Civil War Teatime

Forgive me, ladies!  I have been absent from our weekly teatimes and worse for it, I assure you!  It is after midnight as I write now – and I am determined that I shall be visiting for teatime this week!  My classes are prepared and I will have a little time in the morning to see what delights are being shared from tea table to tea table!

Besides – I had a splendid tea day this past Sunday and I just couldn’t let my lovely teatime treat pass by without sharing a bit of my adventure with you!  A Civil War Teatime!

Photo by Jan Narducci

In period attire, no less!

Each October, Civil War Weekend is celebrated in Mullica Hill, New Jersey.  Civil War re-enactors from New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland set up Confederate and Union encampments that are living history museums where visitors can learn about this era in our nation’s history in an authentic setting.

Since Ed and I work with many of these re-enactors each May for our town’s Founder’s Day event, we were happy to dress for the occasion and spend the day strolling the historic shops and sharing in the fun!

We arrived just in time for the Civil War Fashion Show which was to be followed by a Ladies Tea Party in the garden.  We were invited to participate in the fashion show – especially since Ed was the only male in civilian period attire – a bonus!

Photo by Jan Narducci

Various soldiers in real deal uniforms and weaponry escorted ladies in authentically detailed fashions of the day.

Photo by Jan Narducci

A young soldier – very well spoken and knowledgeable – narrated all the ins and outs of each man’s attire.  Ed was wearing a 19th century frock coat and looked the part of one of those scoundrel carpetbaggers who  waited around for the end of that “little skirmish” so he could make a killing buying up land for cheap afterward.  Quite the villain!

Photo by Jan Narducci

My friend, Viola, narrated for the ladies.  Vi portrays Civil War nurse, Cornelia Hancock, and was our gracious hostess at her tent for tea directly after the show.

Tea – freshly brewed and served on a mixed array of teacups and luncheon plates!

I chose an herbal fruit blend – quite yum!  There were about five different teas to choose from.

And, such home baked cakes with spice, pumpkin, apple, cranberry, and nuts to thrill the palate and sweet tooth!

The leaf teas and some of the china was on loan from the nearby tea room – the very elegant Amelia’s.  So, to be sure, I determined to stroll by there for a visit – with a decided gasp as I walked in the door greated by a Victorian fashion masterpiece!

I felt that tingling all over – a sort of anxiety not knowing where to look first – and a great concern that my rather expansive hoops be kept in good order – or I might be the cause of certain destruction!  I loved this frilly floral of a set – teacups, saucer and pot . . .

And, more clever china florals . . .

My very favorite of the luncheon plates and teacups . . .

I just loved the shape of the plate.  So unusual – and actually practical if sitting on one’s lap.

I treated myself to a handmade lace and beaded “steeper” – which I saw in the shop last year when I visited but declined the purchase since I had spent all my money on that splendid Civil War era hat I was wearing in the above pictures.  The steepers waited for me to arrive this year and I decidedly took the prettiest one home!

Displayed above on my newest teacup acquisition from the antique store next to the tea shop:  A Royal Albert forget-me-not and lily of the valley pattern!

Suddenly, I was swept away with the Language of Flowers – so popular in the Victorian age.  The cup spoke to me of my mother – gone to be with the Lord since 2004 – who first gave me my love of tea and china.  As I’ve shared in previous posts, mom loved Lily of the Valley best.  So, here was a teacup that seemed to say, “Remember Mama.”  Had to have – don’t you think?

And, how I would love to furnish a studio with the likes of what I found in THIS shop – located in an ancient barn!

I loved this three tiered display table!

Can you just see it filled with array of teapots, cups and saucers, creamers and sugars, cake plates and cloches and – of course – books!  Like this sweet display here . . .

And, what wouldn’t we show off behind the glass doors in that stunner of a reproduction cabinet!

Or, on this real-deal dress form – quite out of my pocketbook.

However, there was quite the deal found for only a dollar on the clearance table – a vintage print of Elizabeth pouring out tea for Mr. Darcy at home in Pemberly.

