Thank You, Lord – An Autumn Wedding!

Missed you all this past week in Blogland.  Hope you’ll forgive me.  It was wedding week at our house and this mother-of-the-bride was plenty busy bustling around with daughter and bridal party in preparation of the big event yesterday as we gathered together in celebratory thanksgiving just in time for Pink Saturday posting:  An Autumn Wedding!

It was a bit chilly for our outdoor wedding ceremony venue, but the Lord brought out the sun shining warm on the proceedings just in time for a beautiful exchanging of vows in an elegant Tuscan setting – and pictures afterward!

The lady of the day . . .
Dan lost his mom some years ago – so I got to pin the fleurs on the boys!

A short drive from the ceremony venue more elegance awaited us at a lavish reception where every detail of the evening sparkled with joy and celebration!

Matron of honor, Beth, with daughters Kyleigh (flower girl) and Brynn.
Some of our old melodrama troupe, the Pageant Wagon Players . . .
. . . still onstage and performing a special dance number for the bride and groom!

And, plenty of dramatic posing from the new Mr. & Mrs. . . .

Bethany designed and made the masks for some dramatic shots.

I’m posting here some of the first photos made public by my friend and photographer Karyn of VIOLET BROWN Photography (Karyn is responsible for the header photos of me in various theatrical costumes) – and she quite outdid herself capturing my daughter Bethany’s marriage to Dan, my wonderful new son-in-love (ha – been waiting to use that term)!

My grandbaby, Mackenzie – the littlest flower girl – and a scene stealer!

My son, Andrew and daughter-in-law/bridesmaid, Andrea were front and center for the festivities – with little Mackenzie all dressed up as flower girl number two.  Poor son spent a good deal of his time chasing the little gal around and keeping her out of two-year-old troubles!

Dan came up with a terrific idea to get her down the aisle in good humor.  He fixed up a little jeep in wedding day white for their grand entrance and exit – a smashing success!  Here they are at the rehearsal . . . I’m waiting on photos from the actual event.

I’ll have more photos later in the week, so I’m afraid this will not be the last of my blog reports on the grand day.  Dan and Bethany worked together to create every detail of a celebratory event that was a reflection of their love for each other, their love for the Lord, and their thankful hearts to the Lord in bringing them together.

With Matron of honor, Beth (L) and bridesmaid sister-in-law, Andrea (R).

For my part, I am navigating such a jumble of emotions I can’t quite put my finger on one or the other.  I have resolved to simply toss them all in my THANKSGIVING JAR and cherish each one – as I have cherished the past 24-plus years that I’ve had the privilege of having my precious and beautiful daughter under my roof.

I am also so very thankful to all our friends – our amazing church family of sisters and brothers – who were such a huge part of the day lending a hand to make all things so beautiful:  Adrienne with her organizational savvy and graphic arts help with the program design, Beth working overtime as matron of honor in every aspect of the event . . .

And, Erin our hairstylist, curling and piling Bethany’s hair into a romantic do for the day!

As the dust settles and our gathering together in thanksgiving and solemn ceremony with much joy comes to a close, my attention begins to turn to the homefront nest – now empty – as daughter and Dan make their new home together.  I have much to re-order and a NEW ROOM to re-purpose and decorate.  Lots on that score to come in future posts – with so many creative and inspirational ideas gleaned from all my dear ladies here in Blogland – another place were we gather together in thanksgiving . . .

Sharing Thank You, Lord – An Autumn Wedding with Beverly’s Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

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  1. Seasons. What is autumn for one can be spring for another. Been where you are, my friend, and oh! The joy! It literally took me 18 months for my emotions to settle. You’re doing well, and I’m excited for you. BRING ON the repurposing and redesigning the “NEW” room! YES!!!

  2. Regarding Leonard’s Malasadas, you’re right: FRIED. We don’t ‘do’ fried either, but we had to try them…. And didn’t run into your friend. 🙂

    Regarding empty nests, we’ve had one since 2006 when our girls left together for college. While they’re three years apart, the older daughter did online classes until Sis could join her. Shared a dorm room and everything. I don’t know what I did to keep them loving each other… because my sister can’t stand me. HA! Anyway, after college the girls got an apartment and did not return to the mission field with us. So, I’ve been on a second honeymoon with my sweetie since 2006.

    Our baby married at 24.5 last year and the most emotional part was severing the idea that we are no longer her spiritual, financial, emotional and physical covering. Her fantastic man of integrity husband is now, and we are their prayer covering. For me, that took at least the past 18 months to adjust; I suppose my husband took much less time. Maybe it’s a mother thing.

    I’m proud of our children that they put God first in their lives. Soooo many parents wish their children lived the way ours do. But I will add that our children need our prayers more than ever. Marriage is an endangered institution!

    So happy for you ALL!!!

  3. Congratulations to the happy couple and to you and Ed for raising such a lovely daughter! Oh, I know how full of emotions you are, as my daughter got married just 3 years ago. Joy unspeakable! Looks like you had an absolutely fabulous affair and the pictures are wonderful! What a beautiful celebration of love for your family and friends!
    Now you can relax and bask in the memories of a perfect day and a job well done! Enjoy your empty nest room, a great place for you, with all your creativity and projects.
    Love, Linda

  4. I am so happy for you!! When I reflect on your 2012, it was certainly a year of extremes. I guess that’s what our Lord meant when he said we would have life, and life more abundantly. He has given you the perfect gift for this 2012 Thanksgiving week. I only pray that one day I get to stand where you stood last night and feel your jumble of emotions.

    And what a beautiful bride she was! I loved the shot with the mask. I knew there would have to be a bit of drama.

    God has showered you with blessings, Mom. Hugs to you!

  5. How very lovely and such wonderful pictures Miss Kathy. So very happy for you and yours.
    You know we had a wedding this fall too. Still waiting on the pix, my new SIL can’t be pushed. Hoping to get them soon.
    Again, so very happy for you.
    Relax and enjoy Thanksgiving mom!
    Love ya,

  6. Just back for a quick reply: Actually I was the speaker for the retreat. Pat the multi talented gal was the activity leader. I didn’t do costume changes to speak, but what a great idea! There are three sessions to that particular retreat package. Maybe I should turn it into four.

    (But then again, omitting a “bikini season” might not be a bad thing. LOL)

  7. Kathy the wedding photos are fabulous!!
    How beautiful everyone looks!
    You are blessed with a wonderful family and I praise God for His grace to all.
    I’m sure your emotions will be a bit topsy-turvy for a while, but the underlying feeling of joy and thanksgiving will soon have you on an even keel again 🙂
    You have gained another son!
    What a precious gift…
    love and hugs..Trish xox

  8. Gorgeous!

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

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