Jeannette’s Bloomers in the Pink!

Isn’t is grand to have friends who can do things that you can’t and take pity upon you on occasion?  

Perhaps pity isn’t the right “p” word.  Um . . . PINK!  Yes – that’s it exactly! 

Isn’t it grand to have friends who can do things that you can’t and shower PINK blessings upon you on occasion?

This was my joyful lot when I finally took the drive out to my friend Jeannette’s 1850’s farm house for a much anticipated tour of her flower farm JEANNETTE’S BLOOMERS – and a few promised potted lovelies to take home in the hopes of perking up my failing front garden.  Sighs emanated at first glance – greeted by the white picket fence awash in pink coneflowers – or echinacea in full bloom!

My camera was clicking before Jeannette had a chance to greet me!  But, how could I resist capturing her generous fishpond on the other side of the fence, over the Pink Rose Bush with ready Rose-hips in the foreground possessing the seed of more of the same!

The fishpond boasted lush foliage with not a few little friends enjoying the view . . .

While koi and goldfish meandered about under the shade of lily pads.

Shades of Claude Monet in my mind – and I just had to play around with one of the Printshop options I have for picture management turning a photo into an French Impressionist knock-off . . .

A few moments of conversation inside over a repast of blueberries and cheese passed swiftly and we were ready to tour the grounds!  I was delighted with the charm of her little work cottage!

Inside she had the tools of her trade artfully scattered about looking every bit of perfection in composition.

GASP!  A shelf with teacups lined up like soldiers awaiting a glorious bouquet arrangement for prospective clients.

But, wait!  Now, I’m not quite the tea and china expert that so many here in Blogland might be, but I have learned much from my weekly teatimes and antiquing forays.  I’m was sure there were three cups up there that should never be relegated to a potting shed.

To be sure – when turning them over, I found a Queen Anne, Royal Vale, and Rosina backstamp.  After pointing out the qualities of these teacups in comparison to the lesser mass produced others on the shelf, I was shocked when Jeannette insisted I take them for teatime since she didn’t collect them for that purpose. She just wanted to have something to put flowers in.  I agreed to a trade and took three from my own collection that were a better choice to suit her purposes –

I was beyond delighted in such an unexpected gift to enhance my tea cabinet – and we hadn’t even gotten to the flowers yet!

More picket fencing and lush overgrown Pink Sweetpeas and greenery met us at the entrance to the fields and greenhouses.  

To our far left at the outset was the compost heap with pink Larkspur growing wild in front of it – almost as tall as me!

More Larkspur in shades of pink, white, lavender, and deep purple were to be had outside the first greenhouse – and inside – with another postcard perfect composition of flowers and a rustic shabby white chair for gardening comfort when nurturing the larkspur . . .

Or, the Sweet William . . .
I’m swooning about now.

Neat rows outside were all in order sporting a multitude of colors – with pinks aplenty!

The Zinnias were especially vibrant.

Jeannette instructed me on just the right time to harvest them for an arrangement – waiting until all the little petals unfold, otherwise they will not completely open.  Smaller in size and quite different in color was the Victorian Zinnia.

I was enchanted by the name, of course, and told it stems (no pun intended) from the vintage, antiqued hues of the flower – as though plucked from a colorized sepia tone photo from another time.  Very romantic.

The next greenhouse sheltered her long stem Roses in glorious yellow and reds . . .

And, one of my favorites Jeannette had introduced to me some time ago in a birthday bouquet she had designed for a mutual friend – the Lisianthus, or Eustoma.

Upon first glance, one would think it were a rose like in this pink variety.  However, it is a flower all its own and grows in stalks with generous buds that will each open nicely in a vase if you are prompt to deadhead the bloom before it.

More rows to the back and the side of the greenhouses with Batchelor Buttons and Daisies

And, the Calla Lilies are in bloom again . . .

Bright Marigolds with attendant bumble bees . . .

Queen Anne’s Lace . . .

If not all manner of fascinating varieties . . .

For the sole purpose of creating the most breathtaking floral arrangements for any and all occasions – or no occasion at all!  To that end, Jeannette and I passed once more about the garden clipping my favorites –

And, with great delight, she fitted a magnificent arrangement in a vase for me to display at home.

During our tour, her husband, Bob, had been busy in the seedling greenhouse preparing a few things for me to take home to my dismal front garden – including this sweet Guara – or, as Jeannette calls it – her “fairy” plant – because it reminds her of a little fairy flitting about.

Well, my hubs and I had our work cut out for us that evening, trying to find the right spot in our front garden for all these tiny seedling sprouted treasures.  How generous of Jeannette to take the time to share her bounty of knowledge and quality plantings with little garden-challenged me.

To be sure – I’ve no green thumb at all – perhaps, it’s a pink thumb!  If so, then no matter what, everything will always be coming up roses!

Please stop by and visit my friend Jeannette at Jennette’s Bloomers on Facebook HERE – and be sure to LIKE her page, too!

Sharing Jeannette’s Bloomers in the Pink today with Beverly on Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

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  1. It sounds like Jeannette is helping turn your pink thumbs to green. There is so much beauty shown in this post; I like the Victorian Zinnias and the teacups. Thanks for taking us along.

  2. Oh how wonderful..this goes right with my trip to Greer inspiring, and oh this is another dream place I would love to own.

    I also like her name…from another Jeannette…just spelled differently. Such beauty

    How much fun!!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Happy pink Saturday.

    Come and see my PINK entry, when you get a chance, thanks!

    PS.. I am now following your blog, it would be delightful if you can follow my family blog too, thank you!

  4. Oh how I wished I’d been right beside you on your visit. What a wonderful way to spend the day.
    Jeannette was very generious to give you those beautiful tea cups. But I liked that you ended up trading. Now I must go back and look at her garden again.

  5. I like your beautiful Pink flowers..

    Visiting for Pink Saturday- hope you can stop by..

  6. I like the Lakespur. It is really pretty.

  7. Those pictures of the pond are awesome. I’m sure a good cup of tea or coffee in the morning by the pond is nice.

  8. Hi again, Kathryn,
    I just now had time to sit awhile and view some past posts and I’m so glad I didn’t miss your visit to this wonderful garden! Thank you for sharing this (I’m in a little bit of heaven!).

  9. Lovely flowers – I enjoyed my visit to your blog!

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