Hobby Lobby Pinks

Pink Saturday again – and quite an exciting one at that!  This weekend I’m enjoying a visit from my son, daughter-in-law, and grand-baby Mackenzie.  This means I get to take daughter-in-law shopping for prizes while baby naps and son gives us the go-ahead-without-him signal when it is learned that our destination is the brand new Hobby Lobby that has just opened up in town!

So, of course – I’ve captured some Hobby Lobby Pinks for today:

Furnishings in hot pinks . . .

Nifty pink flamingo tea stuff . . .

Really cool pink party decor motifs . . .

Getting ready for Easter Pinks . . .

Oh!  And how did this little doll get into this post! 

I know – that’s our precious Kenzie – and she’s the Pinky-est Pink of all!!

Sharing my Hobby Lobby Pink on Beverly’s Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound!

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  1. Isn’t it the most fun you ever had, being with your grandbaby? And shopping at such a great store is really a cool thing to do with your daughter-in-law! Doesn’t that place make you want to make things, and decorate like crazy?
    Have a wonderful time with your precious son and family!

  2. What a precious grandchild! So adorable. And HOBBY LOBBY – one of my favorite places tho I don’t have one very close. When I get the chance tho, I do enjoy the trip. So it was fun to virtually visit with you. Happy Pink Saturday 🙂

  3. Love your new blog header!! So pensive, my dear! Love the pinks, but my favorite is that darling little granddaughter of yours. . .NOTHING at Hobby Lobby compares (as exciting as it is to have one in town!)

  4. No Hobby Lobby in Oregon! My sister-in-law in Illinois talks about it all the time!
    Of course the baby is the better than all the mdse in the shoppe.
    Love ya, Lady Linda

  5. I think little Mackenzie steals the show here. She is gorgeous. I love that name for a little girl. We haven’t got a Hobby Lobby here, but it looks a bit like our Neds or Cheap as Chips.

    Enjoy your little one. xx jeanetteann

  6. Look at her Pink cheeks! Yes, of course she made this pink post.
    Looks like you had a great weekend.

  7. How poignant that you happened to have Kenzie with you on your ‘blog it pink’ day!
    And how lucky she is to have a grandma who is teaching her the art of bargain hunting at Hobby Lobby. At such a young age, You’ve given her a wonderful head start on life… 🙂

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. Oh how fun..I haven’t been to Hobby Lobby lately, now I will enjoy looking at the pink…of course the last pink is the best.

    Love your new header…and enjoy watching what you pin on Pinterest

  9. What a Sweet Little Miss… with those darling pink check ( kiss kiss) …The perfect mascot for a Pink Saturday of bargain hunting… Hugs

  10. Hobby Lobby stores are SO much fun. I used to go to one when I lived in “America’s Heartland”…..

    YOur new banner photo is great!

    PS…. we should be coming to visit your area in mid March ‘ish!

  11. Grandchild, so adorable.
    Happy pink saturday!!!!!!

  12. A belated Happy Pink Saturday, Kathy. Let’s go with the better late than never philosophy.

    Your little pink princess is the very best pink imaginable. She is gorgeous, and those blue eyes are mesmerizing.

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