Blue Garden Woes

I was inspired by Mrs. Rabe over at Creekside Cottage HERE, getting her kids in gear to weed out an overgrown invasive vine that was making a pigs breakfast of her garden.  I love how she used the experience to teach a valuable Bible lesson on the need of not turning a blind eye to them, but to root out sin weeds before they grow to the place of overwhelming. 

I would love to hire her gang out to make a quick work of weeding in my own garden this season.  To be sure, not the wildflower garden of grand boasting from the previous two years.  We’ve got a disaster exploding in the front yard and there’s no mistake about it!

To this end, I am feeling rather blue – and thought it a good post to share with our Smiling Sally on Blue Monday HERE – a little trysting spot I’ve not had the pleasure of visiting for a while due to a busy schedule and less posting on my part.

So, here is my one blue to boast about in my garden so far this season.

A lone forget-me-not.  Oh!  And, one other . . .

An even lonelier bachelor’s button.

Last year at this time there was much happening on this little plot of land in which I took great delight . . .

AND – the year before was bountiful, too . . .

But, this year, with late planting due to our roof being replaced in May, and our attempt to see specific flowers on purpose before a wildflower mix overseed . . . well . . .


I do have ONE of my deck pansies that didn’t wilt away and die left to give me some hope . . .

And, I thought my clematis was a goner after the roofing job killed it and I cut it completely to the ground – but it has come back!

That’s a mercy, at least.

It’s not that we want to put a blind eye to the massive overhaul that needs to be done here in the weeding department.  It’s just that we simply don’t know where to begin!  We can’t identify the good from the bad.  There is yet patience to be applied as we wait to see what will bloom – and what will further invade and choke out the blossoms.

To that end – I am visiting my own personal plant doctor for an RX this week!  Miss Jeannette in her beautious fields of bouquet flowers at JEANNETTE’S BLOOMERS HERE.

She’s just a twenty minute drive from my home and I have wanted to do a post on her green thumb since we worked together at last summer’s Vacation Bible School about gardening.

So . . . expect to meet her in an upcoming post – and see what she recommends for me to do to wrestle some goodness and beauty out of my front garden as we step into summer this coming week!

Hopefully yours and sharing my Blue Garden Woes this BLUE MONDAY at Smiling Sally’s

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  1. Kathy, thanks for the linky love! I think I may have some forget me nots too – I’ve read recently that some consider it an invasive plant as well. Rachel may well have started the forget me nots but not the vine…

    Anyway, I do believe that you have a few edibles in your “weeds” at least I know you have plantain and that is at least medicinal.

    Have fun bringing beauty back to your garden!

  2. The last shot looks fun!

    A little bit of blue, have a great week ahead!

  3. Thanks for sharing your blue blooms–even lonely ones are beautiful when they’re blue!

    Happy 1st Blue Monday, Kathy.

  4. I am having trouble weeding too! My knee needs to be scoped. My hubby has a tweaked back so we are not good gardeners! You have some lovely blues in the garden! Enjoy the week!

  5. Interesting, beautiful Blues!

    Visiting for Blue Monday- Hope you can stop by..

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