Sister and Sausage

Feeling pink all over this week – destructive derecho storm notwithstanding – because my younger sister, Joanna has been visiting from Florida!  She hasn’t been home for five years.  Her July 4th week visit has been in the works since we were Skyping at Christmas about what special thing we could do for our dad’s 85th birthday.  A visit from Daughter #2 would be a great surprise – and it was!  My youngest sister Laureen (Daughter #3), hosted a 4th of July crabs and spaghetti feast at her home near the shore. 

Wasn’t dad surprised to walk in the door and find Joanna there – with all three of us in a row!

Thankfully, Laureen’s power was restored two days earlier.  This year’s 4th of July has been upstaged by an inland hurricane without a name in our part of the country.  Poor Laureen lost her amazingly huge weeping willow tree!

Poor dad is still without power – day seven!  Sooo – he’s been taking dinner and sundry meals at our house.  And – with Joanna, our family gourmet chef, in town this week – we’ve been eating quite well!

My pinks today are about the terrific meal she whipped up for us today.  We’d gone to the Amish Market downtown (thankfully functioning with full power) – and Joanna was inspired by some choice chicken sausage:  Broccoli rabe, feta and spinach, and white wine with parsley and garlic. 

She dreamed up a superb white wine sauce to prepare with the sausage over pasta and we gathered the rest of the ingredients at the market.

Back at my house, she prepped like a pro – chopping roasted garlic, roasted red pepper, fresh oregano and thyme. 

In addition, she had already purchased some shitake and oyster mushrooms and determined they would be a grand addition.

Oh!  Let’s not forget the asparagus!

We were getting green smoothies made when she saw them across the way at the market and may a beeline for them! 

When she’s not in the kitchen indulging in her culinary hobby, she is managing her own Stylemakers Salon  adjacent to DeLuca’s Fine Jewelry in New Port Richey, Florida with her husband, Larry. 

With so much on her plate – no pun intended – it is a real treat when she is able to fly home for a visit – and cook amazing dinners for her family . . .

Like this awesome Italian style pasta and chicken sausage dish in white wine tossed herb goat cheese, served up in our grandmother’s beloved vintage pasta bowl.

Making me feel PINK all over!

Sharing my Sister and Sausage at Beverly’s Pink Saturday on How Sweet the Sound.

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  1. That is a massive tree !!

  2. The pasta dish looks soooo good!! I read on your sidebar about your book – looks right up my alley! Thanks for a great post and Happy Pink Saturday to you, Dru

  3. I feel the love, and smell the food…

  4. Wow! Kathy, thank God your sister was unhurt in all that chaos!
    What a great surprise you girls sprung on your dear dad – he must’ve been so happy to have you all together again 🙂
    Sisters are the greatest – I KNOW!
    I see that you and yours share the same beauty and lovely hair!
    And such good cooks, too!
    Hope everything settles down for your family and gets back to normal again soon.
    Happy Pink Saturday, my friend.
    love and blessings..Trish xx

  5. My goodness. life has been exciting for you and your family! You all look marvelous. I too can just smell the yummy food. You look so happy!
    Love, Lady Linda

  6. What a wonderful treat for you and surprise for your dad. Happy Birthday to him, btw! Everything she made looks absolutely delicious to me. I was just about drooling over the pasta. Sigh.

    You have a beautiful family, and I can see your dad in each of your faces. Family is a wonderful gift from God, don’t you think? What a treasure to get to open it up and enjoy it.

    I miss my long distance sister…

  7. Loved hearing about the adventure and seeing the fun pics. Hope all power is restored by now.

  8. Oh mah goodness, my mouth is watering! Delish! How fun to see you and your family together.
    So sorry about that nasty storm! We missed it…but heard allllll about it from friends on FB and Mom. WOW!

  9. Oh, dear…hope your Dad gets his power back asap! My, what beauties you and your daughter are, Kathy!! Mmm, dinner looks wonderful~ Have a blessed weekend and enjoy time with your special girl 🙂

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