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No fancy teas today, I’m afraid.  My daughter is sick and my plans for the day are re-arranged.

However, I did capture a couple of images on Pinterest this morning that will have to do – a virtual teatime fantasy from my boards.

First – I shall dress for teatime . . .

Then, I shall make sure the table is awash with flowers . . .

And tea settings from Dreamland . . .

Of course, I shall need some elegant reading material – Edith Holden’s Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady should do nicely . . .

Oh!  And a cozy corner to sit and sip in whimsical elegance . . .

With a decadent treat on the side . . .

For the originating sources of these beautiful images, visit me on Pinterest.  Next week – as the Lord wills – I shall be creating my own teatime – and with Valentine’s day looming – to be sure, a supply of hearts and flowers will accompany the fray!

But, for today . . . my fantasy teatime featured above – care of Pinterest – is what I will be dreaming about while – in reality – I take some green tea in my green mug while whipping up some healing chicken soup for my girl as she mends on the couch.  Sick days.  Some lazy moments ahead – and I would hazard a guess – some Jane Austen BBC drama to follow later this afternoon should she feel up to it . . .

Happy Teatime Tuesday, all!

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P.S.:  Sick Daughter Update – Praising the Lord that she’s on the mend as we move into the afternoon – slept all morning after a fitful and totally sleepless night, poor thing.  Some sort of throat, ears, sinus, headache thing going around these parts – everyone is complaining.  I’m keeping fit with my battery of green tea, 9.5 alkaline water machine, and wolf-berry anti-oxidant shot each morning.  Cutting sugar from the diet helps immensely, too – although – it does put quite a crimp in teatime!!!!  Cuppa chicken soup on my luncheon menu – thanks for all your good thoughts today. 

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  1. Hi Kathy and I’m sorry to hear your daughter is sick and hope she feels better sooner. That is a very romantic dress and lovely snaps from Pinterest. Don’t you just love Pinterest?
    Oh, don’t sell your tiny self short. I know you’ll do a wonderful job! I’ve never done this before and know nothing! 🙂
    Be a sweetie,

  2. Oh I hope your daughter is recovering. Being a care taker always takes precedence. Your tea was lovely anyway…enjoyed it very much! Thanks for linking with Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  3. wishing your daughter a recovery!! What you have shown from Pinterest is awesome!

  4. Oh my friend .. I hope your daughter is feeling better soon. The crazy weather warm one day ; extreme winter cold the next really has everyone reaching for a tissue. Homemade chicken soup and a Mother’s care – are great healers.

    Your Pinterest tea was perfect and lovely! sometimes a tea of our dreams is what we all need. Blessings, xo HHL

  5. Hello Miss Kathy, thanks so much for “visiting” me today. Your tea party sounds delightful and when I saw the beautiful pink flowers, I definitely could picture myself there sipping tea with you. What a lovely post. I’m so sorry your daughter has been ill, I’ll keep her in my prayers. ~ Aby

  6. Thank you so much for your note, Kathryn. Love hearing from you. I love your idea of tea time! That dress is to die for…as is the cake…sigh. Hope all is well with you. I have collected recipes and recipe books forever, it seems, so when Pinterest arrived it just seemed like a natural thing to follow…I do love to try many of them though, but some are just too tempting…(smile). Hugs, Gayle.

  7. Hello Kathy,
    I’m glad your daughter is feeling somewhat better. She’s blessed to have you nursing her back to good health again.
    Your tea today was fun and interesting. I haven’t really taken the time to check out pinterest. Perhaps I will do that after I leave your blog. Thanks for joining me for tea and stay well yourself.


  8. Sorry to hear about all the sickness. I hope you all feel better soon, Kathy so you can have a real tea party!

    Wish I could send you some of my elderberry syrup!

  9. Hi Kathy, happy to hear your daughter is on the mend. You put a very nice tea together from Pinterest. Thanks for the Pinspiration and Happy Tea Day!

  10. You wanna know something, Kathy?
    Chicken soup on the sofa with Jane Austen sounds just as good as tea at the Ritz to me, lol!
    Well, I’m so glad your dear daughter is on the mend, and I pray she’ll be fighting-fit again very soon!Sounds like you are taking good care of your own health.
    I need to be good and cut the sugar out too!
    Thanks for linking up to Simply Sweet, my friend.
    Have a blessed week in Jesus. love..Trish

  11. Hello Kathy,
    So glad your daughter is on the mend. Your Tea Time photos are lovely.. Pinterest looks like a good place to visit.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  12. Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery… Thanks for the pinterest teatime… It was dreamy. Bright Blessings

  13. I hope your daughter and everyone at your house is feeling better! Tea and chicken soup and TLC from Momma are the best remedies. Take good care of yourself too!
    You are way ahead of me, I have no idea how to use Pinterest, but it sure looks good!
    Love, Linda

  14. Hello Katy, I am sorry to hear your daughter has been under the weather. My daughter too, and they sound like they had basically the same thing. I was away all day visiting her at University yesterday. So you and I were doing the same thing!
    And at our virtual tea party, believe it or not, I am wearing the same dress (only in teal blue)! Great minds think alike! And what a cozy corner to sit for our tea! (I “pinned” it!), and what gorgeous flowers to brighten the room! And since this is our virtual tea party, we can have all the treats we like! Yay!
    Thank you so much for invitation to your beautiful “tea”!

  15. Hello Kathy,
    Love all your Pinterest choices – so very lovely. What a marvelous idea!
    I hope you’re daughter is getting better! My son was sick last week and I had to take him to the Dr. it is tough when they’re ill no matter what their age! I bought Chic-Fil-A chicken soup for him – always good for what ails you! thank you for sharing with A return to Loveliness,
    God Bless,

  16. Happy Tea Time, Miss Kathy! Isn’t pinterest a treat? We can take a vicarious tea any time we want. My favorite picture is that second one with the gorgeous flowers. What kind are they?

    And I can totally see you in that dress!

  17. nice post thanks for sharing…blessings soraya

  18. Many prayers and good thoughts for sick daughter…and for Nurse Mom.

    Still loved this *virtual* tea time!

    And I agree with Debbie – that dress does indeed say YOU!


  19. I enjoyed your virtual teatime so much I featured it on my weekly blog hop, Follow Me Fridays. You can check it out here:

  20. Oh can we dress like twins? I love the clothes in Victorian Trading Company – do you?

    enjoy your weekend!

  21. Glad she is feeling better…love your Pinterest picks as I do watching your pins on there also.
    I have the Edith Molden book and love it.
    Healing to your whole family.

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