Oh, Blogland! How I have missed Thee!

GREETINGS to all and sundry friends and fellow bloggers out there – if, in fact, you are still out there!  I daresay, I would not blame you if you have forgotten me.  I have been off the grid for far longer than initially anticipated.

First – the end of August and beginning of September saw me visiting my darling grandbaby in New England.  Upon my return home, I had barely a week to ready all my Constellation Academy home school class preparations for my first home school classes which began in mid-September.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to catch my breath since.  One week’s classes seem to roll into the next – and the next – each requiring mountains of prep and printing out of lessons and activities.

I’ve been seeking a balance of work and play; work and rest; work and homemaking; work and marriage; work and art.

Perhaps sometime in June of next year I may find it.  As it is, I am learning through trial and error what works and what doesn’t work – and the shortest distance between two points on my list of things to do before those kiddies cross the threshold of my door and take their places in my basement classroom and resource center.

So, to catch any and all who might wonder how I’ve been spending my time – NOT BLOGGING – well . . . enjoy a little pictorial foray into my ventures over the past six weeks or so:

In early September, Ed and I did some Wild West storytelling about the consequences of building one’s log cabin on the sand, challenging youngsters at a local church’s Sunday School Rally to build their life on the solid rock of God’s Word.

A week later, I packed up a goodly portion of my vintage toys and many of my “little ladies” for a Mother-Daughter Banquet where I had been invited to speak on the subject of keeping the “child” alive in our hearts to enter the kingdom of God.

I shared about many commonplaces we all have – through our childhood toys – that connect with the virtues of childlikeness; qualities much lauded by the Lord when coming to Him.  It was a sort of history lesson and Bible lesson – and some great nostalgic stories of bygone toys and joys.

Dolls date from circa late 1920’s – 1930’s.

And, it is always a happy day when I can take all my sweet little girls out to play!

Shirley Temple circa 1950’s; German bisque circa 1880’s

Composition dolls circa 1930’s

Meanwhile, back at the computer desk, my office was being overrun by papers and Goal Sheets with weekly lesson assignments for three different classes: Primary and Elementary level unit studies of Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder; and an Intermediate level unit study of medieval history using the literary book, The Door in the Wall by Marguerite DeAngeli.  I’m teaching three full days a week, including a Junior and Senior level of our Parable Players drama troupe.

Here’s some of the fun we had making butter as a project activity in one of the Little House classes.

They all took turns shaking the heavy cream in a mason jar till it was butter.  In between, there was dancing and log cabin building.

And, in the end – delicious butter fresh from the churn!!

Daughter, Bethany, made a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies with all that butter later that  night.

Speaking of Bethany – less than a month til wedding day!!!  To that end, her matron of honor and I hosted her bridal shower.  MaryBeth had such a vision for an elegant evening inspired by an Italian carnival mask Bethany had admired at Pier 1.  Here’s the backdrop we created for the invitation:

And, for the evening’s decor, incorporating her deep plum wedding color into the scheme, featuring romantic candles all around the room – lit just before guests arrived by MaryBeth . . .

And, our dear friend, Adrienne . . .

It was sooooo lovely!!

And, so was the bride-to-be – especially in the stunning hat made from all the ribbon on the gifts!

PLUS – we Skyped my daughter-in-law (Grandbaby Mackenzie’s mom), in New England, who couldn’t be with us but will be Bethany’s other bridal attendant.

She and Mackenzie watched all the fun from afar – ain’t progress nifty sometimes?

The next day we were off to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire as a field trip for our Constellation Academy families.  A terrific time – watching a troubadour play a hurdy-gurdy.

And the Queen and her court speak on the ins and outs of chivalry . . .

After which, young ladies and gentlemen were duly knighted.  Ed and I love our yearly jaunt to the Ren Faire!  But, this year – we forgot to take pictures of us there!!

Finally got LAST month’s pages done for this year’s Circle Journal.  Emma – of course – had to get in the picture!

The theme was “Knowing You – Knowing Me” and I was tasked with coming up with five words that described me.  Only five?  Really?

All us Circle Journal ladies have been behind the clock as we’re up to our final journals this month.  Can’t wait to get mine back in November – from the looks of the pictures everyone has been posting, all the journals are amazing works of art to be treasured!!

Then, of course, we’ve had weddings to attend (lots of them this year); and a couple of funerals, too (sadly, a couple more than I’d like to have attended) . . .

AND – Civil War Weekend in historic Mullica Hill!  Break out the 19th century frock coat for Ed and the hoop skirt for me – what a great day . . .

Photo by Jan Narducci

Oops!  Teaser!  I’m saving the rest of THAT story for my teatime post this week.  Sure miss my tea ladies – and sooooo many new tea things to share!  Here’s hoping I can get back into some sort of blogging routine soon!  Keeping a good thought in that direction . . .

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  1. Whoah! You have been so busy. Welcome back to Blogland – you have been missed! The shower pics are lovely as are all of the sweet pictures you have shared! And the lay out for the Circle Journal is lovely! I love the cat paws which are displaying your work so sweetly! lol! I really adore that lay out! When does the new circle journal start? I would love to see all the other participants pages! How many ladies are involved? I am saying Phew! I thought I was busy! You are so inspiring Miss Kathy! Love and hugs! Dawn

  2. Another “off the grid” blogger dropping by to tell you that it’s great to see an update from you.

    What I thought as I read this was how widely God threw open the doors of His opportunity for you after the events of this past spring. What an abundance. Isn’t he the most wonderful God?

    It all looks wonderful: Work opportunities, speaking, “showering” and playing.

  3. My favorite part is about the bride-to-be! So excited for you all, and it sure was great to catch up on what you’ve been up to.

  4. woweeee you have been very busy! I love your filled to the brim post and love Dana’s journal. How fun! Grace xoox

  5. Whew! You’ve been one busy lady. You must be ready for a slight reprieve.

    I love your pages for Dana’s album. It is charming and pretty – and of those envelopes are wonderful.♥

  6. You have been a busy gal and I’ve loved seeing your wonderful pictures. Your journal looks great and this has certainly been a great adventure hasn’t it?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  7. Ok, so I completely relate to the juggling lady!! That’s me too!!
    Lovely post and you have been very busy!!
    Your pages look very pretty you made for Dana she will love them 🙂

    Have blessed rest of your week
    Kay Ellen

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