Mystery Plant!

It seems eons since I’ve been able to indulge in my happy hobby here in Blogland!  Quite the busy summer getting all things ready for my homeschool classes coming up in September!  You can read all about how Constellation Academy Home School Resources Network has blossomed through field trips and workshops this summer by scrolling through a few stories at my other blog HERE!

THAT’S what I’ve been up too – and how I’ve missed the leisure of blog reading and writing!  Especially teatime.  I’ve got a few little bits I’ll be posting this week, then I’m off the grid again for another week traveling to see my grandbaby, Mackenzie, for her second birthday!!

Ain’t she sweet???

BUT!  Today is Monday and I am in quite the quandry!  It’s about my wildflower garden.  Oh!  The woes of this garden all season! 

This is not to say that we didn’t have some lovely growth and color out there – with much effort on my husband’s part staying current with the weeding.  I just love this sort of sunflower bush bursting out all around one of the birdhouses!

Lately, we’ve had lots of rain and heat and we’ve just not gotten out there for dead-heading and trimming.  To that end, it’s pretty dismal looking – almost ready to scrap the whole thing and put in some mums for fall – a month early!

But, look at this fascinating thing that has just popped up over the past couple of weeks – seemingly out of nowhere . . .

Crazy, right?  This novice gardener hasn’t a clue – does anyone out there in Blogland know what we’re growing here? 

My husband has left it to itself as a curiosity.  

All in all, it has been another trial and error year in the garden with much learned – but now we have to wait til spring to apply our lessons in the hopes of improvement next season.

Ah . . . me . . .

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  1. Hi Kathryn,

    It’s nice to see you back; we’ve missed you this summer. I go MIA in blog land sometimes, too.

    I do like your wildflower garden, and I think your mystery plant might be a butterfly weed or a milkweed plant. They’re bad to spring up when it’s hot and humid. All of our pretty flower and plants struggle, but the weeds seem to thrive. 🙂

    I Googled butterfly weed and looked at the images, and they do look an awful lot like what you have. If so, you may end up with some blooms on it, which I think attracts the butterflies (hence the name).

    I hope you have a good week.



  2. Howdy stranger!

    Whatcha doing with the seeing pattern?

  3. Oops… SEWING pattern. (fingers too big for this iPhone sometimes…)

  4. Hi, again! That’s not a sewing pattern in the first image? {I’m looking at this post on my iPhone…} Sorry to puzzle you. ;o) Now I’m puzzled, too!

    Excited about your new space! Oh, the possibilities! Again, congratulations on your DD’s engagement!

  5. My friend Dianne says your mystery plant looks “rather like tall phlox.”


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