Autumn Pinkness

Happy PINK Saturday!!

So delightful to be back in the blog swing of things – missed all our lady’s and their pinks these past six weeks!  Hoping to have regained some balance so that I can post regularly again – see what has been keeping me away from Blogland HERE!

Now – as to this Autumn season and the PINKS therein – I came across this marvel of a foliage shot on Facebook by photographer Donna Watson of  Piedmont Lake, Ohio.

I thought it was interesting to see what appeared to be PINK – and hints of lavender and shades of purple in amongst the golds and reds and oranges and yellows.  Nifty, huh?  Note the photo source in the lower right corner.  Google it and check out all the loveliness to be had in God’s Creation there at this time of year. 

Brings to mind a little ditty I wrote as a child and have remembered all these years.  I might have shared it before – but since I don’t remember if I did or not you probably won’t either.

The last leaf of an old oak tree
Came tumbling down to where it should be
Down it came
To the all but PINK colored ground.
Alas, it has died,
But, do not despair –
For next year there’ll be
A new leaf

Meanwhile, in my own backyard . . .

Enjoying an Indian Summer here in South Jersey – and taking drive today with Ed to enjoy the color show in our famous Pine Barrens – looking for a dot of PINK along the way . . .

Glorious weekend to you all!

Sharing my Autumn Pinkness with Beverly’s Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

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  1. Hi Kathryn, your Fall photos are perfect!
    Such a beautiful time of the year.
    Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami

  2. Lovely post today. I checked to see what all you had been up to. You definitely have been burning your candle at both ends. Slow down and smell the roses.

  3. Great way to spend the day, driving around, looking at the Fall colors.
    You don’t have to look far. The tree in your yard is beautiful.

  4. Hi Kathryn,

    Gorgeous … gorgeous photos of autumn! I’m visiting from Pink Saturday and glad I dropped by for a visit. I am in New York and the foliage is so beautiful right now.

  5. Fall is delightful!

    Healthy Pink Snacks
    Have an enjoyable Pink Saturday!

  6. Lovely colours on the trees.

  7. Hi Kathy, it’s so nice to see you posting again 🙂
    What gorgeous Autumn foliage you have in your garden!
    I love deciduous trees and only wish the glorious red and gold leaves would last a bit longer.
    Driving amid such beauty is one of life’s sweet pleasures!

  8. That first picture is fall in all it’s glory. The colors so striking and the pink shades just beautiful.The reflection in the water is so pretty too. Your own back yard is lovely–my fav time of year.

  9. Hi Kathy! Love your foliage photos! I’m on a trip south and it’s funny, it was so brilliantly colorful, until we hit around Richmond, Virginia, then it was just green, but still beautiful. Wishing you many fall blessings! Love, Linda

  10. What a glorious tree in your yard. We don’t get color like that very often, but last year, with all the drought here in Texas, our fall colors were amazing. They didn’t arrive until almost December, but they were spectacular.

  11. It’s been so long since I did a pink Saturday. I need to get this tail up and outside and go on an autumn pink hunt. I really love the ones you’ve captured.

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