A Christmas Tea Birthday!

My friend’s daughter turns five years old this month.  Of course, there must be a party to celebrate!

A Christmas Tea Birthday Party was planned, and Miss Kathy was invited to attend in all her tea party and storytelling glory!  To be sure, such an event was not to be missed!

Dressing in my flowing lace ensemble, I packed up some story boxes filled with all the props and costume pieces needed to tell select Christmas themed stories.  Birthday Girl Becca was VERY curious to know what fun was in all these boxes and bags!

Oops!  Now, Becca – don’t peek and spoil the surprise!

I wrapped and packed up my Lenox Holiday teapot, cup and saucer and about a dozen of the teacups I use for parties, arriving early to set up.

The party was to be held in the fellowship hall of a church that was newly renovated – and the decorations were superb!  A perfect setting for an elegant little teatime.

Everyone arrived on time, and Becca’s present table was swiftly growing with expectations!

It was time to begin!  The children gathered about me, settled nicely in a rocking chair before the fireplace.  I chose my favorite teatime picture book about proper manners at the tea table – Tea with Ruby by Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, with illustrations by Robin Preiss Glasser of Fancy Nancy fame – for those of you in the know about children’s picture books!.

Once we were sure as to our proper table manners, it was onto the table for the serving of the tea!  I use a fruity herbal blend from Davison’s teas called “Children’s Tea” that I thoroughly enjoy just for me!  No children necessary!

To add a little more sweet to the tea, little ladies got to choose a molded pink sugar hat from one of the sugar bowls, while the boys took their lumps from another bowl – just plain raw sugar lumps for the gentlemen, you see.

After a short tutorial on steeping and sipping tea, we gave it a try and – DELISH!

A second pot was called for as the first  round was well received!

Everyone – parents and relative included – helped themselves to the food table with some delicious eats! 

Finally, it was time to open the story boxes!  Birthday Girl, Becca assisted Miss Kathy by assigning parts to her friends

A great time was had by all as we sang and acted out each of the stories in the boxes.  All the parents in the room were our delighted audience!  A family sing-a-long of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was well received . . .

And, what fun we had with a Christmas twist to The Gingerbread Man and Little Red Riding Hood stories, while our finale story about a little mouse who discovers the meaning behind those little figures tucked inside what looked to him to be a perfect little house to snuggle in, brought the true meaning of Christmas into the fray.

Then – bring on the cake, candles, and presents!  

Before any of her guests left, Becca made sure they each took a teacup party favor with them – and their fill of gingerbread men – who, thankfully – did NOT run away as in our story . . .

Mom had spent some time thrifting for random teacups, then wrapped them up in tulle with candy and hot chocolate mix. 

 Even Miss Kathy was blessed with a special teacup favor by the birthday girl herself!

A perfect close to a memorable 5th birthday!  I would expect that Becca will remember this Christmas Tea Birthday Party for many years to come!

Happy Birthday, Becca!

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About Miss Kathy

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  1. How lovely Miss Kathy! My Camille can’t wait to have a tea party with you!

  2. How fun! What a very blessed little girl! How fun for you all! Looks like it was a great success…and another tea fan in training!

  3. You may have just acquired a Tea Party for Brynn’s 5th in May! 🙂

  4. Kathy, you do make a tea party very special! That is a blessed little girl and doesn’t she look sweet in her lovely frock! I must say that you look lovely yourself in your own lacy frock. Always a pleasure to have tea with you, my dear. Thanks for once again entertaining me with a wonderful post.

    Christmas blessings,

  5. I think the whole thing sounds completely delightful! My favorite picture of all is the one of you and the birthday girl sipping your tea. That’s adorable.

  6. Will you come and do my birthday???? Pretty please!!! What a lucky birthday girl to have you there! I am sure everyone had a fabulous time. I love that you show them about tea.

  7. Hello Miss Kathy,
    Happy Birthday to Becca. That was a delightful party and for sure she will remember for ever this event. Everything looks so special and romantic. Thank you for sharing this nice event.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  8. Awww, how sweet! I like the Children’s Tea too…my daughter used to drink that before she graduated to Cambric Tea. Looks like the children had such fun and you did too…I have a feeling you are one BIG kid at heart! xox

  9. So sweet and what a great idea…this is your niche, Miss Kathy!

  10. Happy Birthday Becca!!! I want to BE Miss Kathy when someday….she is AwESOME! Could I book you for my birthday party in September? This looks like so much fun, Kathy. You are so special in every way and I can not imagine how lucky they must have felt. Thanks for sharing.

  11. This is so special! Love it! I love the idea of teacup gifts!
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful birthday party with A Return to Loveliness,

  12. Happy Birthday to Becca! What a wonderful way to celebrate her birthday. I bet all the little (and big) girls really enjoyed the birthday tea! Lovely!!!! Happy Tea Day!

  13. What fun! I just know she’ll remember this day for many years to come!

    Thank you for sharing this party with us!


  14. how delightful!

  15. I found your link on A Delightsome Life, and am glad I did. Love your blog. I am now following you. Please feel free to visit Hibiscus House anytime. Merry Christmas!

  16. I so enjoyed seeing this Birthday! That is the sweetest Party and the Birthday girl looked very excited and Happy!!!!! You certainly made her memories wonderful. Happy Tea Time! Pam

  17. Wow! What a precious birthday celebration everyone certainly enjoyed. Memories of a lifetime made… You’re simply adorable, girl! Self-less. I loved every image! Thank you for sharing this.

  18. Oh how precious, Kathy! You have all the fun:)

  19. Thank you for joining in our Christmas tea. It was more special because you were here. How fun to have a birthday tea! Great idea for any age, but you put the fun into it!


  20. Hi Kathy: You lead such an amazing life. I love your Christmas Tea. Thank you so much for letting us see you in action. What a fun birthday. Blessings, Martha

  21. Hello Miss Kathy,
    Becca’s Birthday tea party is something she will be telling her children about in years to come.The photos are just beautiful.
    Have a lovely Christmas
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  22. The tea party looks like so much fun. I’m sure the birthday girl and guest had a wonderful time.

  23. What a wonderful way to make birthday memories. Thank you so much for sharing with us.Happy Birthday lovely Becca. Hugs!
    my Tis The Season giveaway ends tomorrow night, did you get your entry in?

  24. Looks like a perfect party. I love your Lenox set.

  25. Kathy that’s so adorable!
    Happy 5th birthday to Becca!
    What a lovely celebration for your gorgeous little friend.
    You are certainly in your element when surrounded by sweet children 🙂
    Have you ever thought of making a wee video of your events and posting on Youtube?
    I’d love to “sit in” and listen to your story some day!
    Thanks for sharing this for LACE, my friend.
    love and blessings..Trish

  26. Becca – Happy Birthday! And what a very lucky girl you were to have Miss Kathy help you celebrate.

    It looks like a grand time was had by all. Next time, can I come?!


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