Purrrrrfectly Pink "Fini"

Feeling “in the pink” this weekend after working since last weekend on my circle journal which I’ll be sharing with nine other women – bloggers all – over the rest of this year (click HERE to see my Creativi-Tea-Time post with my journal sneak peek)!  Finally “fini” my covers and introductory pages, and preparing to mail it out to the next artistic installment by the end of next week.

I’ll be putting away my host of collage art supplies from this initial venture – however, just as I send off my journal, I can expect another journal to come in the mail for my own artistic input.  Best keep them at hand, don’t ya think!

But, today, as I put my “fini” touch – with plenty of “purrrrfect” pinks in view . . .

I can’t help but reward my efforts with some pink raspberry herbal tea in one of my prettiest in pink roses tea mugs – and my own gluten free pumpkin oat raisin cookie – yum!

Now, as to the recipe for the cookie – which I am often wont to include – I will delay that for a Tuesday teatime post in the near future.  Perhaps by then I will find out what is up with Pinterest.

You see, I keep a “Gluten Free Recipes” board on my Pinterest, and when I post a GF recipe, I usually pin it to my board to keep all my recipes in one place and make them easy for sharing.

Attention Holly at 2911 Jeremiah Avenue and LeAnn at The Old Parsonage who always ask for them!

However – and do help me with this – for the past couple of days, when I go to Pinterest to try to log in, the screen is HUGE and there’s just no navigating around it.  I can’t seem to do anything with it.  I don’t know what happened unless Pinterest is somehow participating in that anti-piracy thing that was making internet headlines this week.

So, if you’ll do me a favor and click on over to my Pinterest page with THIS LINK – tell me if it’s HUGE on your screen, too.  Even more – if you’ve any information on why this might be, do clue me in.  Pinterest is one of those guilt free “window shopping” things I treat myself to – collecting all I want and not spending a dime!

PINTEREST UPDATE:  Hooray!  Since I posted this, my daughter’s young man came to the rescue and clued me into the “View” on my toolbar which opens into “Zoon” in and out options and sums any and all other issues up with a “Reset” to click on and we’re back in Pinterest normal view vision again!!!  Ah, yes – I add something new to my computer savvy with each catastrophe!!!

So MUCH artsy inspiration – keeping me, decidedly, in the PINK and ready for whatever collage theme comes my way this year in my circle journal venture!

Sharing my Purrrrfectly Pink “Fini” today with Beverly’s Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound!

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  1. If I say that I think it’s purrrty, does that make me purrfectly lame or purrfectly Georgian?

    I love it.
    I can’t help with the pinterest problem. Good grief, I have enough problem with oggerblay (pig latin… I think they have spies everywhere zapping people who complain about them.)

    Glad to be able to get in here. I was having problems.

  2. Really nice… you are in the creative mode now, M’lady! I’m frustrated with pinterest in general as I can’t seem to join up. I have no idea how to do it! I thought I had joined but I guess not. ?????

    See, I’m no help.

    I’ll be in NJ soon but it is not for fun. More on that later.

  3. Well Miss Kathy your banner cracks me up. I so love literature and am hooked on the classics. So this little retreat of yours will be adored by me for I too like to tell stories. I like the flower on the cover of the book. I’m sure you are so much FUN! Blessings Terri http://www.morningdewdrops.com

  4. What purity fun! I’ve been at this myself! I really enjoy it, too!

  5. Loved the journal! You are one of the most “pinteresting” people I know!!

    May I have a spot of tea with you?


  6. Kathy, your journal is gorgeous. I am going to love adding to it, but I am the last one to get it so I have quite a wait.

    You are the first one to add to mine, and I can hardly wait to see your creation.

    Happy Pink Saturday, dear Kathy.

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