Pink Owl Watch

Had to delay a day posting for Pink Saturday this week.  My Saturday pinks weren’t going to be delivered until sunset.  That’s when our naturalist friend, David, blogging over at I Wonder as I Wander, was to take Ed and I for an owl watch!

I’ve never seen an owl in the wild and have always wanted to – but, living in the suburbs as I do – owls do not.

So, we must seeketh them where’ere they live – in the marshlands of Southern New Jersey – at sunset!

What a glory to drive an easy thirty minutes from our back door and find ourselves in the wide open nature preserve where such marvels of God’s Creation are so abundant!  First up – we pulled over to a lovely spot where the 4:30pm sun swiftly setting cast a pinkish glow on the mute swans gently gliding on the water, dipping their heads below the surface for a bit of dinner now and then.

A pink haze was evident on the horizon heralding the demise of another day . . .

All was so silent and still, but for the occasional ducks taking wing when the bald eagles resting in the distant trees took flight.  I fear my humble camera was ill equipped to capture the seven eagles we had the privilege of seeing on film as they were too far away.  However, we enjoyed spying on them with a good view through our binoculars – and David has an impressive high powered scope that brings a mile’s distance to the tips of one’s fingers!  A great day for eagle sighting, to be sure!

But, we were here looking for owls.  The Great Horned Owl so prevalent in these parts!

No, the above graphic is not mine – how I wish!  A Pinterest find, actually, by Amber Aleander – from this account, a very talented artist.

Driving a little further into the preserve, closer to trees and woods, we stopped and stepped into the slowly encroaching darkness as a fiery pink divided sky and land when sunset brings dusk to the wild.

Suddenly – the air was alive with sound when only moments before – when there was more light – it had seemed so silent . . .

Hoot . . . hoot . . . hoot . . . a male owl called out loud and strong, and we turned towards the sound, scanning the treeline for a glimpse of him!

Hoot-hoot . . . hoot . . . hoot . . . a female – softer in voice – responded.  Our eyes were pealed on an abandoned eagle’s nest where an owl had recently been sighted.  Perhaps one or more of them might light upon it again. 

Then, a chorus of hoots began to rise – more than a few owls waking up for a nocturnal foray for food.  The sun was down and dinner was served!  With the last remnants of light we kept our vigil – but in vain.

Darkness compromised any future this evening of an owl sighting.  Home to a warm house and a glorious beef stew over spelt noodles to thank David for a grand time.  It’s never a loss when one has the honor of watching eagles soar – and we saw seven of them!

The owls will be there for another day – and so will we . . .


Sharing my Pink Owl Watch with Beverly on Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

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  1. That sounds like a grand birding adventure, and your photo of the swans is gorgeous.

  2. Ah, I guess little owl mommies taught them their own adage. Owls should be heard and not seen.

    It still sounds like a wonderful adventure to my way of thinking. The bonus of the pink sky that you were able to capture makes it just near perfect, owls or no owls.


  3. Delightful share!

  4. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have been able to tag along on this adventure! So even though the owls were a little shy – what a show those eagles must have given you!


    This is one of those posts that I really gave a *hoot* about – (OUCH – groan!)


  5. Kathy, I love going to places like that! I, too, would love to see an owl. I live just outside the city limits and I’ve heard them around here in the summertime at night. I’d probably faint if I saw one, I’d be so excited. lol Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sitting here listening to the “hoo hoo hoo” of “our” owl and enjoying reading about your adventure. We are blessed to live in a smallish city and still have plenty of creatures around to amaze us. Hope you are able to have plenty more adventures to share.

  7. Nice! To be continued indeed.

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