Christmas Day Teatime Surprise!

Well, for the past two months, my Ed has been home nursing a herniated disk and the painful sciatica that is its companion.  He hasn’t been allowed to go to work and since the sciatica is down his right leg – no driving.  I was resigned to postpone a gift from him until he was more mobile on his own.  He hopes to get the “all clear” in the new year.

However, little did I know that he sneaked out this past week – just a couple of days before Christmas – and prepared a Christmas surprise for me!

I came home on Wednesday with a thrift store tea cup wall cabinet which would finally house my select cups for display.  In my travels I had visited my favorite new stop – Across the Pond – tea shop and all things British.

Of course – I was looking for the just right gift (think Beryl and Madge on a quest HERE) for he Beryl and Madges in my own life . . .

Of course – I continued to be tempted by a number of teacup delicacies I would love to add to my collection.  Namely, a footed Sealy lusterware rose cup and a Blue Danube with the most amazing handle, that matches a dinner plate in my collection.  But, exercising self control – I left them and concentrated on the gifts instead.

Of course – I mentioned this to Ed in passing.

Then, on Saturday afternoon, Ed and I were picking up all the last minute stuff for the little Christmas Eve party at our home my daughter was hosting for all her twenty-something friends.  I remembered the box of English Tom Smith novelty crackers at Across the Pond and we stopped there to pick them up.  I thought that since all the shopping was done, I might pick up at least the Blue Danube cup to feature in my January blue and white settings on the tea cabinet.

But, alas . . . it was gone.  Karan, the shop owner, said that business had been good that week and she packaged up a number of teacups as gifts. 

Absent also – was the footed rose cup.  Oh, well – next time I should pick it up when I see it!

So, since he obviously hadn’t been out and about, Ed let me pick out a cup so I would have something to open.  There was another little thing I’d been keeping an eye on –

This sweet little green and white Aynsley – it would look very festive displayed next to a thrift store steal I’d recently acquired in gold, red, and white – made in Germany – only $8.00!

Once home, all was finally ready.  We were going to exchange our family gifts prior to all the company that night since Sunday Christmas would be spent in church and with family beginning very early.

Daughter, Bethany started us off with a lovely gift box and stunner of a cup and pot duo from Victorian Trading Company – with roses and lilacs!

She packaged it so sweetly with a tiny framed photo of she and me . . . and even tinier bottles in which she tucked more photos – including my son and grand-baby.

There were also tiny bottles with little quotes she tucked inside.  They are yet to be pulled out and read, though – a bit of a challenge once she got them in there.  Tweezers, I think, may be in my future here.

Continuing on, when it was my turn again, I opened my green and white sweet cup with oooo’s and ahhhh’s . . .

Then – Ed placed a wrapped box in my hands.  Where did this come from?  He shrugged.

When I opened it – I just about fainted!

Yep!  The Blue Danube cup that had been sold!  Sold to ED!

But, wait folks – there’s more!

Another box was suddenly placed on my lap.  Do my eyes deceive me???

My footed rose cup?????  How on earth . . .

A look of conquest blazed across my husband’s face.  He was so proud of his hole in one!  His out of the park home run!  Sneaky guy – driving anyway when I was at work – operation Christmas shopping – destination tea shop!  He was King of the Hill and there was no stopping him now!

More tea goodies from the shop – tea bags . . . tea (my favorite “Almond Cookies” green tea) PLUS the continuing Lucy episodes on DVD that we enjoy so much together.

I couldn’t wait to fill my new tea cabinet with all these beauties and share my story with you all!  I’ve teased you with a simple shot of the cups – will expand on them when I give them their own stories in 2012!

I thank God for daughter and husband who know me so well and took the time to plan such a delightful Christmas surprise for me!  May you all, too, be so blessed . . .

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  1. How special! Lovely teacups, scrumptious wall cabinet for your teacups and a keeper of a husband and daughter! A very special Christmas of love for you! I am so glad!

