In the Pink for the Holidays!

Taking just a PINK moment here to visit with everyone decking the halls for Christmas celebrations and then-some!  The bins were broken out on Black Friday – while everyone else was stressing out in the stores.  Bins brimming with my Christmas season decor!  How does it happen that there are more and more of them each year?  My four harvest decor bins are tucked neatly away til next September – and, there are yet two Christmas bins to unpack – my dining room fixtures of Santas and the Nativity tableaux.

To be sure, I shall have much to share in holiday posts as the month of December strolls along with merry wishes for all!  To begin with – here’s a peak at some of my living room holiday pinks!

One of my favorite of my Santa collection –

Such sweet shades of rose pinks, silver, teal, and white – our Santa here is of the Victorian genre, holding a sweet pink bonneted china doll for some lucky little girl on Christmas morn!

Santa’s sure to stop in my own village creation – gathered from yard sales, thrift shops, and varied store brands – each village piece selected to suit my idealized Main Street in a Thomas Kinkadesque Victorian downtown city setting.  I call it Pageant Wagon Village – and have even changed the original names of some of the shops with a little paper, printer, and glue-stick.  Examples of which to be in forthcoming posts.

But, for today – enjoy the street carolers gathered at the entrance of the covered footbridge – singing your favorite Christmas traditional tunes in the midst of a bustling city-scape.

Officer O’Donnell greets Mrs. Pumphries as she checks her list once again in the quest to bless everyone in her family with just the right gift.

She is, however, stumped, as to what precious token to give to her dearest friend, the good Mrs. Beadle.  But, I suppose we could just call them Madge and Beryl.  Such close confidants since childhood – only the most beautiful of treasures will do.  Stay tuned for further updates on this score!

Oh – and here’s my coffee table centerpiece of beaded fruit in that Victorian pink shade again.

Apples, pears, and pomegranates resting casually on a bed of burgundy grape clusters.  To be eaten by the eyes only!

Now, for my last word on Thanksgiving:  I had to write a letter to the editor of our newspaper this week.  Usually don’t – but just couldn’t let this one slide by.  You see, a reader-submitted letter was published earlier this week on the opinion page condemning the day, pointing out the true nature of Thanksgiving as being  wrapped up in an incident of horrific proportions that happened in Connecticut in 1637 – not Massachusetts in 1621 – let alone Jamestown, Virginia in 1620!  This particular episode the writer was pointing out had nothing to do with pilgrims – but of white slave traders.   I was – justifiably – outraged.  Took to my computer, and emailed a rebuttal.  Of course, the newspaper titled it abominably – get this:  “Giving thanks for men who help others”.  What?  That was not the point of what I wrote.  You read it HERE – and then decide!

Meanwhile – I hope you enjoyed a blessed Thanksgiving, and take the time this coming Christmas festivities month to continue to meditate with a thankful heart on the Reason for the Season – Jesus Christ.

Sharing this Pink Holiday Post with Beverly’s Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

P.S.  Did you miss my five part Thanksgiving Story Series?  Bookmark me and make some time to check it out!  Great lesson starters for home schoolers!

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  1. Thank you for sharing His + story and setting the record straight.

    Love your deco too. I’ll be hanging a wreath, but that’s all. We’ll be traveling a lot next month, so I’m not fussing with it. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I love Christmas, but not quite ready to ‘go there’ yet. Still enjoying the autumn. Love your carolers. Those were the days.

    Have a happy Pink Saturday,

  3. Your Christmas decorations are lovely, I love the village 🙂
    I hopr your Christmas time is filled with love and joy, we also celebrate His birth! What a gift that was to us even more than 2000 years later.

  4. Just gorgeous!

    Pink Accessories, have a fun Saturday!

  5. Beautiful Christmas decorations, Kathy! I look forward to seeing more in the coming weeks! Going now to the link you provided to the newspaper editorial.
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  6. I was traveling Pink Saturday links by 3’s (based on the last digit of my link, #43) and was over on Jenny’s Heart. I saw your name, and had to see who ‘this’ Kathryn Ross is. I’m sure you get that at least now and then?
    What a wonderful header photo. Very creative!
    I wrote a story about a santa like yours – that style. It was for a friend of mine who collects them. I’m wondering if I had posted it on my old blog (no longer existing). I’ll have to check and see.
    I read the articles you linked to – lots of history is so distorted. Part of that blind the world plot of that old deceiver himself. Standing up is something we need to do. (You go girl!)
    Thanks, Jenn

  7. Love your village and pink glittery fruit, and will read your letter to the editor now, it sounds like it needed to be written to balance the odd earlier one. Good for you girl.

