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Somewhere between putting about three hundred kids on stage over two elementary school campuses this December – I lost a week.  All my grand posting ideas of Christmas faire and flair twinkling about my domain fell victim to the almighty urgent of work schedules and the noisy din of staging students in holiday glory for scrapbook memory making.

Just found out yesterday that the Christmas countdown is in single digits!

So – here’s quickie “poetic” little Christmas house tour for all my friends in Blogworld – beginning with – CHILDHOOD!

That’s me on the right – in an impromptu Nativity tableau with two childhood friends.  Don’t you just love our improvisation in the prop and costume department?!

So glad I have a few things from my own Christmas childhood memories – like my stocking here!

My grandmother made it for me – red velvet and white terrycloth – and hand-embroidered name.

This time of year I can’t help but wax nostalgic about those sweet days of wonder enjoying all the special little things my mom and dad did to make Christmas celebrations memorable for me and my two sisters in our youth and innocence of the 1960’s.

Here’s me and my sister, Joanna – circa 1963 – in our favorite matching outfits hand-sewn by mom – including those marvelous horse appliques – in front of our tree the year I got a Fisher-Price radio (note the radio at my feet – Joanna is the little blonde holding her radio).  Mine played The Farmer in the Dell.

And, here it is under my tree today – surrounded by other toy-time memories that once graced the base of our family Christmas tree . . .

Yep – that’s my Raggety Ann circa 1961, with my Santa doll from Uncle Matt in 1963, and a few well loved building blocks – the first of my grammar lessons with alphabet and illustrations etched in my mind’s eye!

Not quite from my own past, but perhaps grandma’s past – this late Victorian/Edwardian children’s piano was a recent acquisition at an antique shop. 

I love the wonderful illustration and the splendor in the word, “symphony”! 

The notes don’t play anymore – just a jingle here or there – but I can see this delighting a youngster in button-up shoes one Christmas morning long past.

Of course, my doll carriages are abuzz with excitement as the big day draws neareth!  Sweet Emeralda and kitties keep watch with them each December . . .

Lady Bear and Babies looking elegant in a carriage . . .

Tumble and play bears in a sleigh . . .

Happy and hopeful on Christmas day!

And, who’s that fellow standing by their side?

Yep it’s Santa – maybe they’ll give him a ride . . .

. . . to the dining room with Santas galore on display,

Gathered to celebrate on Christmas day!

My precious mother-in-law gave me her collection one year,

I’ve added to them since – they always bring me good cheer.

My most favorite Santa – an antique Icon of St. Nick,

Which hung in my grandmother’s bedroom:  A trick
On a fanciful child – you bet, that was me –
Who would sneak into gran’s room and stare longingly,
Into St. Nick’las’ face – and wonder in awe –
That there really is a Santa Claus – after all!

But, Santa – the Spirit of Christmas, they say,
Is hardly our true hope on Christmas Day.

My dining room mantle is reserved for that scene,
Willowtree figures flanked in festive green,

Angels rejoicing at the birth of the King,

Jesus – our Lord – and the Salvation He brings . . .

With Peace on Earth and Good Will to all Men,
My Byer’s Choice Carolers sing out again!

Joy and song fill the hutch writing desk

Where our Dickens’ editions look their best;

Topped by lights and greens and a vintage display,
An old Burma Shave sign of a horse drawn sleigh.

The tree I showed off in a post you’ll find HERE,

And, my kitchen shelf is grouped with elves full of cheer,

Little vignettes tucked in – some here – some there . . .

And, my whimsical village I put together with care.

The living room cityscape – a hustle-bustle riot . . .

The dining room country-scape – more serene and quiet . . .

Well, hope you had fun on this quick little tour,
Tune in later this week, I promise – there’s more.

Village scenes come to life with their stories to tell,
Plus, teatime with blessings and wishing all well!

Merry Christmas!!


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  1. Kathy, there are few people I know who capture nostalgia, whimsy, and joy like you do!

    What a fun photo tour of your holiday memories – both past and present. Thank you for taking the time to share them with us!

    You were a darling little girl, and are now a very special woman. Glad you survived (sorta) your crazy time at school. Time for tea, dear one…


  2. Goodness! If you were able to do all that decorating in a pressing schedule…what could you have accomplished with more time??? LOL! Thanks for sharing some chilkdhood memories with us as well!

  3. Oh my…pressed for time but gave us all a fabulous peek into your decor! LOVE the Santa collection and framed Santa image….I should share ours! How adorable you and your sister looked. And what a treasure that you still own your toys & stocking. Such a nice post, Kathy:)

  4. Miss Kathy…enjoyed your post and ALL the pictures. I have to say, your childhood photos are just the best!
    It’s hard to believe we’ll be celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour in a short time.
    Love ya,
    Lady Linda

  5. Thank you Kathy for sharing your memories. Your vintage goodies are lovely. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family xx jeanetteann

  6. Wow your Christmas decorating is amazing.. I am simply amazed.. do you have to store all this stuff away somewhere the rest of the year or do you leave a lot of it out on display all year around?? sorry don’t mean to be nosey.. I just know I wouldn’t have the room for storage especially with seven of us in our already crowded house.
    Blessings to you.

  7. What a wonderful tour…what treasures, both in the physical and in the spiritual, and what memories..oh my! Thanks for sharing, I went down my own memory lane on so many of these. Just beautiful and fun!

  8. My pastor is fond of saying, “my spirit bears witness with yours” when he feels that he is in the same place deep in the heart with someone. That’s how I felt reading this. It was as if we shared the same sentiment. I loved it from the adorable makeshift nativity to the Willowtree set to the Charlie Brown tree, and well… just loved it all.

    I hope you are finished with school for a while and able to enjoy a MUCH DESERVED rest.

  9. Dear Kathy,
    Absolutely loved the Christmas Tour, every item and every precious collectible and photo of you as a child. Thank you so much for sharing with us. So many lovely items and lots of wonderful memories, I’m sure. God bless you and have a very Merry Christmas. Always love visiting this breathtaking site!

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