Give Me Some Sweet Notecards!

‘Tis the Season for Some Sweet!  

Been catching more honeybees in my flowers again filling up on vital ingredients for the honey harvest coming up next month!   Here’s one that was actually at work in my friend Jeanette’s garden HERE.

Be they yellow marigolds or sun-kissed sunflowers from HERE . . .

These busy little fellows are all “a-buzz” their “buzziness” – I mean – they’re all ABOUT their BUSINESS!!

If not making an absolute pig of themselves like HERE

Say!  Leave enough for the butterflies in my garden HERE!

Even my signature card is getting in the game . . .

Sharing Give Me Some Sweet Notecards this month with Vee at A Haven for Vee!

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  1. Flowers really do make some of the prettiest cards! Love your wonderful close ups!

  2. Love the photos! Those bees keep bizzy! lol Thanks for stopping by. xo

  3. Extraordinary!!!

    You take amazing pictures!

  4. What beautiful photos you have shared, bees and butterflies are beautiful to photograph! i find myself chasing them throughout my garden trying to capture photos as you have shared. Indeed lovely note cards they would make.Thank you for sharing.

  5. Those are great shots Kathy! Especially the one just covered in pollen!


  6. Katherine, your photos are stunning girl! LOVE! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. Lovely flowers and you captured the bees so well! I have a hard time with that one. Thank you for joining in. I’m really enjoying the relaxing music, too.

  8. Love the yellows. And that little bee that is completely being a PIG. And making a mess! Very cute!

  9. Great close ups – loved the details!

    Stay cool!

  10. These are beautiful! I love that busy bee covered in pollen. Thanks for your visit and sweet comment. Pamela

  11. Such a busy bee making honey. Great photos. Flowers are amazing creations, are they not?

  12. amazing amazing! love your pictures. how could anyone doubt?!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  13. Great floral photos and I love your blog header too!

  14. I am amazed at the little piggy bee completely covered in pollen. Love it!

  15. Great set! I love watching the bees buzz back and forth over the blooms- very greedy!

  16. these are perfect. love the bees. you must be a patient one … i tried for a bee shot & only got a bee butt. ha. ha! lovely view but prefer the whole bee. ha. ha!! (:

  17. Wonderful nature filled Note Cards! Love the bees. Wonderful shots.

  18. Pretty pictures! I think I like the second photo the best but it was hard to decide on just one. 🙂

  19. (And thank you for following my blog!)

  20. Hi Kathy,

    These are great!! The big yellow sunflower is marvelous, and the third picture made me laugh out loud – so funny. I’ve never seen a bee do that before. 😀 Your garden is so pretty; I saw it on your post yesterday about Lucy and Anne of Green Gables. Lovely post.

    Thanks so much for your visit and your kind comments on my note cards. I hope you’re having a great week!



  21. Oh yes! I love bumble bees for some reason and your flower/bee note card photos are so pretty! Love that big yellow sunflower.

  22. Those are just fabulous choices, and I really do think they would make great note cards. I’m picturing them with a note to encourage a busy person. My favorite is the second one down.


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