In the DIY of the Storm

Well, folks – it’s “sit tight time” as Sandy Frankenstorm is barreling her way directly for us here in the middle of South Jersey – just a 45 minute drive inland from Atlantic City and an hour from Cape May where she’s projected to make landfall Monday late afternoon.

This past Saturday our church enjoyed a successful Harvest Party and Arts & Crafts Show – see a full report HERE – where we watched the clouds roll in and felt the temperature drop feeling the storm’s early stages.  I mentioned how I picked up this cutie from a fellow crafter . . .

And thought I might want to “fancify” her just a bit – and give her a proper name.  So, I’ve spent Saturday and Sunday evening doing just that – a little “DIY in the storm” in anticipation of coming in contact on Monday with the very “eye of the storm,” should the weather predictions be on target.

Rummaging through my drawers of collected vintage laces and do-dads, this is my doll re-fit . . .

I’ve named her, Cassandra – or, SANDY, for short.  Seemed appropriate.

Cassandra loves plenty of frill in her hair, sweeping it up in some tattered rags and deep rose chintz ribbon with ribbons of one hundred year old lace framing a paper fiber flower and heart jewel.

The first thing I did was to trim her hem, sleeves, and neckline with a lovely vintage lace, and completely re-did her pantaloons with a coordinating polka-dot print (can you believe this was a remnant stashed in my drawer and it was perfect against her dress print!) hand-stitched to another bit of vintage eyelet trim.  That took me all of Saturday night – while re-watching the first season of Downtown Abbey.

Tonight, as the wind and rain has kicked up, I have been cozily bringing the embellishments to life on her – sort of trying this and that til I got it right.  I love the little metal dangling things pinned to her shoulder with ribbon, tassel, and more vintage lace.  The paper-fiber flower and heart jewel ties it together with the hairpiece and balances it out.

Then, there was this terrific bit of lace and tulle that had been torn from a vintage undergarment and was perfect for a little apron once I attached a bit of ribbon to it.  Stitching on a metal rococo heart just made it pop for me!

So, Cassandra sits on my dresser, keeping watch as we sleep though this stormy night.  Her gentle features and fanciful costume minister bliss and beauty to my heart and distract me from the tumult to be endured over the next couple of days.

But, then – the weather predictors say they really have no precedent for storm models for this most unusual storm.  So – perhaps it will prove more bark than bite.  Either way – we have done all we know to do to stand in the midst of it and will – by the Lord’s good Grace – STAND therefore.

Inspired by Cassandra’s peaceful expression . . .

Because she’s been reading the Word and applying it to her fiber-filled life, knowing the peace that passes all understanding in Christ Jesus . . .

To all my fellow bloggers who are also in the path of the storm:  Be ye blessed, safe, and sheltered this week!

Sharing In the DIY of the Storm with Kathryn’s Make it Pretty Monday at The Dedicated House.

P.S.   I wrote the post Hurricane Pinks HERE last year on the eve of Tropical Storm Irene in our area.  I was ground zero for Hurricane Hugo some 23 years ago in Charleston, South Carolina – a category 4 hurricane.  God sustained us miraculously through that storm – I am at peace confident in His ability to do so again no matter what the wind and the rain.  It’s a good story – and true – be encouraged all of you who are in the path of the Sandy Frankenstorm this week . . .

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  1. Thank you, Kathy for this nice stormy-weather story and encouragement.
    I love Phillipians 4:6! Wow! So much easier to just listen to this advice. It is so reassuring right now, when I was feeling a little tense and uncertain. The storm sounds very scary! There may be a big mess and no power, but I know His peace, and we will be okay! Thank you for your calm reassurance, pleasant story and cute pictures! It made me smile!
    “Though the storm clouds darken the sky… I’ll just keep trusting my Lord”. and “Sing the clouds away”! Love, Linda

  2. Dear Kathryn
    Oh your little Cassandra is adorable especially after all your creative work – especially those wonderful pantaloons!

    We are watching the new series of Downton Abbey – Shirley MacLaine is quite delightful!

    We will be thinking of everyone in the US, it’s on our news here all the time.
    Take care
    Shane ♥

  3. What a cute doll!

  4. Cassandra is a cutie, and I think spending time in creativity is a wonderful way to wait on the storm.

    I am covering the area in prayer, and I, too, pray that Sandy has more bark than bite.

  5. Hi Kathryn,

    Cassandra is so adorable! I love her vintage outfit. I’m praying for everyone in New Jersey. I am in New York and the winds are starting to pick up now. I don’t mind losing power just as long as we don’t get flooded. Hugs to you!

  6. Cassandra is adorable! I love how you have embellished her!
    Thank you of sharing these comforting Bible verses. I will be adding them to those our pastor shared with us yesterday. Stay safe.

  7. Praying you will be safe through the storm. We live in Central Florida, but get the NOAA updates as we usually have some effects from TS storms. The passage from Philippians is so appropriate, not only for a physical storm, but a spiritual one as well. Take care ans stay safe.

    (p.s. I forgot that you were in South Jersey. We traveled to Pennsville in August by way of DC)

    Jocelyn @

  8. She is a cute doll nicer now you have dresses her up a bit, I hope there is not too much damage caused by the big storm and everyone is safe.

  9. Sweet little dollie – sending prayers your way 😉

  10. I have just left the latest update on Sandy and hold you in my prayers as it seems you are being hit hard by the storm’s fury.

    I am glad you found solace in making Cassandra extra-special.

  11. Hi Kathy,
    Cassandra is a cutie!
    I knew you loved in NJ so I’m just checking in with you to make sure all is well with you. I’ve been watching the news and things are looking pretty bad there at the moment. Take care, my friend. Praying for you all! Isaiah 43:1,2

    Blessings and hugs,

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