Mom’s Bed-Jacket

I love vintage clothing.

I collect it.  I show it off when I do speaking programs for women’s groups and in elder care facilities where a little nostalgia goes a long way in touching hearts with warmth and remembering times past and the people who once lived there.

My mother is a constant source of nostalgic stories when I’m creating one of these programs.

I have a great deal of her vintage jewelry from the 1950’s and 1960’s, and many of her favorite accessories – which I have personal childhood memories of her wearing.  One piece in particular – her PINK chenille bed-jacket.

I always loved the rich softness of the fabric.  It is what she would be wearing as she prepared our oatmeal for breakfast and hurried us out of the house to catch the bus for school.  It is what she would be wearing to lounge about in the evening before bed.

It is what she wore during her hospital stays as she battled Ovarian Cancer for two and a half years.  She wore it as far as I remember all through her married life – until the end.

After some months, dad was sorting through her clothes, separating out that which would  be given to charity.  He wanted me and my sisters to take anything we might want first.

I took the PINK chenille bed-jacket first and foremost – and wear it as a regular part of my lounging wardrobe – even now as I create this post.  For it being a vintage piece of apparel – some fifty years old at least, it has held up quite remarkably.

Strong fibers still.  No holes.  Original buttons remaining, sewn in place with original threads.

I think of the years mom wore it and enjoy the coziness of wrapping myself in its warmth – with thoughts of mom and ever present memories of its connection and constancy through my lifetime.

As we give thought this Pink Saturday to the battle fought in finding a cure to defeat Breast Cancer, I share my hope that Ovarian Cancer might share in defeat someday along with it.  Which brings me to thoughts of my mom . . . which brings me to thoughts of her PINK chenille bed-jacket . . . which brings me to sharing it with you this Pink Saturday.

Praying for God’s purposes in health and wellness – and  His wisdom to defeat disease in body and soul.  Cancer acts like a destructive hurricane, ravaging the landscape of the human body.  A storm that can be calmed by the over-riding power of God. 

And, to that end, for all of us on the East Coast – and especially here in New Jersey with the predictions of being ground zero for Hurricane Sandy within a few days:

“Do not worry about anything.  Instead pray about everything.  Ask God for what you need and thank Him for what He has done.  Then, the peace of God which exceeds all our understanding, will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 4:6-7

Hope Sandy takes off running out to the deep blue sea and leaves us alone so I can be up and running for Teatime on Tuesday instead of battling more gale force winds, downed trees, loss of power, and buckets of  rain. 

Derecho over Atlantic City, NJ – June 30, 2012

We opened our summer just four months ago with that destructive derecho (inland hurricane).  Many are still cleaning up and rebuilding after that one.  I sure would hate to end the season with another destructive hurricane – four months later to the day – that the media is calling “Frankenstorm” . . .

Sharing Mom’s Bed-Jacket this week with Beverly’s Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

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  1. Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie! I love the Pink Chennille. Gorgeous. Grace xoox

  2. Keeping everyone in the path of Frankenstorm stays safe.
    I love the bed jacket almost as much as the story of the wonderful memories. I can see why you would want to keep it to treasure.

  3. I have been giving away some of my cloths. I am sure the stylist today would say they are vintage.

  4. Aww, Kathy, this post almost made me cry. I love your Mom’s pink bed jacket. I wish I had something of my Mom’s to wear. I do have a pair of her flannel PJs, but she was a lot smaller than me, so they don’t fit. Still though, I take them out now and then and just hold them. Our mothers are so special. Prayers for you that the storm isn’t so bad.

  5. Heh Miss Kathy, I notice the tag on the lovely pink bed jacket…Norm Thompson of Portland OR! RIght in my neck of the woods. So fun! Norm Thomson has always been a favorite of ours out here in the west. I’m not surprised it has survived the years in such good condition.Your blog is lovely and it make me just want to cozy in for the evening.
    Best wishes for this weekend with the storm. Will keep you in my prayers.
    Lady Linda

  6. I thought about you and the oncoming storm because of that derecho earlier in the year. I’m praying that both Sandy and the cold front planning to rendezvous with her BOTH just head out to the ocean and live happily ever after.

    As for the bed jacket?

    What a treasure!!

  7. Oh Kathy, your post made me smile and cry. I cried for you and me. My mom died of cancer and I will never forget the 2 plus years of her suffering. I so understand the meaning of the lovely pink chenille bed jacket. I too have things that my mom loved and the meaning is so deep. We are sisters of the terrible illness called cancer. Your mom was beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart’s inner most feelings.

    Don’t forget to get your mammogram. Go Pink for Cancer.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  8. Beautiful words and i love the memories ….what a special jacket!
    Happy Pink Saturday and breast cancer awareness,
    May The Lord bless you in a special way this weekend,
    Kay Ellen

  9. Hi Miss Kathy — Love your writing and descrips, so vivid; I can see your mother in that bed jacket. Thanks for sharing and if you have time please join us over at No. 55 on PS to help support BCAM — we’re having a giveaway and read about Posey Hope, I think you will like her. Blessings Terri

  10. The bed jacket is so sweet.
    Happy ps

  11. Bellissima la giacchetta di ciniglia della tua mamma. E’ piena di ricordi e del suo amore.
    P.S. Spero sia passato il brutto tempo senza fare troppi danni.

  12. What lovely memories. You are lucky to have things and stories from your mother. Thx for sharing.



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