Gray Day Pinks

Well, last week I CHOSE PINK over gray.

This week the gray appeared to be the color of the day – everyday – culminating in yesterday which was decidedly black.  I’m not really feeling the pinks as fully as I’d like this weekend – though I am confident that pink is on the way.  I shared about this little drama in my post this morning if you’d like to know more – When Captivity is Turned.  It ends pink.

Graphic Design by Abby @ Little Birdie Blessings

But, sometimes we just need to process the gray.  Today was a gray processing day culminating in a bit of pink tonight.  You see, our church’s youth group had their annual talent show and there were plenty of laughs and heart warming testimonies to chase the gray away, making me feel pink all over.

I had thought to take some pictures of all the pink onstage – but just plain forgot.  So, afterward when I saw Kenny with these . . .

Um . . . this SHOULD be horizontal – sorry!

I thought I’d catch some pinks in the foyer to share.  They didn’t last long in her hands . . .

Big sister JoJo models one of the pinky coffee mugs for sale in the church bookstore . . .

While Dawson models a pink hat, also for sale, though not really his best color . . .

Of course, we sell more than mugs and hats in the bookstore – how about this for a pink read:

Yep!  It’s good to be a princess of the King.  He always sends His Knights in Shining Armor just in the nick of time when gray days turn black.  And, that makes for pink days on the horizon as the Lord works all things together for good and builds something completely new!

Happy Pink Saturday – GIVE-AWAY DRAWING TODAY!!

Celebrating all month – Last Chance to Enter!

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Sharing my Gray Day Pinks this week with Beverly on Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

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  1. Fun photos! Happy Anniversary, Kathryn…and happy April~

  2. I’m so very sorry you’ve had a terrible week, Kathryn. Those are so difficult to bear. It seems like a month while we’re living through it, even though it’s only a week.

    I can tell that your faith and the Lord have definitely come to your rescue. What would we do without Him?

    Visiting from Pink Saturday and wishing you better days ahead!



  3. I’m glad and encouraged FOR you that God is transforming the black to gray to PINK. He is the ultimate life decorator. This detour that He allowed you to take this year was a miserable road, but it’s almost APRIL and I can just feel it in my bones that those gray clouds are about to open up and pour down the April showers of blessing.

    I can’t wait to read the blog posts you’re going to write about it whilst singing in the rain.

  4. What a lovely pink post today, pink is FAR better than gray and you certainly need some pink to cheer you today. Prayers continue for you my friend. Would love an opportunity to be entered in your giveaway. ~ Abby

  5. that looks yummy.

    My Pink, you might want to link up with my Color Connection meme as well.

  6. Happy Pink Saturday, dear Kathy. You did find some very fun pinks to brighten your day.

    I’m glad your problem seems to be resolved. We must always have hope that His light will break through our darkness.♥

  7. Sweet Post lots of pretty pinks and greys. ( love the pink teeth, giggle) Darn I can’t believe I am a day late for this lovely giveaway…Happy Blogaversary my friend xo

  8. Oh your pinks started chasing my “grey” away. I stopped at the mug, that was etched in grey with the pink inside….now isn’t that how we should be…pink on the inside even if the outside is etched in “grey” that we can’t see, yet, the artist is turning it into a great picture…like the mug!

  9. I love how honest and vulnerable you are about your “grays” – and how faithful you are to remind us of the “pinks” that always follow. It’s a good lesson to be reminded of as we approach a very *black* Crucifixion Friday. That beautiful *pink* Easter morning sunrise is coming!!

    OK, loved the photos of the animal cookies. I am a sucker for those things. Haven’t eaten them in years – perhaps today is a day for “reminiscing”??


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