Happy Pink Saturday Birthday!

Yes – Happy Birthday, Beverly – or Happy Anniversary – and many thanks with a host of happy returns of our Pink Saturdays, where all and sundry gather to celebrate all good things and beauty wrapped up in PINK!

You might have thought with my notable absence these past few weeks that I would miss this special day.  Not so!  First, in honor of such a grand event, may I offer you my first rose of the season –

From my famous rose bush that still hosts the remains of last season’s final rosebud (in the foreground) of which I waxed poetically in January, February, and March . . .

And, then – how could I pass up a chance to dress up in all my pink glory for Beverly’s FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY hosting Pink Saturday each week in Blogland!  I have been up to my ears in projects that have kept me away from you all and am taking some time this Memorial Day Weekend to do a little catching up.  What better place to return to the blog-fray than our own Pink Saturday – and in this smashing pink hat!

Not to mention my thrift store pink jacket with shoulder pads for days . . .

And – lest we forget:  A matching calico pink print skirt – all five yards of it – gathered over a hoop skirt . . .

All coming together in my 2013 period costume for this month’s Founder’s Day celebration in my hometown – celebrating 152 years of Vineland history – pictured here along with Jim the Piper-man who piped our Civil War re-enactors onto the grounds during our opening ceremonies!

Here, on Pink Saturday, we may only be celebrating a five year anniversary of kindred spirits and fellowship of all things pink and lovely, but I thought my 19th century ensemble just right for the occasion!

Thank you, Beverly, for hosting such a splendid weekly Blogland event – and for the opportunity to meet and make so many wonderful friends from far and wide!  Expect to see more of me this summer – my busy is about to be done and some much needed R&R is on the horizon.  This means that multitudes of posts are to come with all the news of all I’ve been up to these past couple of months!

Want a sneak peek?

Tune into live.ccvineland.org to see me performing in our Calvary Chapel Christian Theatre production that I also had the joy to co-write and co-direct:  THE INVESTOR’S CHOICE

It’s Psalm 23 set in an art gallery where the paintings come to life and challenge visitors to the gallery with the stories they tell – yes – a picture does paint a thousand words . . . and then some!

We stream live online – Click this link: live.ccvineland.org
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 
May 30, 31, and June 1 at 7:00pm EST.  
I’m very proud of the production and hope you’ll tune in. 

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  1. Oh Kathy, you look so pretty in your pink outfit! I really wish I could have been at Founder’s Day!
    I must get some rose bushes! I love them! My French Hydrangea is my only special garden delight here so far.
    Have a wonderful weekend! Linda

  2. Look at you, Miss Fancy Pink Frilly thing! I just LOVE that period pink outfit! The pixies and I would have some fun wearing that!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Sparkly hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies

  3. Not only pretty in pink but perfect for Pink Saturday!

  4. Oh, what a lovely pink outfit. A five yard pink skirt for a 5th Pink Saturday. What splendid planning!

  5. Happy Pink Saturday 5th Birthday! It’s hard to believe we’ve been posting on Beverly’s PS this long….what a blessing this event has been for so many of us!!

    Love you costume….great thrifty buys! And your rose is lovely!

    Have a great weekend!! Dana

  6. You look so lovely in your pink outfit! Pink just suits you, you know!

    And, I’m so excited to see the play! Oh, all those hours of labor and travail are going to be worth it. I know that many are going to be reached through the words of this story. May God richly bless them all.

    Good to see you in Blog Land. Been missing you!


    (The post about my *snizards* went up on Monday, 5/13, if you get a chance to read it…)

  7. It’s so good to see you and see your pictures for the Pink Saturday celebration. I actually found you though Pink Saturday. You were the feature one time. I came to visit, and I stuck around!

    The production sounds wonderful. I hope I remember to check out the live streaming because it looks like something that I would like.

    I’m a step out of the box kind of person. That’s why I like you.

  8. Hello Kathy, you look amazing! I can just imagine how much fun you have – this all sounds so fantastic – so delighted – love the rose too 🙂
    I hope you have a blessed week,

  9. Happy Pink Saturday, Kathy! What a gorgeous period costume. I adore the pink jacket and hat! What a pretty picture you make!
    I haven’t been by for a while and hope you are having a lovely Spring.


  10. Happy Pink Saturday 5th Birthday, Kathy. I know I am late visiting, but I am still trying.

    Thank you for always making Pink Saturday special. And, look at you all dressed up for the occasion. You are gorgeous in your pretty pinks.♥

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