Harvest Festival on Frankenstorm Eve

It’s coming up the coast and New Jersey is in a “State of Emergency” – officially – while folks are clearing the shelves at the stores of vital supplies and battening down their respective hatches.

Meanwhile – on our Calvary Chapel Vineland church grounds – FRANKENSTORM . . .

Is taking in some fun and games and arts and crafts . . .

Before pelting us with three days of wind and rain!

My Constellation Academy Homeschool event – in planning for months – NARNIA NIGHT at Indian Trail Farm – had to be cancelled because our host horse farm needed the time to secure all their buildings and animals and dismantle their authentic tipi in preparation for the coming tumult.  So, that meant that I would be able to spend ALL day at our church Harvest Festival instead of only half!

Grabbing some of my own crafting inventory from my old business, SALTSHAKER CRAFTS, I thought I’d join the fun inside at the Arts & Crafts Show with a handful of artists.

This was our first time trying out such an idea and I hope we expand it and do it again.  I did enjoy my craft show seasons when I plied the trade a decade ago, and wouldn’t mind creating some little lovelies to participate in a greater capacity on a smaller scale once a year at a church event.

I make “Born Again” bears, “Angels on Assignment” ornaments, and other vintage bits and pieces.

This was all I had left from my previous inventory – packed away these ten years.  Fun to take them out again and basically break even on the day – making what I spent!  Here’s my favorite find of the day:

I have big plans for this little lady!  She’s getting the full “vintage embellishment” treatment before she tells me her name.  Story to be continued . . .

Meanwhile, there were soldiers of Santa ornaments all in a row –

Scrap-booking greeting cards lined up good and proper –

Hair embellishments for dainty divas soldiering up, too!

My flower lady friend, Jeanette, peeking from behind some of her gorgeous creations from Jeanette’s Bloomers.

Husband and partner, Bob, has recently gone to be with Jesus, but her daughter and son-in-law are working the business with her.  So glad!  She had fresh flower bunches, too, in addition to dried arrangements.

Artist, Cathy McCormick of Tomcat Creations had so many amazing things to show off!

Not the least of which was this amazing doll house designed with each room lit and decorated . . .

And, this incredible cluster of grapes!

She was inspired to create it when someone gave her the vine – she mounted it and built the cluster and leaves and marked it with the “vine and branches” verse in John 15. 

This fishy business was unique – she made it out of soda bottles!

Other goodies at the show included crocheted hats and bags . . .

Fall arrangements and cupcakes . . .

Ceramics . . .

And, my seamstress friend, Maureen, making the most of a fancy new machine she just got with aprons and more aprons!

Our own resident artist, Erin Vazquez of  A Second Time Around, headed up the show committee and had everyone “oooo-ing” and “ahhh-ing” at her eclectic spin on thrift finds!

I had my few offerings laid out between Graceful Designs bead creations by a young homeschool gal, and bags of delish cookies that sold swiftly by a homeschool mom friend of mine.

Outside, Ed was the resident “farmer” hosting the hayride show.  I was the “farmer’s wife” – looking every bit the Laura Ingalls Wilder thing.

I would sneak outside to catch some of the fun watching the kids at their many activity stations . . .

And, take a spin on the hayride around the grounds as Farmer Ed shared the gospel on each ride – using the pumpkin as an object lesson.

Cutting the eyes and ears for how we come to “see” and “hear” when we ask Jesus into our lives.  He, indeed comes INSIDE us . . .

And, cleans out all the bad seeds of sin in our lives . . .

Then, fills us with his light.  A candle was placed in the pumpkin – but not lit.  The winds were already picking up and fire on a windy day in close proximity to a wagon load of dry hay . . . well . . . we used our imaginations on that score.

Pie-eating contests for all ages . . .

Pastor Frank won the grown-up contest.

Really – not rigged at all!

Waaaayyyyyy too much candy . . .

Oh!  Lest I forget the Chili Cook-off?  And the kids’ Mac & Cheese Cook-off?  Here’s what was left after all the chili was scarfed up – and #5 taking the prize.  Note the ingredient list:  STUFF.

All in all – a GREAT TIME was had by all.  Ed declared it the best Harvest Festival yet!

Evening was setting in and everyone’s thoughts turned more towards what lies ahead these next three days.  Truly, we are all in God’s hands.  And, as one of my little Harvest Doll creations reminds us, holding up a fragrant sachet with the sweetest of Scriptural reminders from Philippians 4:6-7:

Be safe all my Blogland friends in the path of FRANKENSTORM – God’s got this one, come what may!

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  1. Oh Kathy…fabulous! So glad you were able to at least get THIS fun thing in before the unwelcome guest approaching. Looks like it was a wonderful time. Wish I were closer…so glad it was a success!

  2. What a variety of things something for everyone, looks like a pretty good fair.
    We have heard about the storm heading you way hope everyone is safe.
    Merle from Australia………

  3. Oh What a gorgeous display of handmade gifts and such. Looks and sounds like a wonderful time!

    Stay safe – we’re as ready as we’ll ever be!


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