am enjoying my visit here with you, all these beautiful images and I love the teacups. We live in Charleston, SC and in downtown Charleston they have tours of the old homes and I just love visiting them and imagining what life was like back in that time during the war and what their life was like. Their life seemed much simpler.

    I am going to subscribe to you.

    Have a great day.

  11. Kathy, sorry about your computer trouble…computers are such a mixed blessing. I hardly know a thing about them, and it’s a miracle that I have a blog. I liked your complimentary photos very much (pretty girls in such pretty dresses).

    Your tea cup/saucer is most elegant. It certainly looks perfectly matched against the burgundy. Yes, I agree, the handle is beautifully designed.

    Enjoy the day, and may you have better computer days ahead,


  12. Things have been so busy around here — just now trying to get caught up on some of my blog reading….I love your teacup and your old fashioned typewriter!
    BTW – yes I did just follow you on Pinterest!

  13. Computer headaches… oh, boy they hurt!
    Glad you took a tea break and with such a fine cup.

    Hope the email problems get resolved, soon.

  14. Dearest Kathryn,

    Oh my!.., What a tale of techno-frustration!.., So sorry to hear of your troubles, yet you have and will prevail! Humor almost always adds sardonic fun and even a mirthfully, hilarious ‘sweetness’ to almost any ‘sour’ and frustrating situations in life!

    ..,( And those computer-techno woes; well sufficed to say my hubby is a data base,interface, wed site developer, as well as afine artist)..,”Say no more”!.., Wink!

    Your teacup is simply exquisite; the colors and handle, very lovely to behold!

    Thanks so much for your kind words and congrats..,

    Many thanks also for your partaking with my 104th, Tuesday Tea For Two, and also TTTT blog posts, for joining me once again. I always so enjoy having you partake!

    Hugs, Wanda Lee

    P.S. ~ Not sure if this went through as I got distracted and called away..,This is a duplicate if you get two comments that are identical, unintentionally.

  15. Computer trouble can be so frustrating. Bless your heart! Your reaction in your post made me giggle. 😀 I love the postcards, and the teacup. I hope the rest of your week goes better!

  16. I love this funny post w/ the cards…those ladies are perfect in their expressions. Sorry about the techo-headache! I am sure your spirits are uplifted w/ your amazing cups you show here!! I enjoyed my visit once again, have a super week.

  17. I love computers – until they don’t work properly! I’ve lost my internet service 4 times in the past month (not the fault of my computer but the provider!) Urggg…but yes, a lovely cup of tea does calm the nerves! I love your tea cup and vintage typewriter! Hugs, Cindy

  18. Definitely worthy of a good cry! Your teacup is a treasure thought. Surely the rest of your week will be joyful after you get the cry out of the way. I hope God sends you a special blessing.


  19. Oh, how I hate computer problems. I always feel so helpless. And insulted…I don’t like being wrestled to the mat by a machine!

    I love your tea parties. You take the most wonderful photos – each one is a delicious little vignette in itself. And this teacup was an especially beautiful one – I love the iridescent glow – reminded me of the inside of an abalone shell.

    I’m tipping my pinkie for a spot of tea with you, my dear.

    Let’s just sit a spell and take a breather from life…


  20. Oh dear Miss Kathy! I can feel your pain…my hard drive just went kerplunky. Am out of sorts until I get it back which won’t be until next week probably. This to let you know I am using my laptop which does not have my outlook on it…but I need to email you about Ren Faire. I will get back to you sooooooooooon! 🙂 Hey, nice teacup by the way!

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