  2. What a sweet guy — and a beautiful collection of tea cups! Glad you had a Merry Christmas!

  3. What a delightful story! I enjoyed every word! What a terrific family you have.

    My mother collected tea cups and I now have most of them. Unfortunately in my current home I do not have a place to display them, so perhaps that added to my enjoyment of your story.

    Thanks for the fun read today.


  4. Dear Kathy,
    What gorgeous teacups! It sounds like you had a splendid Christmas with a very loving family. Thank you for sharing your delights with us.

    Christmas blessings,

  5. Those are stunning! Makes me want to come and shop at your special store…so many beauties!

    Your husband did good! 🙂


  6. A wonderful Christmas Surprise story! Yay for you! All three cups are gorgeous, and I am thrilled for you to have them gifted to you by those who love you! The new shelf looks fabulous all decked out with new tea cups and tea pot!
    Merry Christmas!

  7. Wow! What a wonderful surprise! Kathy, I love that tea cabinet! Now I want one! All of your new cups are beautiful. Happy New Year!

  8. Hello Kathy~ Oh, how sweet!!! There is a quote that goes something like, “It is not so much the gift but the loving thought behind it that means so much.” (or this one~ A wise lover values not so much the gift of the lover as the love of the giver. ~Thomas á Kempis)
    Your gifts are wonderful and will be so enjoyable to use for years to come. But far more exquisite is the tenderness and desire to please you that the gifts were given with!! Blessed lady! The hubby is a keeper and your sweet girl must take after YOU!
    HAPPY 2012 🙂

  9. Hi Kathryn,
    Oh what a wonderful Christmas surprise with the love of your dear daughter and husband. I love your gifts and the thought that went into each. Love the tiny bottles with notes and pics. Your tea cabinet is beautiful.

    Wishing you a wonderful new year with many blessings for you and your dear family.
    Thank you for your friendship, your are an inspiration.

    Happy New Year~XOXO Celestina Marie

  10. What an exciting Christmas you had! Your husband was sweet to sneak away and get you those wonderful gifts…very thoughtful! Your new teacup shelf looks lovely and I look forward to hearing your future stories.


    I’m having a teacup GIVE-AWAY this month!

  11. What a lovely family you have Kathy,so thoughtful. Your hubby must be on the mend. It is an awfully painful condition,I know as I have the same.

    The teacups are gorgeous,and look so nice the way you have them displayed.

    Thank you for visiting and leaving your nice commets. I got the squared crackers for $3 a box from our cheap as chips shop. Bargain.

    Happy New Year to you and your family xx jeanetteann

  12. How beautiful…what wonderful treasures…and so are your family members…what a treasure of a husband.

    Happy New Year…and enjoy your tea

  13. *tears* Enjoyed every word. Syllable. Merry CHRISTmas and a very happy new year to you!

  14. What wonderful Christmas surprises! Your tea cabinet looks so lovely all decked out in tea cups
    and tea pots. Love the shop! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  15. The teacups and saucers are just lovely! What a nice gift from your hubby…they do know us don’t they? ;-D


  16. wonderful…Christmas is a time of wonder. :-)xo

  17. Oh how wonderful for you! Love it! They are gorgeous! The best part is the joy it brought to your husband to bring you joy!
    I hope you have a Delightsome New Year,

  18. Kathy your husband sounds like a “keeper” to me lol!
    What a lovely blessing for you to receive those two gorgeous cups!
    Looking forward to the tea posts about them.
    I love your daughter’s gifts too – especially the photos displayed so creatively 🙂
    Thanks for linking to LACE, my friend.
    Happy New year to you and yours!!
    many blessings in Christ…Trish

  19. OMG Kathy ..What a lovely story… Love your tea cabinet ..Lucky Girl..You must have deserved all the teatime treasures…Noe , Sweet Lady ENJOY…Hugs

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