A Lily of the Valley for Mom

Been thinking about my mom this past week as we look to Mother’s Day. Wish she was here to celebrate. Unfortunately, we only had the privilege of celebrating it with her for 66 years.

Connie Jordan Vicari
We lost mom to ovarian cancer in 2004.  
Two weeks ago her grand-daughter welcomed her first child–Baby Griffin Alexander. Mom–you’re daughter is a grandmother and YOU are a great-grandmother, again!
She’d be so proud . . .

Earlier this month, I was at an antique show – thinking of mom who gave me my love of antiques – and found a teacup – Lily of the Valley by Shelley – I simply had to have in honor of her!  Immediately I knew that I’d share it at our Blogworld teatime at the end of February as a birthday tribute!

Mom’s favorite flower was the Lily of the Valley.  In our front yard when I was little, she planted a little patch of them.  Through the years they have proliferated – as they are apt to do – and Dad dug some up for me to put in my own gardens a couple years ago.  I look forward to them peeking through the late winter soil and flowering in early spring with thoughts of mom ringing out from their delicate little bell shape.

How well represented they are rendered on this beautiful Shelley cup!


I just love the scalloped rim of the cup and the complimentary waved edges of the saucer  – so like the shape of the flower itself!

The mold is embossed with a flower pattern, bringing a rich texture to the piece . . .

Turn the cup upside down – and it looks – not only like a bell – but, like a the oh-so-feminine and flowing skirt of a past fashion era.

Mother gave me a love for beautiful feminine 19th century dress as well!

Don’t you just love the contrast of the soft pastel green handle – a pleasure to grasp between thumb and fingers . . .

Mom had a modest collection of teacups and saucers – of which I inherited most.  She drank her tea ONLY from china cups, and had absolutely no use for bulky mugs.

As a child – especially in winter – when returning from school in the afternoon, Mother had the kettle on and poured out a lovely little teatime for me and my sisters at the table.

In china cups, to be sure.  Normally, we’d partake with cream and sugar.  However, if cold and sniffles were knocking at our door, she served us “hot toddies” – with lemon, honey – and the occasional teaspoon of whiskey!  The whiskey added so much flavor – and really warmed you up from head to toe!

Haven’t had one of those in years . . .

Mom grew up on a chicken farm with lots of eggs at her disposal.  My grandmother was quite creative with all those eggs and taught mom some of the most amazing old fashioned cake and cookie recipes.

So, often with our teatime, there would be a proper slice of her amazing yellow sponge cake – or angel food cake – or YUM – lemon squares!  My sister took the mantle of the pastry cook – I took the mantle of the tea.

I also have many keepsakes of mom’s best loved things from the earthly realm.  Her two favorite books – Jane Eyre, and this 1925 edition of One Hundred and One Famous Poems – from which she would read classic poetry to us with expressive joy – many passages she could quote by heart.

Guess I got that from her too . . .

Oh!  And her favorite doll . . .

Actually, her only doll.  Children today have so little appreciation of “things”.  But, when “things” are scarce, you steward them well.  This Horseman doll with tin “sleep” eyes still wears her original salmon colored outfit.  She was beloved of my mother in her own childhood . . .

Mom introduced her to me and my sisters when we were in our teen years – taking it out of safe keeping and finally displaying it on her bed.  I suppose she feared that, had she displayed it during our childhood years of doll playing, her own remnant of childhood might find itself – compromised.

To be sure – I lost my Suzy Homemaker Oven by allowing my three-year-old daughter to play with it too early.  She used it as a stepping stool and – well – it never would bake a light bulb cake again.

Should have followed mom’s example there, too.

So honored to be the steward of these memories in the tangible keepsakes of baby dolls, books . . .

And lilies of the valley – new each spring in my yard – and displayed on my tea cabinet whenever I choose.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Dear Kathy,
    What a touching post and lovely tribute to your beautiful mom! Sounds like you inherited all her lovely attributes. I am glad you have such wonderful memories of her.
    The Shelley teacup is adorable and I do love the Lily of the Valley too as it’s such a dainty little flower and it’s my hubby’s birthday flower too; May.
    I lost my Daddy when he was only 67 so I can certainly identify with you. Much too young!
    I have my grandmother’s only dollie which she left to me. Unfortunately, her face was broken {by my cousin} before my auntie gave her to me. I really do need to get her fixed!
    Thank you for joining me for tea today, dear friend.


  2. What a special post to honor your Mom. A lovely woman with a lovely daughter! I absolutely love Shelley, and this Dainty shape Lily Of The Valley is a favorite! I love your Mary Poppins costume as well! Thanks for a lwonderful post and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  3. Kathryn, what a beautiful post honoring your mother. She was a beautiful lady, and has passed that on to you. I lost my own Mom over 30 years ago, when I was in my 20’s. I still miss her, and am so sorry that she never knew her grandchildren. But I am confident that she will meet them all one day in our Heavenly home. Have a blessed day. And thanks for sharing your heart.