  8. Really like your village! How fun.

    I’m going to read your rebuttal…I totally understand your frustration with this kind of thing lately. People are trying to change our history, from all angles! You go, Miss Kathy!

    Hope you had a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

  9. Bravo, Kathy!! Lord bless you for setting the record straight and defending His Holy name!! Blessings and hugs!! (Love your Christmas decor, too!)

  10. Love the pink! And I’m glad you wrote your letter to the editor. Too many people believe the narratives they hear being thrown around by media folks and others without checking the facts. I think most of us Americans would benefit from a refresher course in American history!

  11. Hi Kathy,

    I read your rebuttal, and let me say I could not agree more with you! Those who choose not to believe in anything (other than themselves, it seems) also cannot bear for the rest of us to believe in anything good, either. I applaud your actions in writing to the newspaper editor. I also read the series you wrote about the first Thanksgiving, and very much enjoyed it. 🙂

    We and all of our family had a very thankful and blessed Thanksgiving day. Thanks for sharing with us.



  12. Good for you! I always re check my facts before I trust what I read! So many inconsistencies everywhere today!
    Love the holiday treasures!
    HPS and have a great weekend!

  13. I love the pink and silver santa,he’s beautiful. I chuckled when I saw Officer O’Donnell,I’m sure no relation to us,(that’s our surname) LOL xx

  14. Dear Kathy,
    I absolutely love your Christmas decorations! Thank you so much for your recent comments on my blog. I am going to check out your five part series on the Thanksgiving story. I love visiting here, such a beautiful site! Blessings on your day.

  15. Hi Kathy, just stopping by again to tell you thanks for the lovely comment about my vintage Christmas cards post. You’re so lucky to have all of your Grandmother’s cards! I wish I had some of ours’ from my childhood, but unfortunately, my Mom wasn’t one to “keep” things! Have a good Sunday.
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. OK, first of all, that is one of the most PC-twisted re-titlings I have ever read! Grrr. Your letter was well-spoken, and had everything to do with focusing on God. I’m actually surprised a newspaper printed it. Don’t they remember that it’s not “fashionable” to worship our Creator?? Good for you for standing up against the flow – even if they still tried to re-direct your stream of thought.

    Now that that’s off my chest, on to happier things – like my visit to Pageant Wagon Village! Oh, what fun. Can’t wait to see all the future installments featuring the clever whimsies of my favorite Victorian girl!


  17. Hi Kathy

    Just popping by to see what you’ve been up to. I’m going slow mo right now – turkey day really wore me out:(

    Glad to hear that you’re on a roll and getting it all done.

    Enjoy the season!


  18. Well, I’m all caught up in Kathryn Land at last, and what a way to end my reading, with this wonderful pink Christmas inspiration. I love that you literally renamed your village. Only you…

  19. And I need to say just one more time that I loved the Thanksgiving stories. You are such a blessing.

  20. Hello Kathryn,
    this is so lovely – I have been in the midst of decorating, bin after bin…hopefully will be done soon. It is lovely to revisit these old friends and to make new ones. Your Santa is marvelous! I hope you’re having a blessed day,

  21. Happy Pink Saturday, Kathy. Ooh, I love that beaded fruit.

    Good for you writing the editor. I’ve only done it once, too, but I just had to have my say.

  22. Well written letter to the editor and, yes, I think whoever titled it missed the mark completely! Typical.

    This is my first visit to your site and it is lovely to be here. I saw your comment on Beverly’s P&P post and I had to come visit a fellow Austen aficionado! As I read through your posts I felt as if I had found a compatriot! And…I love your little village scene for Christmas. I have a Dickens Village but haven’t put it up since we downsized into our current home. Maybe it’s time to get a few pieces out and make a mini-village this year!

    Happy Decorating!

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