Autumn Floral Note Cards

Okay – so it’s been done before.  But, really – do we ever tire of a few good floral shots?  I know I don’t!

This is how I felt when my friend, Jeanette brought a n incredible bouquet of fresh flowers to church for foyer decor last fall.  I was captivated by the variety and striking beauty of each bloom – and the artful arrangement of same.  Camera at the ready – I clicked away, for such a time as this:  Note Card Party in Autumn!

I thought to share this choice four shots from the bunch as Jeanette has been much on my heart.  Earlier this month we had to say farewell to her beloved husband, Bob, who went to be with the Lord after a patient wait for a double lung transplant.  Not to be – the Lord had some flower tending in the heavens for him.  His memorial service was bittersweet – but the most joy filled celebration of a life passing I’ve ever attended.

Bob and Jeanette owned a small but luscious flower farm named for her – Jeanette’s Bloomers – but she always said that he was the expert.  Back in June I shared a post of my visit HERE – and still enjoy the fruit of the seedling florals Bob made up for me at the time to transplant in our own front garden.  He will be missed.

So – sharing the fruit of his and her labors from a year ago, I hope you enjoy . . .

Praying Jeanette knows God’s peace.

Sharing Autumn Floral Note Cards this month at A Haven for Vee.

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  1. Just beautiful! Think I need to treat myself to some flowers this weekend:@)

  2. Wow, these would make beautiful notecards. Going to follow that link now to the post about their flowers.

  3. what great ideas for fall. so rich in color. wow, i love fall. enjoy your fall. (:

  4. What lovely shots…and just right for a set of beautiful note cards.;)

  5. Beautiful selections for Vee’s party and what a wonderful tribute for your friend Bob. Wishing Jeanette and all who Bob touched WELL. Happy Fall!

  6. I am sorry that you have lost such a dear friend. What a beautiful garden Jeannette and Bob tended together! Jeannette is a generous lady to gift you with the lovely tea cups and Bob was so helpful in the selection of your plants. Grace, love, and comfort for Jeannette’s journey forward.

    These note cards are beautiful. Taking photos of the same bouquet creates a perfect set! Thank you for participating again. Lovely to see you!

  7. Beautiful colors…and so sorry for the loss

    Glad you are busy teaching kids and I will have to drop in and glean from you. Yes busy here also, hubby lost his job and that set things into a tail spin…but school is keeping us grounded, and I enjoy the blessings of that…now we are off to the pumpkin patch this morning

  8. I just love autumn’s colors and you really captured them. I’m so sorry for your friends loss.

  9. What a sweet story — and lovely pictures. I love the texture in the last one!

  10. Hi Kathryn,
    What a beautiful post in memory and honor of you dear friend. The pics you share are gorgeous. I am sure he is tending many a pretty flower garden in a much better place.
    Thank you for sharing and thank you for stopping by with your blogbirthday wishes and entry in my giveaway.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week.
    So special to see you.
    Blessings, Celestina Marie
    p.s. I love your header!!

  11. They look gorgeous! Thanks so much for stopping by and joining in my blog. Would love to check your other post…

  12. Your floral note cards are beautiful! I love them all. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  13. So nice to see you back, Kathryn! These floral cards are lovely; wow, I love the rich colors of the blooms. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s passing; I know his wife will miss him so. It sounds like he will truly be missed by many folks.

    Thanks for sharing and have a blessed week.


  14. I truly love your selection and would not only use them as note cards but frame them for the house. They’re beautiful.

    And I’m so sorry about your friend, too. We are currently praying for someone to receive a double lung transplant. I know how hard the wait is. I lift his wife for that peace that passes understanding.

  15. Lovely photos! I often spend hours photographing bouquets because it seems so sad to me that they will fade and I want something to remember them by!

  16. Very beautiful photography on your set of notecards. The color is vibrant!

  17. Beautiful photos of lovely flowers!

    Sorry for the loss of your friend.


  18. I am very sorry for your loss, too. These flowers sure are beautiful for notecards and you’ve written a lovely post.

  19. No, we never tire of beautiful flowers. I hope Jeannette finds peace and comfort. Thank you for sharing a bit of their story with us.

  20. Oh Kathryn
    These beautiful floral images are such a wonderful tribute and celebration of your dear friends life.
    They are bursting with colour and vibrancy – what a collection of Note Cards to give your friend Jeanette.

    You have a blessed day too
    take care
    Shane ♥ in New Zealand – far, far away!

    Ps I’ve become your newest follow and will enjoy coming back to see you.

  21. So sorry to read about your friend! I remember that post and enjoyed it very much!

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