Valentine Teatime with Flo & Friends

Flo’s Valentine

by Helen M. Richardson
 “I wonder where I’d better send
This valentine.” said Flo;
“It’s pretty, and my dearest friend
Would like it much, I know. 
“My dearest friend is Nelly May;
She’ll have a lot, I s’pose;
She always does, for she’s a girl
‘Most everybody knows.
“I want to send it awful bad
To Nelly May, for she
Will likely send her loveliest one
To her dear friend – that’s me. 
“But there is little Molly Jones –
She said, the other day.
She’d never had a valentine
In all her life; now say,

“I’ve half a mind to send her this;
‘Twill s’prise her so, you see.
That won’t be selfish, for I know
She’ll not send one to me.

“And Nelly May won’t miss it, for
She’ll have so many; so
I’ll start right off and mail it now
As quick as I can go.”

Now, of course, Flo made a quality choice here – to reach out to Molly Jones – the very least of all – with a token of love.  And, in so doing, our Flo is loving the Lord – He who is Love personified.    

Molly Jones found that Valentine in her mail box with an added bonus:  Flo had invited her to tea!!

Never had Molly been so blessed!  

Now, what tea service to use?  Flo’s tea cabinet was bustling with activity!  Hearts and flowers and lace and pinkness pouring out of every crevice!

And, at the center of it all – Lady Madeline and Lord Chumley share their Valentine story . . .

. . . forever serving the very finest “courting” teatime.  Tip the pot to pour and a music box bottom plays the tune, Tea for Two!  Delightful!

And, after tea, Lady Madeline and Lord Chumley retire to the music salon for a few love song duets on fiddle and harp.

Oh!  The joy of two who play together in harmony as one!  

Then – dressing for an afternoon stroll in the gardens, our Lord and Lady share meaningful words and take joy in the wonders and beauty of God’s creation . . .

A sweetheart story with a happy ending – Molly is enthralled!  Flo’s hospitality makes the most of so many vintage romantic lovelies to look at – scope for the imagination, to be sure! 

The candle-snuffer looks plucked fresh from a garden . . .
And a matching atomizer spritzes the air with fragrance sweet to the senses . . .
Such a lovely display – Molly’s never been quite so spoiled!  Flo smiles – feeling more blessed to give than to receive this Valentine’s Day . . .

Tea is served!  Flo lets Molly choose the teacup and saucer she likes best – but OH!  How hard to decide . . .


Finally, Molly chooses the sweetest little cup in the cabinet . . .

It comes with a special Valentine wish just for Molly . . .  just for you, from me . . .

P.S.:  And – in case you missed it – here’s the Valentine I gave my husband, Ed – introducing him to Blogland at HIS new blog The Sheep’s Pen!  Do stop by and visit – he’ll be posting weekly!

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  1. Kathy, you are quite the story teller! Flo has a lovely cabinet filled with treasures. I adore that candle snuffer and it does indeed look like it’s plucked fresh from the garden path. Thank you for joining me for tea once again, my friend, and I wish you and your beloved a very Happy Valentines Day.


  2. Your teacups are so pretty! The teapot is so unusual, the whole collection is wonderful to see! The figurines are charming! This was a lovely post! Just love all the vintage Valentines too!
    I hope you had a love-filled day!
    Love, Linda

  3. Kathy, what a charming Valentine post! I love the new header, the courting teapot and all of the antique Valentines. So glad Flo had a lovely day! Thanks for visiting and linking with Tuesday Cuppa Tea and you are entered on the Jubilee mug drawing!

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day, Kathryn! What a charming post and lovely tea things. I like your new header. I have been unable to post on my blog for several days and could not get help from Blogger. grrr…had photos of a Valentine teatime but they would not publish! I finally had to change browsers and use a different interface. Anywho, have a nice week…difficult to think that Feb is 1/2 over~ xo

  5. Dear One…you are so clever and funny and just plain delightful! How I enjoy your stories and posts! Your writing skills come shining through.
    Hugs hugs hug,
    Lady Linda

  6. What an amazing Valentines post here – I LOVE your header too…..Wow, I am almost breathless at the gorgeous china you have on display here but that unique teapot – did I understand right it is a music box? Well THAT is a treasure for sure. Thanks for joining me this week, I appreciate to see you as always.

  7. Delightful! I love your new header — as usual it makes me smile. I see your bookcases in the background and would just like to tarry and wind my way through your friends on the shelves.

  8. Oh I love your header!! I spot some gorgeous hats in the background. Beautiful Valentines post!!


  9. Hi: I love your new look. That tea pot is so beautiful. I am going to look for one on Ebay. It is the cute one I have ever seen. Your Valentine post is so sweet. Blessings, Martha

  10. Hello Kathryn,
    Your new header is just wonderful! I Love everything about it, especially you!
    Your story today is lovely. The tea pot truly sweet as well as all your pretty tea cups!
    Thank you so much for your entertaining post.

  11. Hello Kathryn,
    Your lady Madeline and Lord Chumley teapot is Magnificent!!!!! So Beautiful.
    Wonderful,romantic post. I like the lesson in charity.God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  12. My Oh My .. Such sweet romance in a teapot…I love it…And such a charming post Kathy …Sweetness plus… Thanks you for this “Love” ly pause in my day … It made me smile… Sweet Lady Hugs

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