Pink Surprise!

Whew!  I just spent the last four days working morning til night in preparation for our Constellation Academy Home School Resources Network workshop tomorrow – which happens to be Pink Saturday – and the second of JUNE!

What happened to May?!

Oh, yeah – that’s my busy month.  Too many projects this month requiring my attention and keeping me out of Blogland for a bit.  I’ve missed visiting you all and hope to get back in the blogging way next week – maybe in time for tea on Tuesday!

So, being up to my eyeballs in creating notebooking kit tutorials . . .

And, lining up all the things I’ll be transporting to the workshop venue . . .

Hubby came home from work at Barnes & Noble with a Pink Surprise!

Lucy & Desi!  Just the thing to perk me up after mentally imploding with endless lists to check off and handouts to design and print and put in proper order!

I do love Lucy!  I think perhaps it might be owing to the fact that I grew up with her in the reruns of the 1960’s and just hearing the opening theme I’m transported back to carefree childhood afternoons, at peace, at home, with mom making dinner and daddy arriving shortly after his day at work.

Watching Lucy & Desi today as an adult, I am loving the Lucy fashion statements!  Those marvelous dresses with the full skirts and cinched waists – and the HATS!!

So tragic that they couldn’t make it in a lasting marriage.  That makes me mourn a bit.  But, then, Lucy will do something ridiculous and Desi’s eyes will pop out in amazement and Little Ricky will play the drums and Fred & Ethel will stop by for cards and I’ll live in that sitcom world for an escapist moment – just one more half hour

Unless, of course, it’s the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour – then it’s twice the fun!.

Plenty of pink to be had – albeit in Black and White . . .

Sharing my Pink Surprise this week with Beverly on Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound!

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  1. What a loving husband!
    A thoughtful surprise that transports you everytime you see it.
    Lucy, what a character. I enjoyed her antics so much, I name my little doggie after her (Princess Lucille Ball, but we call her Lucy)

  2. Very pretty!

    Come and join me with my Color Connection meme through my PINK entry. Hope you join the fun!

  3. Happy Pink Saturday!! This is my favorite post. I love Lucy. Your hubby is so sweet to bring you such adorable Lucy gifts. Have a wonderful weekend. Grace xoox

  4. And it is so fun to watch when she sells the vitamegamix and works in the chocolate factory! So sweet!

  5. Stopping by to say…Happy Pink Saturday!
    Stop by My Sweet Prairie Home…I love to have company! God Bless You !

  6. You’ve been quite the busy gal!

    I love Luci, too! She’s hilarious! We need to laugh more, don’t we?

  7. Loved that show. I especially loved the one when Lucy was working in the chocolate factory on the line.:) I still crack up every time I think of her face,with bulging cheeks. 🙂

  8. I love Lucy, too! Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. I love and adore Lucy too, how sweet of your husband to bring you a gift 🙂
    Glad to “see” you here today!

  10. Good morning Kathryn, I too have been absent from my blogging friends. Lots going on here too. Sometimes our lives are just a bit too busy but I like it this way. I still wish for more time for my Blog friends though.

    Good luck with your workshop. It looks like tons of work.

    Your hubs is a sweetie. I ‘love’ Lucy too. Nice little reminders for a great TV show that most of us older folks will never forget.

    Happy Sunday,
    Hus, Jeanne

  11. Kathy, such a pleasure catching up with you today! Always blessed when I visit!

    What happened to May? What happened to March and April, I ask?! Let me tell you, buying and selling a house, going through escrow twice in two months, packing and moving 2 hours away after 28 years in the same house – well, it’s TIME-CONSUMING, to say the least!!

    Please tell me it’s still 2012…

    Prayers for the new *constellation* adventure!


  12. Lucy brings back good childhood memories for me, too!
    I hope you are keeping well, dear Kathy.
    love and blessings..Trish

  13. I think that she was beautiful too. enjoy your gifts!


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