    Jocelyn @

  4. Beautiful mother, beautiful memories and a beautiful tea-cup.

  5. Hello Kathy,
    The pretty cup and saucer was meant for you. It is the perfect thing to compliment your memories of your Mum. It’s very delicate and the shape is beautiful.I like the green handle.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  6. Hi Kathy,
    what a lovely tribute to your Mom. I can feel how special and charming this Lady was. The cute photos from the young girls, drinking ladylike tea and the schoolgirl and the photos of your young Mom are so charming. How amazing that this doll still exists. Lily of the valley seems to me just the right flower for your Mom. Did she love the scent, too? Today we have some parfums with that scent. Thank you for sharing this loving, touching and charming memories.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  7. Loosing a Mother is probably one of the hardest losses.
    You sure do have some great memories.

  8. Oh my friend! Your mother is smiling with delight as she watches over you and your sisters. You treasure her journey here with love, respect and admiration ~ which you pass down through the generations as your family continues to grow. And your teacup is perfect for a lady whose life continues to give to the world through you! Thank you for such a wonderful and special tea today. xo, Blessings, HHL

  9. I can see how beautiful your mom was, and I adore the lily of the valley tea cup. Perfectly in her taste and how good your dad dug up some real lily of the valley plants for your garden.

  10. I am so touched by your post. To honor your mother in such a way is a beautiful gift. I too believe in being good stewards of our most precious belongings. My house is filled with antiques that will hopefully be passed down for more generations. I lost my mother in 2006 to breast cancer, she was only 57 years old and much too young to leave us all, but she had no choice. Sounds like it was the same for your mom. I wish we could’ve had them around longer, but it does make you more appreciative of every precious moment you remember.

    I have a table that is set with momentos of my mom; we should all be so blessed to earn a place of honor in someone’s heart.

    And the dress of the 19th century; so much like getting to live in a Fairy Tale or to be a Bride at every event requiring such beautiful dresses. I wonder what it had been like to prepare for your day back then? I always closely study the hair, the face, the clothes, accessories…it LOOKS exhausting!


  11. Hello Kathy
    Such a pleasant tribute to your mother. How nice that the sight and fragrance of lily-of-the-valley reminds you of her, your new teacup is lovely.

  12. Oh, my heart feels so tender towards you and your mother. What dear dear memories you must have! I think I would really like your mom, all the things you said about her I appreciate too.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  13. What a beautiful tribute to your mom! So sorry for your loss, but love that you see all the wonderful things she instilled and shared with you in the time the Lord allowed her to be with you.

    Blessings on your new adventure in life.

  14. Oh Kathy, Your mother was so charming and sweet, and your grandmother looked pretty too!
    That was such a loving tribute to her. I know she would be so proud of you now, and all the things you do.
    The lily-of-the-valley cup and saucer are just lovely
    This was a truly beautiful post! Love, Linda

  15. Such a sweet, sweet tribute to your mom. I enjoyed reading about her and seeing all of the treasures you’ve inherited. .not just the trinkets, but the precious memories! Blessings and hugs on this day as you remember (and miss) one so dear!

  16. Hi Kathy: What a lovely tribute to your Mom. It was hard for me to read. Your love for her is in every line you wrote. Your Shelly is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart today. Blessings, Martha

  17. A lovely tribute to your mother indeed.
    Such gorgeous photos and sweet memories.
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. What a truly touching post – I am sure it is difficult without your mother, I know when my grandma passed it was so hard on the heart and soul. These memories you share are forever treasures. The tribute Lilly cup is so pretty, such a perfect honor to a lovely woman…BTW that Mary Poppins attire is great! Thanks for linking to Tea Party Tuesday!

  19. Your mother was a beautiful lady and she lives on in you. What a wonderful tribute you’ve given her.

    I, too, love lilies of the valley. I wore a fragrance bearing that name years ago, and would love to find it again. It reminds me of Yeshua (Jesus) who is called the lily of the valley.

    As always, I enjoyed my visit here today.



  20. Oh dear Miss Kathy, your post is the most tender of all this week. How sweet to remember your mother. My mom passed away at 66 too..
    I adore Lilly of the Valley and your teacup is just the most wonderful of wonderfuls!
    Hugs to you,

  21. Hello Miss Kathy – I love your new blog look and especially the picture of you. It gives your readers a small glimpse into your world and the things that make you happy. What a lovely tribute to your mother, she was a beautiful woman and I looks like she taught you well. The teacup is delightful, if I recall – Shelley teacups are one of the finest. As I read that your mother only drank tea from china cups, I had to laugh a little as I drink my morning coffee from a “bulky mug”. Thank you for sharing your mother with us. ~ Abby

  22. Kathy, what a beautiful tribute to your beautiful mom. Happy Birthday to her!

    The new addition is lovely. So delicate and dainty – so feminine. And I just love the various vignettes you put together. I also have an old doll that my mother gave me. It is special – and I think you’re right, more special because it wasn’t one of many.

    Loved my visit today.


  23. I love lily of the valley, and I am certain I would have loved your sweet mother, too. Thank you for sharing her with us.♥

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