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I always hated my English Composition class when I was in school.

Odd to read such a statement from a blogger titling herself, “The Writer’s Reverie” – but, there you have it!  

It’s true!  More often than not, I would be taxed with writing about some sort of “favorite” this or that regarding a subject and I would cringe.  Indecision would crowd out sensible, organized thought, and the dreaded “writer’s block” would move into my otherwise fertile imagination. 

I was beset with concerns:  What if I didn’t choose to write about the RIGHT favorite thing?  Was it TRULY my favorite thing?  I can only write about ONE favorite thing?  What if I had NO favorite thing?

You get the idea.  I have always been victimized by an over-analyzing mind that had the power to leave me void of accomplishment and finished product.  Ensuing years have strengthened me in this area so much so that I am making a career of what just might be an overarching favorite thing in my life – READING & WRITING.

These days, I am the one standing at the front of an English Composition class, meting out random writing assignments to drop-jawed homeschooled youngsters who cringe at the idea of being required to write when fraught with indecision on whatever topic might be placed before them.  Each of aforementioned students claim that writing is NOT their favorite thing when they hand in their assignment to be read over by my editor’s eye. 

More times than not, of late, said editor’s eye swells in wonder above yet another dropped jaw, marveling at the fertile imaginations swirling about in my class – and the responsibility set before me to cultivate the raw words I’m reading on their paper to their fullest potential.

To that end – this week I have created a NEW BLOG connected to my Constellation Academy Home School Resources Network Blog (see tab above for more on that or click HERE) – for the purpose of showcasing some of the work coming from our student’s pens.

Click HERE to visit my opening post explaining where all the future posts will be coming from as I debut this week:

I have to say – it is truly like opening Christmas presents when I get to review student work – and have the privilege of proofreading it – thereby making an investment in their future successes as writers and word artists!   They are learning to communicate and record – as writer, Anne Morrow Lindbergh puts it in the above quote: “being conscious of living” – and I have the privilege of being a part of that grand adventure!

Challenging my students to THINK is like taking them into a goldmine where great treasure is stored up for those willing to do the hard work of digging it out using the right tools –

And, a mind and character formed in the image of God, His goodness and beauty. 

Knowing and understanding – “being conscious of living” – and ALIVE in Him! 

Herein, you have no end of writing topics – only the battle with Indecision about WHAT to write.  Inspiration trumps Indecision eventually – more digging, I daresay.  Then, it’s time to WRITE about the gold uncovered and polished to shine – investing what you find into the hearts and minds of a reading audience. 

Writing has no age limits.  Learn your language lessons well and jump into the fray with abandon!  Then – BLOG about it like we’re doing at Constellation Academy with my favorite thing this week – debuting a new blog at WRITERS ON THE WAY . . .

With Ink in the Pen . . .
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  1. I enjoyed your post and the passion you show for writing, teaching, and helping others to grow.

    Well done. 🙂

  2. Oh, I am so the opposite, I don’t analyze a thing…I just go with it. Sometimes my head and thoughts are like a gumball machine, the words just roll out and miss the thought sensors. How great that the students have you to edit their work! My son had a fabulous high school English teacher that encouraged his gift to write and it has served him well.


  3. I wish I could write about things in my brain but starting is the hard part.

  4. giggle, I analyze everything…Thank you for joining in the fun at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Happy Tuesday wishes xo P.S. sorry I’m so late visiting 🙂

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