Back in Blogland Part 1: Where I’ve Been

I just can’t allow another Pink Saturday Weekend to pass me by without posting!!  I have missed the luxury of weekly and regular posting – and blog reading due to some rather hectic calendar demands, not the least of which is this SWEET reason for being off the grid for a couple of weeks:

See what I mean?  Can you really blame me that I skipped town and took an Easter week trip to New England to enjoy our little Mackenzie in all her precious selfness –

Complete with bunny ears, egg hunting, and the just plain “thingness” that she is (pictured here with her cousin, Pedro)!


This Nana took her kite flying . . .

AND – we had a lovely bunny of a time Easter morning hunting for eggs and blowing big bubbles!

Sorry – only have one grandbaby and yes – I gush about her all the time.  I am not alone, though.  Her other grammy harmonizes with me in the “Oooooo” and “Ahhhhh” melodies, and we are quite a pair when we get going.

So, that accounts for where I have been throughout the end of March.  And – the beginning of April?  Well, look what I came  home to . . .

GAH!  That’s the problem with taking vacation.  You return to a mountain of paperwork and backlogged projects that simply will not be silent!

To that end – I am slipping in today to post PART 1: Where I’ve Been, in a three part series to catch all and sundry up with all my busy!  In a nutshell – here are just a few snippets:

Homeschool Classes:  Taking tea with my Intermediate Civil War Diaries’ ladies as we enjoy some home-made hardtack by Sophia (the young lady in the center) that is only edible when you dunk it in something.

Civil War soldiers kept rations of it in their haversacks because it didn’t go bad.  There are some stories, even, of how it was so hard it could deflect bullets!  Hmmmmm . . .

Sophia had a great presentation of the teatime treat, too.

She antiqued copy paper in a tray of tea and coffee and brought the hardtack wrapped in the paper and tied up with string.  Bravo, my girl!!

Play Rehearsal:  We are well into the rehearsal schedule of our drama at church in which I serve as writer and director along with the assistant pastor.

Between the two of us, we are leading a cast of twenty-five with a strong technical and artistic design support staff for our show-dates on May 30, 31, and June 1st!  The play is called, THE INVESTOR’S CHOICE – Psalm 23 set in an art gallery.  Curious?

And, apparently, if writing and directing the full length production were not enough, it would seem I wrote one of the roles with such elevated vocabulary and language that we could find no one to take the part.  So – yours truly will also be acting in this one, too!  In addition to that – I have some production responsibilities with costuming which is requiring a number of period outfits including a fabulous fairy tale princess dress so there has been some fabric and thrift store shopping taking whole afternoons!

I will have the link up for you to watch the show streaming live on the internet on the production dates.  Hope you’ll tune in!!

Oh – and – did I mention . . . TAX TIME????

I am posting the above encouraging little thought since I usually need a detox from numbers and Excel spreadsheets and would rather think as little about taxes as is humanly possible.  However – it is that time of year.

Stay tuned for more in this series:

Part 2:  Easter Tag Journal Retrospect
Part 3:  The NEW Ross Road Pathways
In closing, one last order of business – THANK YOU to everyone wishing me well throughout my Blogoversary month in March.  I fear I did not get to post nearly so much as I would have liked.  However, I gathered up all the names of those who commented for a drawing to win my Give-Away:  A vintage paperback edition of one of my very favorite books about St Patrick, How the Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill – and a couple little surprises just for our special winner tucked in to bless!  I was thinking of you all when I picked up this special copy at my favorite used bookstore in Newport, Rhode Island at the end of March – Kelley’s Used Books.

Don’t you just love all the stacks!  And the perfect bookseller behind the desk . . .

And, my very favorite shelves where he keeps his oldest volumes – and, yes – I did take a couple of them home with me!

Ha!  Not only did she win – but she also guessed that I took the little pink kitty-cat home with me from the Across the Pond Tea Shop in my Tea Shop Quiz from my last post!  Good guess, Sharon!  There were some other clever ladies who guessed the kitty, too!  I’ll be emailing you, Sharon, for your snail mail info and get your prizes off to you soon!

I am looking forward to many new blogging adventures and friends this year.  I made it to over 200 followers in two years – perhaps I’ll add to that number in year three, too!
Blessings this Pink Saturday!!

Sharing Back in Blogland Part 1: Where I’ve Been with Beverly’s Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

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  1. I have to say, your granddaughter is adorable and of course you needed to take time off from blogging to be with her. What is more important than time with grandchildren ?

    Your drama production, costumes, and other adventures are far more worthy of your time than blogging and I am so happy to see updates on them AFTER you are done with the work.

    It is so inspirational and uplifting to see you value your time actually being involved with these ventures and that you share them later.

    It appears to me you are richly blessed in all things that matter.

  2. …Hello Kathy…..
    Your Grand Daughter is
    adorable….spending Easter with your family is special…I love your photos.
    The theatre production is a lot of work for you… wishing you and the team all the best for a good show….the poster is beautiful…. did you design it????
    I love reading about your ‘doings’ xx
    Looking forward to the next update……
    Hugs and Blessings
    Barb xx

  3. Hello Ms. K,
    Wow, such a lot to do! Glad you took the opportunity to cuddle and play with your grandbaby. What rewarding and creative work the play must be- work that will touch other people. Glad all is well. Have a nice week. Before you know it it will be summer, so enjoy these ‘budding’ days, and thx for your visit.

  4. I understand the love for a grandchild! There is nothing like it.
    It’s like dessert in Heaven.

    Yes, you have been busy!

  5. First of all, that granddaughter of yours is a doll! She has the most precious pixie face. I can’t blame you for spending as much time with her as possible. (And gushing is permitted…)

    AND…I won?! I never win anything!! Sent you my snail mail info. I’m glad that my *win* was legitimized by a correct guess on the Tea Shop Quiz. Somehow I just knew that little kitty had just the right touch of whimsy to appeal to you!

    Good to see you in Blog Land again!


  6. So happy that I stopped by … what lovely photos of your sweet Mackenzie.Those curls and beautiful eyes .. priceless. pour yourself some tea and tackle that pile … Blessings, C. (HHL)

  7. Hi Kathy. How I wish I could come and see your production! Your darling is growing so fast. Too bad you have so little going on in your life to keep you from being bored….LOL!

  8. You have the most interesting blog. I love the pictures of your sweet granddaughter. So much expression in that little face. And the bookstore–so amazing.

  9. What a sweet grandbaby!
    Glad you take the time for the grandmothering or ‘nana-ing’ “)
    I am to become a 1st time Nana in about 1 1/2 months! a long distance situation here too, so not as easy as I had it for family support all together! anticipaaation… 🙂
    Have fun with your play – would be a treat to attend!
    EnJoy your weekend…Vintage tea & lace at my place =)

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