Valentines for Me!

You know – it has been years since I’ve received a Valentine!
Valentine from Little Birdie Blessings

This is not to say that my hubby has been remiss – not at all.  Hubby and romantic type Valentines are not in question here.  I’m talking about those hand-made goodies we did when we were in school – eons ago!  Sometime they came in a box with non-commercial characters and clever puns . . .

Sometimes they were do-it-yourself crafts with paper doilies and cupid silhouettes like this one . . .

WAIT!  That’s not a vintage Valentine – it’s a Valentine I just received this week in the mail from  LaVerne at Riverside Studios . . .

A tri-fold handcrafted treasure! 

And, this one from Nancy at My Crafty Little Page . . .

With a little french twist! 

Or, how about this little retro sweetness from Shelia at Note Songs . . .

It transports me to my childhood!

Let us not forget Dana’s little masterpiece from The Stone Rabbit . . .

I just love that splash of black to set it all off! 

And, how about this elegant bit of nostalgia from Jeanne at Backyard Neighbors  . . .

The formal vintage roses are so appealing! 

While Grace at Pink in the City power packs her design with plenty of whimsy . . .

OH!  I almost forgot – NOT!  Here’s a handmade beauty from our own Beverly here at How Sweet the Sound on Pink Saturday!

Not only hand crafted but hand sketched!

You see – I had the pleasure of participating with these ladies in a Circle Journal in 2012 – and here we are in 2013 continuing our crafty, scrappy, pen-pal efforts with a Valentine Card Swap!

I spent a few weeks brooding over how I would put mine together – had a few false starts, too. 

But, always, at the right moment, an image would pop up here in Blogland – and – gathering all the inspiration, I came up with a teatime themed Valentine that looked like this on the front:

And, this on the back:

They featured a hand-stitched teabag with a tea tag from Sweetly Scrapped’s free images, and a little card tucked into the teacup with a Valentine Tea poem!  I had such a grand time creating these – even though I made a mess out of my living room with all my scrapping do-dads all over the place for a few days!

And, it was often challenging to keep my curious little Emma out of the ribbon!

Hoping to do another swap for Easter, too!  Hmmmmm . . . the creative juices are flowing . . .

Thank you, Ladies, for allowing me the honor of participating with you in these artistic ventures.  I have learned so much from you all – so inspired – such a joy – to be sharing all good things and beauty with kindred spirits.  I’ve displayed them so festively on my living room hutch desk . . .

Boasting my Burma Shave sign from the 1940’s of a vintage couple on a wintery Valentine sleigh ride through a romantic cardboard village – also circa 1940’s.

Valentine Blessings Multiplied!!!

Sharing Valentines for Me this week with Beverly on Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound!

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  1. This was a wonderful swap. The cards are works of art, and Iove them, too.

    Happy Pink Saturday, Kathy.

  2. Hi Kathy! Oh, I loved your post and I love your card you sent me – just gorgeous. I’m just amazed at each gal’s talents. Now I could say, no fair! No fair! Because I see you had a little fuzzy helper! 🙂
    This has been so much fun and I’m geared up for Easter!
    Be a sweetie and I’ve posted my cards too,
    Shelia 😉

  3. God Bless you and have a great pink day…come on over to My Sweet Prairie Home …I love company!

  4. Aren’t those precious!


    • Say! Thanks for all the glorious info regarding your upcoming drama. Do tell: You WILL be reminding us all right on your blog, RIGHT?!?! I absoLUTEly want to see it, and if you don’t mind, “advertise” it on Kelley Highway, too!

      Let us know! A busy, busy time, huh?

      Happy weekend,

  5. Oh dear – I tried to reach through the computer to fix the lanterns! Please do it for me…they fell down! Love your post and seeing all the other Valentines and I truly love my Valentine you made with sugar and spice and everything nice! It’s adorable. Have a wonderful weekend. xo Nancy

  6. What charming cards – and I hope you had a lovely Valentines!

  7. Dear Kathy,
    I love all the handmade Valentine’s. They are so special and all of you gals are so creative.
    I have the same Book House green books that you have on your shelf. Real oldies.
    Purring like your poody cat,
    Ruthie from:

  8. What a wonderful collection of Valentines – I agree, handmade ones are the best.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Your cards are beautiful. I like seeing that other people make a mess before the “Beautiful” happens

  10. Hi Kathryn,
    I am amazed and enthralled about those wonderful Valentine’s cards. Each is a special treasure and I cannot decide which on I like best. What a wonderful artwork you and your friends made! Thank you so much for sharing them and for your sweet visit with the kind comment.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  11. Well Miss Kathy, I NEED your snail mail address! Would love to put you on my list. I adore making Valentines and have so much fun. If you read my blog you’ll see I was up to the same thing, crafting with glue and paper and all kinds of good stuff.
    Looks like fun to me!
    Seriously, email me your address!
    Lady Linda

  12. I remember school projects with doilies & silhouettes. monsh

  13. Hi Kathy…..You and the Ladies of the Circle Journal have created very beautiful Valentine cards.
    I like the different styles and designs, so creative…Thank you for showing us your cards.
    Have a good day.
    God Bless
    Barb xx

  14. Good morning Kathy, I am up and feeling better this morning. Everyone’s get well wishes must have worked. My dtr. and grands have been here and being sick has been a bummer. They leave today for Fl. and they were so happy when we had a very good snow day yesterday.

    Your post is so sweet. I loved the way you featured each valentine. They are all so sweet. I too just adore mine. When I did my post I was sick and did not have the energy to show each one. Sigh! Your bookcase featuring the valentines looks so darling. Mine were on my hutch and I never even took a photo. Sigh. Thank you for your sweet comment on my post.

    I added Grace’s sweet Valentine this morning. It came in the mail yesterday. Bill opened it for me and it was worth the wait. Thank you for your get well wishes. It worked because I feel so much better today. YAY!

    I loved this exchange so much.
    Love, Jeanne

  15. What fun! I am always amazed at your creativity! Looks like you have some talented friends, too! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. May we always remember that every day we are loved by a very Sweet Heart – our Lord and Savior.


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