Christmas Tree-Tour Pinks!

I look forward to Black Friday every year because for me it’s my day to deck the halls – NOT shop the malls!  I’ve been enjoying the fruit of my labors all week – not the least of which has been that of my Christmas tree.

In years past I’ve done the real tree (when the kids were kids), and the artificial seven foot monster (when I had more patience for all those color coded branches), and then – the year I couldn’t decide what theme to use – I collected trees in various shapes and sizes and decorated a total of SEVEN in my living room – each sporting a different color scheme and theme!

These days, however, I’m going with “less is more” and sticking to one table-top tree and our very favorite ornaments.  Starting with the centerpiece of the tree – the Center of Christmas – this lovely blown-glass and hand-painted Nativity ornament from Germany I have treasured for years.

I purchased it with my employee discount many Christmases ago when I worked at an antique/country store/upscale Christmas and collectibles shop in New England.  It was a part time job – but I loved the atmosphere and all the wonderful things I learned about some of my favorite things!  We were still using a huge cast iron antique coffee mill for grinding up all the specialty coffees we sold and the smells were marvelous!

I picked up a lot of tips on decking out trees working there, too.  Lots of Victorian lovelies collected through the years.

Here’s an ornament I gave my mom one year – she always loved Victorian shoes.  Since her passing, it is never absent from my tree.

The pink poinsettias fill in the blank spots . . .

And my vintage composition wood doll, circa 1940’s, topping the tree is so precious!

I found her in such excellent condition at a thrift store and pinned the craft store silver wings on to make her an angel.

Oops!  All this pink Victorian splendor and what’s this blue caped fellow doing here?

Well, that’s my husband’s little bit of fun.  He has his own collection of ornaments, too, and I would be remiss if I didn’t share the branches with him – even though his keepsakes don’t necessarily go with the vintage Victorian theme.

Erego – Groucho . . .

And, yes – that’s Indiana Jones in the background snapping his whip!  Frodo is in there somewhere, too.  And, on Christmas morning coming up, I expect he will have another treasure to hang of comic book fame.

Our childhood is represented.  Here’s my Chatty Cathy . . .

And, Ed still boasts about his sting ray bike as if he was a kid again and found it once more under the tree Christmas morning – like that Christmas in the mid-’60’s . . .

Of course, with our tree being so accessible, the kitty-cats are curious . . . and rather photogenic . . .

Actually, I’m taking pictures of the tree and they want to be sure they’re the center of my attention.

I’m usually blogging with one of them camped right in front of me on the desk in front of the monitor, too.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my tree today!  Many more posts this month to come!  You still haven’t seen my dining room tree!  And, a little teaser of holiday fun in Pageant Wagon Village . . .

That’s little Gladys Billingsly loitering in front of the Doll Shop on Main Street, looking longingly into Mr. Curtis’ (he’s the village doll and toy maker) display dollhouse.

It’s on sale this week and Gladys has just come from the post office where she posted her wish list to Santa – with the aforementioned doll house at the top of the list.

Gladys has been a good little girl this year, and remains hopeful.

I pray that as we step into this month of holiday planning and anticipate the turn of another year, that you do so with hope in your heart.  He for whom the Christmas bells chime is able to delight us with the desires of our heart – as we delight ourselves in Him – JESUS – the Reason for the Season!!!

Delight yourself also in the LORD,
         And He shall give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

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  1. Awww, the charm and comfort of special pieces, treasured ornaments and sentimental decor. I think that is at least half of the fun of decorating! LOVE your kitty companions! ENjoy Advent, Miss Cathy.
    I am having a blog give away…come see 🙂

  2. I love your tree and all the fun (and nostalgic) ornaments on it. One of our traditions is to buy one ornament a piece each year and mark it with the owners initial and the year. I suppose that make my big tree a “hodge podge” of stuff — but it’s full of good memories and I wouldn’t trade it for the most beautiful tree in the world! You husband’s ornaments reminded me of my own — glad you include them!

  3. Happy Pink (made me smile) Saturday! Hey there again! I’m traveling by 2’s since I’m link #132, and get to see you again. I love the pinks and nostalgia but just smiled at Bat Man, Indiana Jones and Groucho. (Take a look at my story today to, I just thought about that and my friend whom I wrote the story and all the Starship Enterprises etc., etc., on her trees.) And, no way will the cats let it go without a photo. I wonder, if I just pull on that string what will happen – says the cat. Ours was investigating my assembling tree today. (allergies and COPD2 drove the live cut ones away!) Enjoyed my visit. Gotta go, Thanks, Jenn

  4. Lovely tree Kathy! I meant to do my tree on black Friday as well, but…relaxed and didn’t get around to it! We have downsized several times so now we have an artificial tree on our sun porch…our cat is not as well behaved as your admirable beauties!
    Lovely story. Always look forward to the next!

  5. Fantastic tree, Kathy! You know I love the kitty ornament AND the real kitties! So precious! You have some gorgeous ornaments. I wouldn’t have known in the first pics that it was a tabletop tree – it looks full size! Hubby’s ornaments are funny!
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. How lovely..I was about to say I would die for your wood doll till I saw Chatty Cathy..she was my very best favorite doll! Mine was blond and wish I still had her..:(
    But this ornament is just delightful…

  7. There are few things I enjoy more than seeing all the personal ways that people decorate their trees! Ours has a distinctly western/cabin theme. But I just LOVE your Victorian-themed tree! Isn’t it wonderful how ornaments are like a visual scrapbook, a diary for the heart – telling the story about all the precious times and people and memories in our lives?!

    And husbands – just gotta love their “special” touches!

    Oh, I can’t wait to hear if dear Gladys gets her precious doll.


  8. Hi Dear Kathy,
    I just love your tree and all the gorgeous ornaments you have collected over the years. I did the same thing this year going with more is less, although my hubby would say, that is not what I did. LOL Well it is for me!!
    Love your sweet Chatty Cathy. I remember her too.
    Your kitties are adorable with those bui curious eyes. Too cute.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Best wishes in my giveaway.
    Have a wonderful December week.
    XO Celestina Marie

  9. The Victorian pinks are just wonderful! I have a pink tree that lives inside my head. I once started to buy ornaments for it and ended up with enough to do a branch. It’s tough to be so cheap.

    I loved the whimsical ones starting with batman all the way down. They made me smile and just kind of bob my head.

    I have a feeling that your home feels warm and Christmasy whether you have one tree up or seven (SEVEN? In one room? It must have been just magical!)

  10. Your tree is oh so pretty in pink! The pointsettias give it such a nice soft look. Love how Ed’s ornaments are in there too!

  11. Thanks so much for stopping by…. and leaving your encouraging word!

    I enjoyed the glimpses of your kitties in amongst your Christmas finery. They enjoy all the hubbub too… My Miss Kitty loved to snoop in the boxes and tissue paper when I was decorating. (Alas, she is no longer with us and I’m missing her a lot some days…. but I enjoy watching yours… my little purry gift from Him and you!)

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