Virtually impossible to get a shot of this without the glare of the glass picking up all manner of reflections!  It will be part of a wall grouping I’m planning to create when I move all my sewing and sundry crafts into Bethany’s room next month after the wedding.  Hate to see her leave – but glad for some room to stretch for my many projects.  More on that later this season, too!

So, a splendid tea with other ladies in similar attire, just before the guns started firing off for the battle.  The Union and Confederates put on a good show – taking turns winning.

Photo by Jan Narducci

Photo by Jan Narducci

Meanwhile, I found myself being asked repeatedly to pose for pictures.

Photo by Jan Narducci

One nice lady took quite a few shots at the fashion show, and while watching the battle asked if I’d pose by a gravestone for effect.  She was a member of the South Jersey Camera Club and was on the grounds taking some interesting shots.  So . . . I posed . . .

Photo by Jan Narducci

Then, we got Ed into the game . . .

Photo by Jan Narducci

Here we be – mourning a lost soldier – Confederate or Union – does it matter, really?

And, she was kind enough to send me some of her photos.  Many thanks to Jan Narducci for the fun and such lovely photographs!  You can see her work and the work of other photography enthusiasts HERE at the South Jersey Camera Club.

However, the best part of it all was to know I might be able to share all this fun with my tea ladies – albeit at 2:00 in the morning . . . YAWN!  See you round the tea table!

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  1. What a lovely print.

  2. Hello Kathryn! It is great to have you join T.T. again! Your day out in history is wonderful! love seeing these re enactments myself. I adore the clothing and you and your hubby look amamzing! Especially the graveside pictures!
    I ooohed and aaaaahed my way through your images and wish I was with you at the tea and the shopping. Your newest cup is beautiful, I have that one too! The coloring is fab isn’t it? Yay!
    Thanks for your totally wonderful post.

  3. Oh Kathy…I have missed your posts! How nice to have you back and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! I have supplied china, etc to Civil War re-enactors and would love to visit one, but I haven’t found any near to us yet. Your costumes are wonderful. Did Ed have any snake oil with him, perchance?! How fun to be able to combine it with it (not the snake oil) but the re-enactment with tea and antiquing! What could be a more perfect day? Have a wonderful week!

  4. Hi: I have sure missed you. Your blog is always so interesting and beautiful. Today is no exception, I love the tea cups and pots. You look incrediable. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Martha

  5. Wonderful photos by Jan, and your costumes are fabulous. It all looks authentic and I am sure it is, and the tea party is a nice touch.

  6. Aha, I wondered why I had not run into you for tea for awhile Katherine.
    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the period costume and reenactment photos you’ve shared. You and Ed are to be commended for your participation and eye to detail.
    The tea and goodies look delightful and I have not seen a tea steeper as you bought. I can see why you wanted one!

  7. Such an interesting post with so much information. Love the lily of the valley tea cup pattern also! Absolutely meant for you! 😉

  8. Hello dear Kathy,
    My, it’s been a while. I have missed you at my tea parties! I realize you are very busy and I appreciate you taking time out to attend this week. Your costumes and period dress are fabulous! You and your hubby look very nice. Loved all the photos and the tea room, oh my, what treasures you found there! The lily-of-the-valley and foget-me-not teacup is so pretty and a lovely reminder of your mother. Other pieces that really took my eye was the luncheon set. Lovely post, and thank you for sharing it with my special tea this week.


  9. I quite enjoyed reading your post,the rose teapot and little bowls were quite lovely and the music was a nice touch.

  10. I love history and when you combined it with fashion, well, it is delightful.

    I visited a Tea House with charming settings that filled the entire room. I thought of you the whole time.

  11. Hello! My goodness, what’s not to love? History, food, fashion, dishes and comraderie! I always enjoy a visit to your blog. Looks like you and Ed sure had fun. 🙂

  12. That must have been really fun and interesting. Tea and history. A perfect day.
    I think that old print is just lovely!
    Ruthie from:

  13. I enjoyed visiting with you this morning.

  14. Greeting dear friend,
    I have not come for a visit in a long time and I am glad it did. I enjoyed your blog and your Civil War adventure. Thanks for sharing it with us. I wish you well this day, Lady Estelle

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